Energetic Vampirism and its effect on our daily life

- 6 - • Why nursing mothers believe that by weaning the child of mother’s milk, it will finally disconnect from the womb. In plain English: The child is now relying on itself to tap into cosmic energies for its development. This certainly doesn’t mean that the little ones have to do without the life energy from their parents that they are intitled to. The allowance from their parents should be assured into their adulthood. • If you happen to be parents, you should do everything you can to protect your children from being robbed of energy, but you must also take care that your children are not compelled through your own behaviour to fight for life energy. Those that see children as little fools, those that treat them or amuse themselves at their expense in order to fell strong and intelligent, already started a forceful attack on the delicate energy field of these children. This applies to all parents and guardians that abuse their power and responsibility by ignoring, lying, punishing, scaring or depriving them of love. All of these are merely measures, that force a delicate child to fight for the required energy to survive, because the sluices of the parental LOVE are closed. Small children in particular are left with no other option but to extort, rob, steal, deceive, bellow etc. with all available means. • All neglected children are potential energy vampires. The course and the surmounting of this phase of defiance is the actual test for the parents and it will show whether the child was successful or not. The problem lies in the fact that not all children are capable of establishing the delicate channels they need to supply themselves with cosmic energy. The reasons are found in the time before and during the pregnancy, but also in the wrong behaviour of the parents towards the child. The situation becomes rather delicate with children that require this lower life energy in order to recuperate from the specific energetic damage and the blockages inherited whilst in the mother’s womb. • When the mother yells at the little ones and constantly reacts irritated towards the child, the child will get used to absorbing primitive life energy and it will feel tired, drained and accordingly despaired. Your assertion that the child saps your energy correspond entirely with the truth. When a child gets used to tapping into the energy of its family members through familiar circumstances and conditions, it will miss the correct point in time to solidify its own energy channels upwards. • The result is the inability of the child to open itself up to spiritual values. The child will then remain in a state of vampirism and this for a short or longer period of time, or even into adulthood.