Confession and spiritual Legacy of the Aviation Pioneer Dr. Ing. h.c. Igo Etrich

-4 - In passing It is my heart’s desire to give thanks to all the honours bestowed upon me so far. I thank my dearest wife who always stood valiantly at my side and above everything else, I thank God for guiding me after the loss of my home, my whole estate and incarceration, from a seemingly hopeless situation and for giving me the opportunity to spread the spiritual truth through the following lines and also for allowing me to spend the rest of my life in one of the most beautiful regions on Earth, here in Salzburg. Igo Etrich During the drafting of my memoirs, it became clear to me that apart from the narrations about my technical work, I would also have to write down and make available my experiences and acquired spiritual insights during my long and eventful life, things that had searched for higher spiritual insights in vain, things that could not find answers in dogmatic church doctrines and religious promises. The modern man in our age of technology and experimental sciences is not prepared to blindly believe the things that have been presented to him for centuries in a censured and manipulated form, he wants to know. Mankind’s oldest questions are always the same: • Is there a God, spirit and a soul? • What is the meaning of our earthly life and what comes after? • Does a hereafter exist with a world of spirit where one will be accommodated after our terrestrial death and does a perceptible connection with these otherworldly exist for every human being? • Where can we get the right answers from? After 85 years of my busy existence on Earth, I bend my knees in deepest humility before my creator and I thank him for being able to pass on my rich knowledge in regards to these very questions as a spiritual legacy for those that are looking for this. My insights, rooted deep in my religious frame of mind, only came to fruition with the help of psychoscience and they stretch across many fields and spiritual problems, from the concept of God, research into the hereafter and spiritual healing to interplanetary space travel or better expressed, to the interplanetary monitoring of our Earth by “unknown flying objects” or “flying saucers” we are so familiar with. To deal in more detail with all of these problems would probably go beyond the framework of what I intended. Let us allow more qualified people to have their say, scientists and sages, poets and thinkers, the greatest of the past, almost all of them were convinced of the survival after death and rebirth = reincarnation. Ergo, Plato, the great philosopher of classical antiquity and Socrates, the wisest of his time. Goethe, Schiller, Fichte, Lessing, Schopenhauer, Heine, Herder and many more, all of them believed and represented the doctrine of the spirit. And as materialistically and dogmatically minded scientists in particular try to trivialise, to ignore or hush this fact, I will emphatically insist on its existence and point out this eminent wisdom.