Confession and spiritual Legacy of the Aviation Pioneer Dr. Ing. h.c. Igo Etrich

-15 - Natural healing The emphasis has always been on the physical up to now when one says that: In a healthy body lives a healthy spirit. • So why shouldn’t the reverse be the prerequisite, namely that a healthy spirit is the basis for a healthy body? From this follows that one must not treat the body medicinally in special cases, but the spirit mentally fluidal according to its character and this does not happen with artificially produced dead poisons, but through the fluidal impact of nature-based living remedies. As we psycho-scientists know, human beings consist of a physical, material body and a spiritual astral body. In a healthy state, these two bodies, they form a unity in living human beings, exist in absolute harmonious vibrations with one another. But an external mechanical influence can disturb these vibrations of the physical body so that a disharmony with the astral body eventuates. This disharmony, it expresses itself in a specific vibration, shows itself in the indispositions of an illness. The healing can take place via the physical body in such a case. But the cause of an illness can on the other hand be of a mental nature, the harmony of the mental body is disturbed and this brings about disharmony within the physical body. Such illnesses can only be alleviated through the fluidal healing of the astral body and not through chemical pills via the physical. This is the link that the proponents of allopathy lack, something that does not create a problem for homeopathists, because they know of a third and final possibility for the cause of an illness, namely that of karmic origin. Illnesses that have a karmic, ergo self-inflicted spiritual origin, can only be alleviated or healed in the rarest of cases and if they can be, then only on a spiritual level, with the utmost assistance of the patient through a positive way of life. • Human beings are the most perfect creation of the almighty and the end product of the potential principle of nature, equipped with a spirit. Those that were allowed to recognise this, also know that nature, with its countless possibilities, is the guarantor that every disturbance in the human body can be removed. We have great teachers and they have provided us with the evidence for this and we allow ourselves to carelessly drift past them, because the opposition has found their best helpers in the mercenary pharmaceutical industry. - Paracelsus, Kneipp, Rickli, Bircher - Brenner, Platen, Kühne, Schroth, Priessnitz etc. - Like my father, I also studied all known healing methods and I know that homeopathy will belong to the future. I have been active as a naturopath in this field and I have been allowed to heal mostly severe illnesses of patients that have been given up as hopeless by allopaths. I was naturally hounded with envy and resentment by doctors who were aware of their powerlessness in hopeless cases where I succeeded, called a quack and dragged before the courts. But because I had always acted free of charge and along the guidelines of Christian charity, they could never do anything to me. It was my privilege to heal patients will the following illnesses: Bone tuberculosis, meningitis, intestinal ulcers, diabetes and many more. A lot of people already recognise these days that nature represents a manifestation of our Creator and that is therefore infallibly correct. To fight against it contradicts common sense and it is doomed to fail from the start.