Confession and spiritual Legacy of the Aviation Pioneer Dr. Ing. h.c. Igo Etrich

-16 - Within this context I would like to refer to a purely biological process for extracting a highly effective, but also natural and completely non-toxic remedy: “Bio-Strath” by Dr. Strathmeyer, Donaustauf. This nature loving scientist succeeded in producing active substances of a biological and also mineral nature via living yeast cells. - This process revealed that the inherent healing compounds in the living cells were considerably enhanced and, in regards to toxicity, completely neutralised. • Tests in Switzerland have shown that Bio-Strath even provides excellent protection against nuclear radiation damage. New ways and possibilities in the art of healing have been indicated by this pioneering feat, living things and not dead compounds from a retort, but healing with something that is living. According to Paracelsus, paying attention to the spiritual laws of nature that work around us and within us is the most important healing factor. In regards to the correct insights, Dr, Strathmeyer refers to his “Ten Commandments of Health” and also to the interplay between the mental attitude of individuals and their organism. I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Strathmeyer here, because I am convinced that his excellent Restorative PK7 has played a special part in allowing me to live with a physical freshness during the last years of my life and this gave me the opportunity to carry out my spiritual assignment. It pleases me to see how former allopaths, after years of failures, have come to the same results as I have through psycho-science. In the interest of their patients, I can only advise every responsible physician to read the records of such famous doctors. I particularly recommend the book by the Viennese doctor Dr. med. Alexander Rosendorff: “Neue Erkenntnisse der Naturheilbehandlung aus 50 jähriger Praxis”. Due to constant failures, Dr. med. Rosendorff changed from allopathy to an excellent healing method and he writes in his book, amongst other things: “During the first half of my activity I become more and more convinced that the allopathic methods, even after a successful cure, could not restore the health that had been lost.” Only the knowledge of certain laws of nature can give a doctor the absolute certainty to heal the severest illnesses, the give the patient the august feeling of having awakened spiritual values within and the certainty that not further illness will eventuate. These still relatively unknown laws of nature will be the healing method of the future.