Confession and spiritual Legacy of the Aviation Pioneer Dr. Ing. h.c. Igo Etrich

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-2 - - - Hardly ever has the present life of a man of technology, a multiple, great inventor, proceeded so adventurous and in a higher sense, so predestined as the life of the now 87 years old Dr. Ing. h. c. Igo Etrich. Dr. Ing. h. c. Igo Etrich already had the concept for this brochure ready for printing in 1957. The original form consisted of two brochure titles, whereas the one titled “Psycho-science” dealt with his occult experiences as well as those of his father and the other one dealt to a larger extent with his experiences in the fields of homeopathy, spiritual healing and space exploration. As he decided to publish an abbreviated summary, this script was concluded with the latest stand of his experiences and it should be, God willing, a small signpost in the life of you dear readers. As it can be assumed that not every reader of the following lines has also read Dr. Etrich’s memoirs that were published in 1955, and as these form the basis for the spiritual testimonials presented here, I allow myself to shine a light on the most important stations of his eventful life: In Trautenau, Bohemia (later Sudetenland), Dr. Igo Etrich saw the light of the world on the 15th December 1879. He inherited the technical gift, that ran like a golden threat through his whole life, from his father Ignaz Etrich, an industrialist and owner of a number of flax processing plants. Ordained to run the family’s business one day, he thoroughly prepared himself for this task when in 1896, the known aviation pioneer Otto von Lilienthal lost his life in an attempt to fly and gave his life a new direction. To continue the work and the dream of this Icarus of modern times seemed much more important to him than anything else. Benevolently supported by his father, he succeeded in 1910 to produce the great hit the “Taube”, the most stable powered aircraft ever constructed, a plane that entered the history of aviation as the “Etrich-Taube”. Due to its special stabilisation surfaces, not one fatal crash has ever occurred with this machine, even though they were spread across the whole world. The “Etrich-Taube” was produced in Germany under licence and under the name of “Rumpler-Taube”. Further inventions and constructions followed: The first flight limousine in the world, the Schwalbe” in 1912 and the steering wheel, still in use in all the commercial aircrafts throughout the world, was used and introduced for the first time. The founding of the Etrich-Fliegerwerke in Liebau happened at that time and it was relocated in 1913 to Brandenburg where it turned into one of the largest company of that type during the 1st World War under the name of Brandenburgische Flugzeugwerke. The Dictates of Versailles eventually brought an end to this development and he reverted back to being a textile industrialist. Things became quiet around the aviation pioneer since then and only a few are aware of his work as a technician and a naturalist: The first major victories in motor racing that Porsche were able to win for Austria could be attributed to the streamline shape of these cars that he had suggested. The constructions of numerous flax processing machines were followed by his last work, namely the invention of the express route, a special machine in the worsted yarn industry that is even nowadays standing at the forefront in all nations in the world in peaceful competition due to its unattainable performance. • In 1944, the Technical University, Vienna bestowed an honorary doctor’s degree upon him • During an air show in Innsbruck, he received a Gold Plaque with Dedication from the Austrian

-3 - Aeroclub and he was appointed its Honorary President. • In December of the same year, the Austrian Patentee Association awarded him the first and only gold medal awarded in Austria. • On the 27th of March 1955, Federal Transport Minister Seebohm handed him the Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. • Special honours were bestowed upon him during his 75th birthday celebrations by the then Governor of Salzburg, Chancellor Dr. Klaus. On this occasion, Professor Josef Vietze painted a portrait on behalf of the Austrian Aeroclub. This portrait is located in the presidential office of the Austrian Aeroclub in Vienna. • In 1959, he received the Signet Ring of the Wiener Neustadt. • In 1960, the Mayor of Vienna, Franz Jonas, bestowed the Karl-Renner Price upon him. • On the 11th of November 1862, he received the Diesel Medal in Gold from the German Inventors Association. • In July 1965, Dr. Ing. H. c. Igo Etrich was honoured with the “Pioneer Chain of the Windrose” for constructive peak performance in aviation. • Streets, squares and public buildings are named after him. Who could pass by such evidence of the ingenious technical and mental abilities of this man without stopping in their tracks? - But it takes this little brochure to reveal the true content of the successful life lived by this pioneer. Leopold Kobosil

-4 - In passing It is my heart’s desire to give thanks to all the honours bestowed upon me so far. I thank my dearest wife who always stood valiantly at my side and above everything else, I thank God for guiding me after the loss of my home, my whole estate and incarceration, from a seemingly hopeless situation and for giving me the opportunity to spread the spiritual truth through the following lines and also for allowing me to spend the rest of my life in one of the most beautiful regions on Earth, here in Salzburg. Igo Etrich During the drafting of my memoirs, it became clear to me that apart from the narrations about my technical work, I would also have to write down and make available my experiences and acquired spiritual insights during my long and eventful life, things that had searched for higher spiritual insights in vain, things that could not find answers in dogmatic church doctrines and religious promises. The modern man in our age of technology and experimental sciences is not prepared to blindly believe the things that have been presented to him for centuries in a censured and manipulated form, he wants to know. Mankind’s oldest questions are always the same: • Is there a God, spirit and a soul? • What is the meaning of our earthly life and what comes after? • Does a hereafter exist with a world of spirit where one will be accommodated after our terrestrial death and does a perceptible connection with these otherworldly exist for every human being? • Where can we get the right answers from? After 85 years of my busy existence on Earth, I bend my knees in deepest humility before my creator and I thank him for being able to pass on my rich knowledge in regards to these very questions as a spiritual legacy for those that are looking for this. My insights, rooted deep in my religious frame of mind, only came to fruition with the help of psychoscience and they stretch across many fields and spiritual problems, from the concept of God, research into the hereafter and spiritual healing to interplanetary space travel or better expressed, to the interplanetary monitoring of our Earth by “unknown flying objects” or “flying saucers” we are so familiar with. To deal in more detail with all of these problems would probably go beyond the framework of what I intended. Let us allow more qualified people to have their say, scientists and sages, poets and thinkers, the greatest of the past, almost all of them were convinced of the survival after death and rebirth = reincarnation. Ergo, Plato, the great philosopher of classical antiquity and Socrates, the wisest of his time. Goethe, Schiller, Fichte, Lessing, Schopenhauer, Heine, Herder and many more, all of them believed and represented the doctrine of the spirit. And as materialistically and dogmatically minded scientists in particular try to trivialise, to ignore or hush this fact, I will emphatically insist on its existence and point out this eminent wisdom.

-5 - Goethe said amongst other things: “The thought of death leaves me completely calm, because I have the firm belief and faith that our spirit is an entity of a completely indestructible nature, it continues to exist from eternity to eternity…”. In February 1824, Goethe wrote to Eckermann: “I would not like to miss the good fortune of believing in a future continuation, I would like to say with Lorenzo de Medici, that all those that hope that no other life exists, are dead to this life also.” To the same one again in March 1828: “…every extraordinary person has his calling, one that he is called upon to fulfil; once accomplished, he is no longer required in his form here on Earth and destiny will use him again for something else.” In 1781, he tried to explain his strong affection for Mrs. von Stein in a letter to Wieland thus: “I cannot explain the power this woman has over me in any other way than reincorporation. Yes, we were husband and wife once.” And he wrote to her in 1781 as if dealing with an obvious fact: “How fortunate for man to die in order to extinguish impressions to then return bathed.” To her again: “When I come back to Earth again, I will ask God that I will only love the once and if you were not a stranger in that world, I would like to ask you to be that loving companion.” In October 1786, Goethe wrote from Venice: “I do feel like I am not seeing things here for the first time, but as if I am seeing them again.” He once wrote the following words to Mrs. von Stein: “Say, what will our destiny prepare for us? Say, how did it bind us so precisely, Oh, you were in expired times My sister or my wife!”

-6 - Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Regarded as the sharpest thinker and as archetype of the sharpest logic for Germany’s youth, said: “Why could each individual not have lived on Earth more than once? Is this precondition so ridiculous because it is the oldest, because human common sense, before it has been scattered and weakened by subtleties (sophistication), immediately accepted it? Why couldn’t I have already taken all the steps towards my perfection, something only temporal punishments and rewards can bring? And why not all the others that endeavour to teach us the mighty prospect of eternal reward? Why shouldn’t I return as often as I will be sent to gain new insights, new attainments? Do I collect so many things at once, that it is not worthwhile to return? Why not? - Or because I have forgotten that I had been here before? Just as well that I forget it. The memory of my previous affairs would only make me utilise the present situation badly. And the things that I must also now forget, will I have forgotten it for eternity? Or because such a lot of time would be lost for me? - Lost? - And what do I have to miss out on? Isn’t eternity here for me?” (From: “Erziehung des Menschengeschlechtes”) Gottfried Herder: “There is no death within creation, it is the taking away of what cannot remain, the effect of a young, restless constant force that cannot remain idle, still or inactive for a moment. There is no death within creation, always only change. Victor Hugo” “I feel my future life within myself…When I go to my grave I will be able to say to many others: I have fulfilled the day’s task - but I cannot say: My life has come to an end. My day’s task will start again the next morning… Giordano Bruno: “What we call dying is the birth to a new life.” Immanuel Kant: He was convinced that the human soul was in an indissolubly linked communion with all immaterial natures of the world of spirit, that it interacts reciprocally with it and receives impressions from it. Dr. Max Kemmerich: Said this about reincarnation: “The belief in a rebirth gives life a wonderfully moral hold, great fortitude during misfortunes and humility in happiness. It saves us from bitterness, because it constantly seeks and finds the cause of a problem.” Manfred Kybler: “One does not have to be a mystic in order to find that reincarnation makes sense, because from a logical point of view, it is the only possibility to see compensation, cause and effect and justice in everything that takes place.”

-7 - Henry Ford: ‘What some seemed to regards as a special gift or talent, is in my opinion the fruit of experiences gained over many lives. But I have to say in advance that I believe that we are born again. You and me, all of us will be born again numerous times, live many lives and collect many experiences. The seemingly intuitive “gift” is in reality a hard earned experience. - I am, as you know, convinced of the thought of reincarnation… Time was no longer my master. I was no longer a slave to my watch. The discovery of reincarnation procured peace for me. (From “Schlagschatten” by George Sylvester Viereck.) Professor Dr. Fritz Schulze: “Only through reincarnation can the enigma of our existence be solved, only through incarnation does life gain its purpose and death loses its terror, only through it do I know why I live and why I die.” Professor Richard Karutz: “No idea is so seminal as reincarnation, well, it is in a certain sense the only thing that can help today’s mankind.” Empress Elisabeth of Austria: “Culture is inside all human beings as a part of their inheritance from all of their past lives. We bring the virtuous within us from our pre-existence.” The encouragement for studying psycho-scientific problems as well as the exploration of the problems of flight, stem from my father Ignaz Etrich. The most devastating event in his life turned him into a seeker and a knower: The premature death of his 21 year old wife of childbed fever. After the death of his young wife, my inconsolable father simply could not believe that this being he loved more than anything else, should simply no longer exist. Moreover, the concept and definition of an eternally existing soul according to old traditions was hardly plausible and credible and didn’t satisfy him. He could also not find satisfactory answers in Church doctrines to the question of one’s survival after one’s terrestrial death, so that he was forced to obtain and read psycho-scientific books. When he found the assertion in one of these works one day, that the dogma of carnal resurrection on Judgment Day was devoid of any credible basis - because is was not contained within early Christendom - and that the spirit with the soul does instead instantly survive after discarding the terrestrial garment, according to spiritual maturity at rest or fully conscious, something one could convince oneself at any time through one’s own experimental research, there was no dearer wish in his heart but to discover this assertion in God’s laws within his divine will. In books of the highest spiritual level that could be absolutely taken serious, books that expressed a deep faith in God, dealt with schools for mediums and their practises in pre-Christian times, gave more information about the highest psychic abilities of the Saviour and his interactions with the eminent world of spirit, he found the instructions about how the original Christians were trained, how they acted and how they could get in contact with the hereafter. Why shouldn’t the things that were right and good in antiquity, at the time of Christ, not also have validity in the presence? - People are still the same, equally good and equally bad. God the Father, in his infinite wisdom, justice and compassion, has remained the same, and the legalities Christ utilised to make contact

-8 - with the world of spirit exist now exactly as they existed then. It is therefore just a case of finding suitable mediums and pious people for a circle and to find the way to move and act within God’s laws. Subsequently, three gentlemen from my father’s best social circles, as well as two mediums, the daughters of a spinning mill director, 13 years old Maria and 15 years old Emilie, joint them at their father’s request. I must mention here that my father was certainly not an eccentric oddball or a bigot, but an industrialist and technician of the purest water and noblest attitude with both feet on the ground, whose family was one of the most respected families of the monarchy. When he now strived for a thorough and conscientious schooling during weekly sessions, even though he was the responsible head of a company, it didn’t happen out of curiosity or sensationalism, but due to a serious, pious search for knowledge and evidence for the survival after one’s terrestrial demise. In spite pf prayers and prescribed schooling, nothing happened for a long time and my father was already inclined to regard the inconclusiveness of his endeavours as a sign that it was nonsense to try to get in contact with the souls in the hereafter and that the survival after death was put in question under the adopted circumstances. - But about 20 minutes before the last schooling session, the older medium Emilie, fell into a trance and channelled the deceased spouse of my father who greeted him with the most touching words. The ensuing thorough debate between my father and his wife dealt with things that only the two would know, and it allowed my father to convince himself of the absolute identity of his deceased spouse. This shocking event prompted my father to conduct these meetings every Sunday at the same time. He also asked a young man to stenograph every spoken word. These shorthand recordings were then transcribed into protocols. Between the years of 1880 and 1887, more than 70 brochures were filled in a small calligraphic font, my father left me these as a legacy. I thoroughly studied these and I was able to considerably broaden them with my insights in the field of psycho-scientific knowledge, because these meeting were not only dealing with communications with former citizens of Earth now in the hereafter, but also with high and highest spiritual indoctrination from God’s Light Messengers. I must once again point out the untold number of examples of an equal nature that come to us from the Bible. The bishops of early Christianity were selected by a Light Messenger from the higher world of spirit talking through a medium during such spiritual meetings and devotions. Only later, when the old Church had already turned into a solid terrestrial structure and spiritual officialdom started to govern the faithful, were the bishops selected and appointed by people. The ban by the later Christian, respectively Catholic Church, to train oneself to become a medium or to achieve it through others, stems from the time when spirit interferences in worship meetings had partially come to an end, because the leaders of the now too mundane organisation of the Church no longer liked the competition from the world of spirit and suppressed it with force. It naturally had to come to pass that my father got into difficulties with the authorities, but this didn’t stop him from continuing his psycho-scientific research. The district authorities in Trautenau sent a commissioner to attend these meetings and to stop them for the slightest reason. But he was so impressed by what he witnessed that he not only approved of these meetings, but became a valuable member of the circle himself. These meetings attracted a lot of attention in the region, the number of participants grew to around 200 and as the district authorities found no reason to intervene, the Bishop of Königgrätz himself endeavoured to put a stop to these meetings, but just like the district authorities, he also didn’t succeed.

-9 - The first spirit healings my father was privileged to perform during the meetings, through prayers and the laying on of hands, took place at around that time and this carried his reputation beyond the borders of the land. Materialisation also occurred through physically gifted people to verify the actions of the world of spirit. A very conniving and distrusting friend wanted to receive special proof of the truth by hiding a pocket watch at a location only known to him to then ask that the watch may be returned to him at the next meeting. The medium suddenly stood up during the meeting, raised a hand in the air and said: “You infidel, Here is your watch”. He had grasped it from thin air and presented it to the owner in front of all present there. Even though this event of a materialisation deeply impressed and convinced everyone there, I have to mention that such demanded evidence was given extremely seldom. Such evidence was generally not forthcoming in order to turn doubters into believers, but to reward pious people for their positive attitude, to consolidate and strengthen their faith. Because God’s greatest gift to us is our free will and we should find our way back to the light with this free will. Coercion of any kind only diminishes the reward of our own upward development and should therefore be avoided if possible. And one’s own experience of such evidence is nothing more than mental coercion that makes one believe what one saw with one’s own eyes, whether one wants to or not. Faith build on this basis has only limited spiritual value because: “blessed are those that do not see and believe just the same.” Due to its uniqueness, I do not want to withhold one more materialisation phenomenon: The medium stood upright in the middle of the meeting room and said: “As pure as this garment is my soul”. A rush was heard that very moment and the medium was cover from head to toe with the purest white snow so that we found it difficult to free it from it. The snow was then carried in baskets from the house. One found out the next day that the same amount of snow that our medium had been snowed under was missing from a meadow near our villa. But no footprints led to this spot, this verified that the snow had been dematerialised, removed and transported to our closed meeting room to be re-materialised there. - Such and similar phenomena naturally had to strengthen the faith in the existence of an actual world of spirit of the participants at the meeting. One event that was mentioned in the meeting protocols and contained a verifiable prophesy has stuck in my memory: During a meeting in 1883, my father and the medium entered the nursery next to the meeting room where my brother Paul and me were. My brother was 1½ and I was 3 years old at that time. The medium that was in a trance pointed to me and said: “This child will reach old age and it will have three missions; two technical and a spiritual one. Pointing to my brother, the medium said: “This child will only reach manhood.” Today, after more than 80 years, I can say that I have already fulfilled two technical missions and it seems that the third mission is about to be fulfilled now that I devote more time to spiritual problems. But my brother Paul already died at age 39 from his terrible experiences in Russia at the hands of the Bolsheviks in 1920. This prediction has always given me renewed impetus, even when it seemed that I would lose my life in 1946 in the dungeons of the Czechs. But I believed in God, in the prophesy and the three missions and as I was 68 years old at the time, I knew that this could not mean the end of my life. My father conducted these meetings for seven years and collected experiences and insights during that time. Both mediums then got married and my father, who now had the evidence of the existence and the workings of the world of spirit, discontinued these types of meetings in order to evaluate the received insights in silence.

-10 - As from 1898, my father and myself dealt with the technical problems of flying, they took centre stage, but this did not interfere with our quiet, further spiritual education. I was to get another opportunity to receive new evidence for the workings of otherworldly entities a few years later. Early April 1914. - I found myself in company of a befriended family in Trautenau when I received the following assignment during a meeting: “Igo, tell your father that he should hold a meeting with a medium called Seidel from your factory.” We went through the list of our employees to see whether a man named Seidel was amongst them and discovered that a carpenter in the workshops was called Seidel, he admitted that that he acted as a medium for a circle in Oberaltstadt. The following was announced to him in the next meeting: The German people will be confronted with a severe test. The Austrian heir to the throne, Franz-Ferdinand and his wife will die of unnatural causes and a war will soon follow that Austria and Germany, and eventually more and more nations will be embroiled in, so that a world war that will last a few years, will ensue. My father took this message very serious, but he could not imagine that this prophesy would already be fulfilled within a few months. When the Austrian heir to the throne and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo at the end of June 1914, we were convinced that the proclaimed world war would take place. My father arranged for a trusted employee of our factory to immediately go to Vysochansk to our Russian factory to take over from my brother who was in charge there, because he was convinced that Russia would be one of our enemies if a war broke out. When my brother wanted to travel home, the Russian authorities refused his visa, so that he and his family had to remain there. At the outbreak of the war, he and his family ended up in Viatka and they were later deported to Siberia. As from August 1914, we once again conducted our meetings every Sunday with the medium Seidel where I recorded everything in shorthand. We received a lot of interesting and important tips in regards to the development of this Earth; but we were not informed about the sad ending of this war. - These interesting notes and protocols were unfortunately confiscated by the Gestapo in 1942. When my father suffered a severe concussion in Trautenau during an attack by communists in June 1920, he was only able to deal with the management of the company to a small degree and this claimed all of my attention so that spiritual work had to be pushed to the back. My father died in 1927. When he felt that his terrestrial career had reached its end, he said to my wife and myself that he wanted to give us a sign when his time was up, if he was allowed to do so and that this should also serve as evidence. For three days my father lay there in agony and we remained in his room. There was no time to think of sleeping during these days, we did decide on the third day to have a little rest and we asked the nurse to immediately wake us if our father’s death was near. At around 5 o’clock in the morning, we were awakened by a loud shot. We jumped up and ran to the room where the nurse came towards us telling us that our father was poorly. All the other relatives also emerged from their rooms telling us that they were also frightened by a shot that was fired in their respective rooms. When we entered my father’s room my father whispered his last word with a transfigured face: “Anna”, this was the name of his first wife who had obviously greeted him in the hereafter.

-11 - Shortly after this took place, we drove back to our own home in Trautenau. When we got there our nanny told us that the bell at the front door has rung a storm at 5 am, but when she immediately opened the door, there was nobody there. • As he had promised, my father had been able to give a sign at two places at once and this in order to confirm the validity of our joint spiritual research and insights. During the ensuing years I have received a lot of spiritual evidence and my faith in God, spirit and soul are deeply anchored inside of me. I was allowed to recognise a view of the world wherein we human beings with all our importance are as nothing. I would not like to omit here to give a precise explanation about what mediums actually are and the role they fulfil. • Mediums are intermediators or instruments the world of spirit utilises in order to give us instructions as a means for progress and to testify the existence and almightiness of God. We are familiar with a plethora of examples about the actions of mediums from within the history of development of mankind. The Bible is a veritable treasure trove of information about prophets, seers and wise men. Christ possessed all psychic abilities in their perfect completion and he also used them to benefit his fellow men. We know that he could heal the ill, see into the future and was in constant contact with the highest world of spirit. He controlled matter, transformed water into wine and multiplied bread. He expelled the devil and demons and he could levitate and teleport. He developed the psychic abilities of his disciples so that they could heal through the laying on of hands and also perform so-called miracles. • The characteristic thing about mediums is that they, as very sensitive, but absolutely normal human beings, possess the ability to either provide an energy that one calls “Od-energy” or serve as a collection point for this Od of other people. The intelligences of the “fluid-world” utilise this Odenergy for the purpose of proclaiming themselves. The way an engineer requires steam or electricity to make a machine work, the spirit requires Od in order to have an effect on the body, because spirit and matter cannot directly interact with one another due to the difference of their makeup. Dependent on the usage, the intelligences of the fluid-world apply the Od-energy and dependent on the aptitude of the intermediaries, we differentiate between various types of mediums, something I will not deal with here. But as mediums are the focus of theological feuds over again, whose shameful low point was the burning of witches during the Middle Ages and they still endure a lot of injustice due to the ignorance of their fellow human beings, I would like to take the opportunity to refer to the most famous materialisation medium of the last 50 years, namely Mrs. Maria Silbert. I have an article in front of me from the “Neuen Illustrierten Wochenschau” from Sunday the 26th of January 1964, number 4 titled: Was the “Seer from Waltendorf” a fraud?” A word towards rescuing the honour of Maria Silbert by Doctor of Theology, Professor Peter Hohenwarter. I cite this article amongst others: In the series with the catching title “False spirits - genuine

-12 - swindlers” on the radio, probably with the best intentions of combatting superstition, one tried to ridicule the “Seer from Waltendorf”, Mrs. Maria Silbert, by reading some of the observation protocols from 1924. The main characters of the alleged exposure have died a long time ago or have remained silent… After this misleading, dramatically presented descriptions on radio by actors, I find it necessary to enlighten the public about this mysterious, but absolutely irreproachable lady from Graz. I would consider myself a coward and I would become unfaithful to my standing, namely to my courageous avowal of the truth and the defence of the honour of all the unprotected, if I would allow possible unpleasantries to stop me from saying anything. I only follow the example of the Jesuit astronomer Pater Dr. Alois Gatterer who became an excellent expert in regards to Mrs. Silbert after he had participated with me at the parapsychological meetings of this world-renowned medium, naturally with the permission of his and my spiritual superiors. The psychic abilities of Mrs. Silbert consisted amongst other things, that a great spirit withing God’s Laws announced himself, he called himself “Nell” and he had lived as an officer and a scholar in Nürnberg during the 17th century. Under the scrutiny of a selected number of critical and sceptical scientists, physicians, senior police officers, theologians and priests from all over the world, I will only mention a few here: The lecturers of the German University in Prague, Professor Anton Frinta and Professor Oskar Kraus; University Professor Dr. Ude; Physician Anton Fischer; Theology Professor Dr. Alois Gatterer, Innsbruck; University Professor Dr. Johann Verweyen, Bonn; Theology Professor Dr. Peter Hohenwarter, Vienna; the American scientists De Wyckoff and Holmyard and many more, who exercised the strictest control, a lot of mysterious things took place. • A violine placed on the table, hovered freely in the air and played whole symphonies, then crash into a wall with a big bang to then softly and undamaged deposit itself on the piano. • Objects like rings, watches, seals and books placed under the table but in clear sight, wandered from under the table through the tabletop onto the table and the name “Nell” was engraved in them. • Books, held in the hand of the controlling persons, dissolved in their hands and to then fall at their feet at some other place a few days later. • Invisible hands tangibly touched the controlling persons and complete figures became visible to then dissolve again, and this in bright daylight or in a well-lit room. Doctor of Law and Philosophy, Arnold Minibeck, former minister of the Federal Ministry of Trade and Transport, wrote the following: “I can only dismiss any doubt about the authenticity of her psychic abilities and the reality of the apparitions with a wry smile.” Mutter Silbert, as she was called, completed her arduous terrestrial life she consecrated to God, on the 30th of August 1936. In the meantime, the Otto Reichl Verlag - Remagen, published a book by Rudolf Sekanek titled “Mutter Silbert”. This book records all the phenomena of her psychic abilities that hundreds of university professors, famous physicians and researchers in the field of parapsychology, psychiatrists and philosophers from all over the world that came to Graz and participated at the meetings, had protocolled

-13 - and verified. On page 23 we read amongst other things: “Professor Dr. P. Hohenwarter, well versed with the prevailing circumstances, is unfortunately all too correct with his statement in the “Schweizer Rundschau” in February 1954, when he writes: “The university of her hometown could have become world-renowned free of charge if the thirst for research of a Rhine had reigned there or if people of the calibre of Crooks, Zöler, Gale, Richet or Dresch, had taken things in hand. There has never been another medium that had dealt with scientists so willingly and sympathetically to begin with.” This much about Mrs. Maria Silbert. On the 11th of April 1965, the “Neuen Illustrierten Wochenschau” no. 15, once again published an article by Theology Professor Dr. Peter Hohenwarter. The article was titled: “Europe’s most mysterious man”. This was in remembrance of the seer from Copenhagen who died on the 25th of February 1965. - In a wonderful series of three articles, Professor Dr. Hohenwarter wrote amongst other things: “Next to Mrs. Silbert, E. Nielsen was the greatest European materialisation mediums, often slandered and vilified, but above everything else, gratefully admired and even loved by those that were really familiar his wonderful phenomena. I myself met this in professional circles famous Dane for the first time rather late in 1953. I have travelled to Copenhagen 11 times since then. During 33 psychic séances, I was able to perfectly observe no less than 264 phantom figures. These were unforgettable hours.” What rational human being could ignore such evidence and deny the existence of an active world of spirit? Something that should not remain unsaid is that a connection with the negative world of spirit can naturally bring great dangers with it, because everything positive that exists is also present in a negative form. • May everyone be warned about connecting with these forces and powers! The base type of Spiritism with its moving tables, card reading and fortune telling, with predicting the future from tealeaves, the citing of spirits, questioning the hereafter about all too mundane things, as well as holding meetings as a pastime or out of sensationalism; all of this is against God’s will and therefore pernicious and to be strictly rejected. • A connection with the higher world of spirit for the purpose of instructions and further development is an august, solemn and uplifting reverence if introduced and ended with a prayer. I will skip over a period of time that was filled with intensive work, wherein I completed the invention of flax processing machines, but wherein I did not remain inactive in regards to spiritual things. With the sad ending of the Second World War, a difficult time began for myself and my family under the Russians and the Czechs and our lives no longer seemed to be worth anything. On the 8th of May 1945, I was forced to get into our car that was supposed to take us to Breslau to the Russian headquarters. A Russian with Mongolian features sat behind the steering wheel. It became clear to me that I was going to be abducted to Russia. I tried in vain to talk the Russian into going back. In my desperation I turned to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with a heartfelt prayer, beseeching him to give me the power to talk to Russian into returning. I now applied the things that had been conveyed to me during countless hours of dealing with psycho-science.

-14 - • The might and the power of thoughts, paired with a deep faith and the reverence for the Creator, are a mighty bulwark against Satan. The power of intensive directed concentrated thoughts can, in the truest sense of the word, move mountains. I concentrated my thoughts with all my might on the man next to me whilst simultaneously asking Jesus Christ for help. We were already on the road to Schweidnitz when the driver suddenly became restless, stopped and without saying a word, turned around and drove back to Oberaltstadt to our villa. My wife thought that I had returned as a ghost when I stood in front of her. There is a reason why the Power of Thought is dedicated a comprehensive chapter in all positive psychoscientific books, like for instance in the works by Ing. Hans Malik “Der Baumeister seiner Welt”, wherein the “science of thoughts” with its unique explanations and tips, represent a considerable component of this excellent book. The following years can only be assessed by someone that who has been ejected from the home of his ancestors and his children with 50kg of luggage, transported from one camp to the next. In spite of being undesired and unwelcomed, an annoying blackhead, receiving RM 90 per month, (RM = Reichsmark), I felt my life of freedom at the side of my beloved wife infinitely exhilarating and deep gratitude filled both of our hearts. And the Lord once again gave a great blessing by allowing me to make a contribution towards the peaceful upward trend in technology. I developed, perfected and patented a so-called Express Route in the worsted yarn industry, that achieved the fivefold performance of all previously manufactured machines and it still finds its unsurpassed application throughout the world. These and also other patents were my latest technical efforts. As my financial situation gradually became more secure, I was once again able to devote more time to spiritual things. This time around, my studies were generally going to be devoted to healing the ill and specifically to spirit healing. Stimulated by my father’s great successes and by my own experience of having to observe how people are being carelessly abandoned as hopeless by exact medical science, I tried to look into the causes, the origin of these illnesses and the medical impotence associated with them. Because of the early death of the first wife of my father at 21 years old and also because of the loss of my dearest younger daughter Yvette at the age of 14, I had started with reading all kind of pertinent literature about the most important healing methods. With the help of my psycho-scientific experiences, I soon realised that the generally accepted as infallible allopathy is principally wrong because it only suppresses the symptoms of an illness through all kinds of poisons but only in rare cases removes the illness and that chronical suffering often remains behind. Allopathy is the name introduce by Hahnemann for the general treatment by doctors and stand in contrast to homeopathy.

-15 - Natural healing The emphasis has always been on the physical up to now when one says that: In a healthy body lives a healthy spirit. • So why shouldn’t the reverse be the prerequisite, namely that a healthy spirit is the basis for a healthy body? From this follows that one must not treat the body medicinally in special cases, but the spirit mentally fluidal according to its character and this does not happen with artificially produced dead poisons, but through the fluidal impact of nature-based living remedies. As we psycho-scientists know, human beings consist of a physical, material body and a spiritual astral body. In a healthy state, these two bodies, they form a unity in living human beings, exist in absolute harmonious vibrations with one another. But an external mechanical influence can disturb these vibrations of the physical body so that a disharmony with the astral body eventuates. This disharmony, it expresses itself in a specific vibration, shows itself in the indispositions of an illness. The healing can take place via the physical body in such a case. But the cause of an illness can on the other hand be of a mental nature, the harmony of the mental body is disturbed and this brings about disharmony within the physical body. Such illnesses can only be alleviated through the fluidal healing of the astral body and not through chemical pills via the physical. This is the link that the proponents of allopathy lack, something that does not create a problem for homeopathists, because they know of a third and final possibility for the cause of an illness, namely that of karmic origin. Illnesses that have a karmic, ergo self-inflicted spiritual origin, can only be alleviated or healed in the rarest of cases and if they can be, then only on a spiritual level, with the utmost assistance of the patient through a positive way of life. • Human beings are the most perfect creation of the almighty and the end product of the potential principle of nature, equipped with a spirit. Those that were allowed to recognise this, also know that nature, with its countless possibilities, is the guarantor that every disturbance in the human body can be removed. We have great teachers and they have provided us with the evidence for this and we allow ourselves to carelessly drift past them, because the opposition has found their best helpers in the mercenary pharmaceutical industry. - Paracelsus, Kneipp, Rickli, Bircher - Brenner, Platen, Kühne, Schroth, Priessnitz etc. - Like my father, I also studied all known healing methods and I know that homeopathy will belong to the future. I have been active as a naturopath in this field and I have been allowed to heal mostly severe illnesses of patients that have been given up as hopeless by allopaths. I was naturally hounded with envy and resentment by doctors who were aware of their powerlessness in hopeless cases where I succeeded, called a quack and dragged before the courts. But because I had always acted free of charge and along the guidelines of Christian charity, they could never do anything to me. It was my privilege to heal patients will the following illnesses: Bone tuberculosis, meningitis, intestinal ulcers, diabetes and many more. A lot of people already recognise these days that nature represents a manifestation of our Creator and that is therefore infallibly correct. To fight against it contradicts common sense and it is doomed to fail from the start.

-16 - Within this context I would like to refer to a purely biological process for extracting a highly effective, but also natural and completely non-toxic remedy: “Bio-Strath” by Dr. Strathmeyer, Donaustauf. This nature loving scientist succeeded in producing active substances of a biological and also mineral nature via living yeast cells. - This process revealed that the inherent healing compounds in the living cells were considerably enhanced and, in regards to toxicity, completely neutralised. • Tests in Switzerland have shown that Bio-Strath even provides excellent protection against nuclear radiation damage. New ways and possibilities in the art of healing have been indicated by this pioneering feat, living things and not dead compounds from a retort, but healing with something that is living. According to Paracelsus, paying attention to the spiritual laws of nature that work around us and within us is the most important healing factor. In regards to the correct insights, Dr, Strathmeyer refers to his “Ten Commandments of Health” and also to the interplay between the mental attitude of individuals and their organism. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Strathmeyer here, because I am convinced that his excellent Restorative PK7 has played a special part in allowing me to live with a physical freshness during the last years of my life and this gave me the opportunity to carry out my spiritual assignment. It pleases me to see how former allopaths, after years of failures, have come to the same results as I have through psycho-science. In the interest of their patients, I can only advise every responsible physician to read the records of such famous doctors. I particularly recommend the book by the Viennese doctor Dr. med. Alexander Rosendorff: “Neue Erkenntnisse der Naturheilbehandlung aus 50 jähriger Praxis”. Due to constant failures, Dr. med. Rosendorff changed from allopathy to an excellent healing method and he writes in his book, amongst other things: “During the first half of my activity I become more and more convinced that the allopathic methods, even after a successful cure, could not restore the health that had been lost.” Only the knowledge of certain laws of nature can give a doctor the absolute certainty to heal the severest illnesses, the give the patient the august feeling of having awakened spiritual values within and the certainty that not further illness will eventuate. These still relatively unknown laws of nature will be the healing method of the future.

-17 - Spiritual healings As bodacious as the results are that are achieved through the application of natural healing methods, they cannot stand comparison with the immeasurable possibilities of spiritual healings that is still being called “miracles” by the exact sciences, because like a bottomless pit, one can throw all the things that go beyond the horizon of physical science into it. I know that miracles do not exist. Even when a bushman from the deepest jungle regards the idea that an advanced European can capture sunlight in a flashlight, none of us would entertain the idea to call this a miracle. It is merely an ignorance in regards to certain, present cosmic laws that remain unrecognised by people of that level of development, that makes the effects of such laws seem like miracles. For the informed, such a so-called miracle is the self-evident, natural effect of a wise and meaningful application of existing and acknowledged cosmic legalities, that is at their disposal to a lesser or greater degree, according to their mental level. Christ did not perform miracles, he utilised eternally valid legalities that are still at our disposal these days and that people on a specific level can also utilise these days when they produce all kinds of phenomena like clairvoyance - clairaudience - or spiritual healings, so-called miracles. Christ, in his days, said to his disciples: “You can also do these things and to an even greater degree.” As the name suggests, spiritual healing takes place through spiritual effects and not via medication. Spiritual healing usually requires a healer that must be deeply religious, able to mentally assess the power and might of prayers, capable of emanating healing magnetic forces and have the ability to fathom whether the illness of the patient is allowed to be healed. In the previous chapter about general healing, I already pointed out karmic illnesses that are subject to unalterable legalities and that have to be endured in order to convert a cosmic disharmony caused through one’s own fault back into harmony. • According to the law of “crime and punishment”, illnesses are a part of the price that must be paid for one’s lack of upwards progress. Spiritual healings usually take place through prayers and the laying on of hands. A spiritual healing can however also take place from a distance or without a healer, particularly at specific places like Lourdes, Fatima, Garabandal etc. but also at any other place at any time. • The healing will be of a permanent nature if the illness has fulfilled its purpose and if it led the patient towards an intensive connection with God, to the obeisance of His laws and to a practised, positive lifestyle in a spiritual sense. The illness or the spiritually healed affliction will however return again if the healed person falls back into a life of opposites, vices and baseness, in spite of the striking evidence of God’s almightiness, this person will lose the eminent grace bestowed upon him through the mercy of God. During my youth I often heard about “Father Johann” who was known far and wide throughout my homeland because of his many miracle healings”. I personally knew some of the people that were healed by him and they described him as a very pious, humble person. He asked his patients whether they unquestionably believed that Christ could help them. When the patient confirmed this, he placed his hands on their head and silently prayed for a short time. The patients then felt a hot wave course through their body - and they were healed. - All the healing reports that I heard about sounded like this.