Confession and spiritual Legacy of the Aviation Pioneer Dr. Ing. h.c. Igo Etrich

-11 - Shortly after this took place, we drove back to our own home in Trautenau. When we got there our nanny told us that the bell at the front door has rung a storm at 5 am, but when she immediately opened the door, there was nobody there. • As he had promised, my father had been able to give a sign at two places at once and this in order to confirm the validity of our joint spiritual research and insights. During the ensuing years I have received a lot of spiritual evidence and my faith in God, spirit and soul are deeply anchored inside of me. I was allowed to recognise a view of the world wherein we human beings with all our importance are as nothing. I would not like to omit here to give a precise explanation about what mediums actually are and the role they fulfil. • Mediums are intermediators or instruments the world of spirit utilises in order to give us instructions as a means for progress and to testify the existence and almightiness of God. We are familiar with a plethora of examples about the actions of mediums from within the history of development of mankind. The Bible is a veritable treasure trove of information about prophets, seers and wise men. Christ possessed all psychic abilities in their perfect completion and he also used them to benefit his fellow men. We know that he could heal the ill, see into the future and was in constant contact with the highest world of spirit. He controlled matter, transformed water into wine and multiplied bread. He expelled the devil and demons and he could levitate and teleport. He developed the psychic abilities of his disciples so that they could heal through the laying on of hands and also perform so-called miracles. • The characteristic thing about mediums is that they, as very sensitive, but absolutely normal human beings, possess the ability to either provide an energy that one calls “Od-energy” or serve as a collection point for this Od of other people. The intelligences of the “fluid-world” utilise this Odenergy for the purpose of proclaiming themselves. The way an engineer requires steam or electricity to make a machine work, the spirit requires Od in order to have an effect on the body, because spirit and matter cannot directly interact with one another due to the difference of their makeup. Dependent on the usage, the intelligences of the fluid-world apply the Od-energy and dependent on the aptitude of the intermediaries, we differentiate between various types of mediums, something I will not deal with here. But as mediums are the focus of theological feuds over again, whose shameful low point was the burning of witches during the Middle Ages and they still endure a lot of injustice due to the ignorance of their fellow human beings, I would like to take the opportunity to refer to the most famous materialisation medium of the last 50 years, namely Mrs. Maria Silbert. I have an article in front of me from the “Neuen Illustrierten Wochenschau” from Sunday the 26th of January 1964, number 4 titled: Was the “Seer from Waltendorf” a fraud?” A word towards rescuing the honour of Maria Silbert by Doctor of Theology, Professor Peter Hohenwarter. I cite this article amongst others: In the series with the catching title “False spirits - genuine