Energetic Vampirism and its effect on our daily life

- 7 - 3. How can one recognise a young energy vampire? These children deride their playmates or schoolmates, they hit and torment animals and show no compassion, they also deride older people or rob them, they are quarrelsome and they are inclined to commit acts of vandalism and sadism, use force and turn into dangerous criminals at a later date. These types of energy vampires want to exert their power over others. They do so through rampaging, debasing others, bashing and raping. Their victims must suffer, ask for mercy, be afraid of being bashed and feeling pain, they must whimper, scream and feel at their mercy. Many politicians, heads of departments, heads of associations and industries and other organisations belong to the same type, but in a reversed and more subtle form. Subscriber recruiters, opinion pollsters and salvation preachers can under certain circumstance abuse our inadequate selfconfidence and stress our nerves and our wallets by skilfully applying their power over us. These must also be seen as life energies. • Children that suffer from energy deprivation are usually pale, tire quickly, are sickly and they tend to beg for help, support and compassion in order to regain the life energy that they lack. The problems caused by vampirism affects a lot of people in our surroundings and it is devastating, because exactly the way an energy vampire robs others, he is also in danger of being robbed of his own life energy by another energy vampire. This creates a devil’s circle. There is more: • This inability to absorb cosmic energy and to utilise it for oneself is passed on! This inheritance is mostly expressed in this way, namely that the life energy of children and grandchildren is subconsciously tapped by their relatives or their own parents. Childlessness, miscarriages, still births or severe illnesses of the child are the result. You may ask yourself why I deal so intensively with childhood? • The key to our behaviourism as adults is often found in our childhood. It is important that we recognise the coherences within our family so that we initiate corrective measures. It is never too late to make changes to our derailed family relationships. They are a great blessing to all that are involved. You probably ask yourself now: “Is it possible that I am also an energy vampire?” You can easily ascertain this: • Small children do not like to sit on an energy vampire’s lap. • Pets avoid being near them. • Friends, relatives as well as acquaintances do not remain in their immediate vicinity for any length of time. An energy vampire can naturally free itself from its conscious or subconscious passion. Practical advice for this would however go beyond the scope of this article, especially as such advice should be tailor-made for each individual person.