Energetic Vampirism and its effect on our daily life

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- 2 - 1. Fundamentals Those that do not endeavour to spread LIGHT, increasingly darken themselves. This sentence goes directly to the focal point of our theme. All kinds of spiritual questions somehow occupy the mind of all of us, but we however never think that they in particular have such a great influence on our daily life. We virtually constantly compete for material possessions, for professional careers, for money, affluence and power over other people. Cleverly hidden, this general chase for power and material things does in fact look for something completely different, for something vital that is probably very precious and maybe in short supply in this three-dimensional world; it would otherwise not be constantly competed for. We are dealing with Life Energy, also called Prana, Chi or Orgon in German, life energy that seems to be available in abundance under certain circumstances for many spiritually sensitive people. When we take our scientific insights into consideration we must, based on our experience, assume that every form of energy can be transformed into another form: The energy of water or wind into electrical energy or heat energy etc. What kind of experiences do we have in regards to life energy? Can it be measured? – What hides behind concepts like: “bundled energy”, “sexual energy”, “mental power”, “criminal energy”, “creative energy”, “anger”, “fear” etc.? - Can one also convert these energies; can one transform them from one form of energy into another? – When we think of the great works by poets and dramaturges, we can accept it as verified that the energy of a happy and also an unhappy lover can apparently be easily transformed into “creative energy”. The same form of energy can equally be discharged into “criminal energy”, something the reports in our newspapers confirm daily. There is a large grey zone between the two extremes fluctuations and they seem to inconspicuously determine the lives of all of us. Energy is constantly withdrawn from us and we constantly receive some from the cosmos, the world of spirit or we draw this life energy for ourselves from other human beings. I call this energy predation e n e r g y v a m p i r i s m. • Why are we unable to evade the influence of certain people? • Why do we allow others to molest us? • Why does a wife not defend herself when the husband becomes violent? • Why does a man tolerate the constant nagging of his wife? • Why do women in particular put up with social degradation?

- 3 - • How can one deal with bullying at work? • What can one do in regards to sexual as well as mental maltreatment? Do you find it impossible to believe that energy vampirism has turned into a grave characteristic of our modern, computerised society? Let’s get to the bottom of this. Let’s take a simple example: Assume that you are psychically gifted and that you observe how two people argue with one another, something you probably observed quite often before. You see the auras of the two quarrellers and other fields of energy also. The argument reaches its apogee and you see how the two auras flow into one another and how the interfaces change to the colours of orange to a fiery red. Depending on temperament, spatial distance and the severity of the argument, you can even observe fiery bolts of lightning that are flung hither and tither. When one of the two people has won the argument and when the other, the vanquished no longer argues but retreats, you will see how the two auras separate from one another. • The aura of the winner is almost double the size of what it originally was and it has gained a considerable increase of its radiant power. • The aura of the vanquished on the other hand seems to have shrunk and lost some of its radiant power. One could assume that the winner of the argument must feel brilliant because he could argue better. The truth is that he only finds himself in an energetic state of inebriation, like a drug addict. The vanquished on the other hand feels drained and weak, because he has lost a good portion of his life force through this vampirical encroachment. • The notorious bloodsuckers in the movies have real inheritors. They do not refresh themselves with the blood of their victims – that would be contemporary – but with the life force of the others! This deprivation of energy doesn’t always happen as severely as in a normal argument, it is a lot more subtle, meaner and perfidious in beautiful, spacious offices of companies. Guided and supported by a head-vampire, numerous energy vampires let loose on one singular person until this person is mentally so exhausted and completely despaired that it will tend its resignation. – The mob will then look for another victim and if they haven’t died they are still alive today… Why does something like this exist? How does energetic vampirism develop? How can one protect oneself from it? There are various reasons why life energies are tapped into at our place of work as well as in our environment. One reason is that our materialistic world moulds us by denying us the opportunity for an evenly matched mental and moral development and this from early childhood. • Only what can be measured with instruments is accepted as real, as existent.

- 4 - This is the reason why we are ignorant in this respect and why we are unable to feel how we can control and change our own life energy. I am not aware whether scientists also measure their own minds according to this method. • All too many of us cannot stabilise their level of energy, they cannot protect themselves from having their energy robbed either and do not know how to increase their level of energy according to demand. But many of us are prepared to rob energy automatically in order to stock up their own energy reserves. Another reason arises from the fact that we are simply different, that we hold sway over complex energies that are to be found on various levels and also show various levels of amplitude. We will always find people near us, within the family or at work, that do not feel all that energy laden so they have to use various methods to enrich themselves with our abundance of energy. • Vampirism isn’t just the theft of energy, but also a symptom of ungodliness that is gaining ever more ground these days. The attackers damage themselves in three ways: • Karma. • Spiritual development. • Physical wellbeing. Those that consciously or subconsciously tap into others energies require ever more over time, because the delicate channels of communication that supply them with cosmic energy gradually begin to close. This process cannot be easily arrested. Vampirism is initially caused by extreme egotism that expresses itself through thoughts, emotions and actions. Aggression and all types of maltreatments, vandalism, cruelty, sadism, contentiousness, an addiction to criticise, a need for pity, a need for assistance, abuse of persuasiveness and much, much more are the forms of mental-energetic vampirism.

- 5 - 2. Classification and methodology There are various types of vampires: • Most of them try to catch our attention by being constantly affronted, in need of consolation, in need of love and unhappy. • Others assert a claim of power over our decisions and try to convince us to do this or the other for them, to buy things for them or ourselves, and they are angry or desperate if we do succumb to their charisma. • And then there are those that try to penetrate our personality in order to fill us with fear, doubts or mistrust, this might be in regards to a relationship, another person or even our own capabilities, what is of importance to them is that we listen to them. How do these vampires operate? What do they do to supply themselves with the required energy? They initially talk to us in a forceful manner, they then try to affront us, to debase us, to deride us by clamouring, bellowing, screaming at us and tormenting us and they use various means to subjugate us. • But they can only rob us of our life energy when we retreat because we are exhausted and defeated. Just how this works can best be observed with children. All mothers knows how perfectly little children can sap their energy if they make the mistake of engaging in a power play with a child. The little ones tease, annoy, wail, scream and misbehave until the mother loses her nerve and control and retaliates by creaming at them or by slapping them. The child will then be quiet for a while, because it received what it needed: Life energy. The situation get worse when two children instinctively take their turn. The mother has no chance. Every mother with two or more children knows: One of them is always crying. You now ask appalled: Are all children energy vampires? Yes, certainly! They are during a certain phase of their development! They were supplied with cosmic energies through the organism of the mother during pregnancy. So why should they do without this during their first years of their life? Through their intimate nearness with the mother whilst they are infants and whilst they are being nursed, the children are constantly supplied with cosmic energy through the mother. It now becomes clear: • Why a prematurely born child develops better if it is carried in a sling by its mother instead of being a scheduled incubator child. • Why an ailing child gets better faster if it shares the mother’s bed.

- 6 - • Why nursing mothers believe that by weaning the child of mother’s milk, it will finally disconnect from the womb. In plain English: The child is now relying on itself to tap into cosmic energies for its development. This certainly doesn’t mean that the little ones have to do without the life energy from their parents that they are intitled to. The allowance from their parents should be assured into their adulthood. • If you happen to be parents, you should do everything you can to protect your children from being robbed of energy, but you must also take care that your children are not compelled through your own behaviour to fight for life energy. Those that see children as little fools, those that treat them or amuse themselves at their expense in order to fell strong and intelligent, already started a forceful attack on the delicate energy field of these children. This applies to all parents and guardians that abuse their power and responsibility by ignoring, lying, punishing, scaring or depriving them of love. All of these are merely measures, that force a delicate child to fight for the required energy to survive, because the sluices of the parental LOVE are closed. Small children in particular are left with no other option but to extort, rob, steal, deceive, bellow etc. with all available means. • All neglected children are potential energy vampires. The course and the surmounting of this phase of defiance is the actual test for the parents and it will show whether the child was successful or not. The problem lies in the fact that not all children are capable of establishing the delicate channels they need to supply themselves with cosmic energy. The reasons are found in the time before and during the pregnancy, but also in the wrong behaviour of the parents towards the child. The situation becomes rather delicate with children that require this lower life energy in order to recuperate from the specific energetic damage and the blockages inherited whilst in the mother’s womb. • When the mother yells at the little ones and constantly reacts irritated towards the child, the child will get used to absorbing primitive life energy and it will feel tired, drained and accordingly despaired. Your assertion that the child saps your energy correspond entirely with the truth. When a child gets used to tapping into the energy of its family members through familiar circumstances and conditions, it will miss the correct point in time to solidify its own energy channels upwards. • The result is the inability of the child to open itself up to spiritual values. The child will then remain in a state of vampirism and this for a short or longer period of time, or even into adulthood.

- 7 - 3. How can one recognise a young energy vampire? These children deride their playmates or schoolmates, they hit and torment animals and show no compassion, they also deride older people or rob them, they are quarrelsome and they are inclined to commit acts of vandalism and sadism, use force and turn into dangerous criminals at a later date. These types of energy vampires want to exert their power over others. They do so through rampaging, debasing others, bashing and raping. Their victims must suffer, ask for mercy, be afraid of being bashed and feeling pain, they must whimper, scream and feel at their mercy. Many politicians, heads of departments, heads of associations and industries and other organisations belong to the same type, but in a reversed and more subtle form. Subscriber recruiters, opinion pollsters and salvation preachers can under certain circumstance abuse our inadequate selfconfidence and stress our nerves and our wallets by skilfully applying their power over us. These must also be seen as life energies. • Children that suffer from energy deprivation are usually pale, tire quickly, are sickly and they tend to beg for help, support and compassion in order to regain the life energy that they lack. The problems caused by vampirism affects a lot of people in our surroundings and it is devastating, because exactly the way an energy vampire robs others, he is also in danger of being robbed of his own life energy by another energy vampire. This creates a devil’s circle. There is more: • This inability to absorb cosmic energy and to utilise it for oneself is passed on! This inheritance is mostly expressed in this way, namely that the life energy of children and grandchildren is subconsciously tapped by their relatives or their own parents. Childlessness, miscarriages, still births or severe illnesses of the child are the result. You may ask yourself why I deal so intensively with childhood? • The key to our behaviourism as adults is often found in our childhood. It is important that we recognise the coherences within our family so that we initiate corrective measures. It is never too late to make changes to our derailed family relationships. They are a great blessing to all that are involved. You probably ask yourself now: “Is it possible that I am also an energy vampire?” You can easily ascertain this: • Small children do not like to sit on an energy vampire’s lap. • Pets avoid being near them. • Friends, relatives as well as acquaintances do not remain in their immediate vicinity for any length of time. An energy vampire can naturally free itself from its conscious or subconscious passion. Practical advice for this would however go beyond the scope of this article, especially as such advice should be tailor-made for each individual person.

- 8 - 4. How can one protect oneself from being robbed of energy? The question inevitably arises: “Might energy also be drawn from me without me knowing it?” and “How can I protect myself from this?” • Particularly endangered are people whose psychic shield of protection, or put more succinctly, whose mental immune system is incomplete, respectively damaged for various reasons. Areas exist within our aura now and then that are shaded, where the delicate energy of the body cannot circulate freely. These dark areas can indicate events from the far distant past, mostly traumatic experiences during our childhood, things that have been pushed aside over again, ergo thing that have not been correctly processed. A painful separation, a shocking experience, whether by accident or mistreatment, can damage our energy field, so that this damage through other, invisible threads, can be instinctively recognised by other people from a distance. We then attract energy vampires. • This explains why we constantly make the same mistakes, that we are duped by the same kind of people, that we find ourself over again in the same situations, situations that make us angry. I read an interesting article in a medical journal: A psychologist conducted a test series within the framework of “Rehabilitation of sex criminals”. Violent sex criminals were asked to look at photos of 100 women. They were asked to select the women from the photos that they were most likely to rape. To the astonishment of the researchers, the prisoners always selected the same women. The experts didn’t expect this and they couldn’t explain it either. The situation is however clear to us: These women experienced sexual coercion during their childhood, in their marriage or had been raped and for whatever reason couldn’t defend or themselves or strike back. This information was within the energetic field of these women and it was energetically – the appropriate word would be instinctively – registered from the photos by the sex criminals and they acted accordingly. When we are near energy vampires, we must be prepared to deal with terrible robbery attacks on our psyche. What can happen is that we suddenly have feelings of guilt, anxiety, of worthlessness, hopeless inferiority, helplessness, anger and sadness, great inner turmoil and have panic attacks when we are near them. Particularly endangered are: • Spiritually orientated people who can spiritually open up. • Also, people from the medical professions who are confronted with the problems and psychic litter of other people on a daily basis. Healers and psychotherapists urgently require effective protection technology because the profession predestines them to have to open up to the problems of others in order to be able to effectively help them. • One has to expect that a lot of the clients are unknowingly potential energy vampires that can utilise the cooperativeness of the therapists to rob energy via the open spiritual fields of the therapists.

- 9 - There are plenty of muddled conflict situation within our families and at places of work in our daily life that indicate that a vampirical situation is at hand. An example: A married couple, childless, both are working. The problem: The wife suffers greatly from the fact that the husband doesn’t do anything around the house, he doesn’t even do small repair jobs. She must do everything herself. She cannot and she no longer wants to continue. As an example, the new lamp in the living room has not been installed, a defective lightbulb in the hallway should have been replaced a long time ago and a fence picket should have been nailed back into place two weeks ago. The husband comes home from work, he eats what his wife lovingly prepares for him without a thank-you and he puts her down at every opportunity. According to his opinion, she can neither cook nor keep a decent home and she cannot budget properly, she is a silly cow as far as he is concerned, and this is something she constant hears either at home or amongst friends. He sits in front of the television with his feet up, drinks his beer and he is not interested in any conversation with his wife, the empty beer bottles must then be clear away by her after etc. All of this led to bad blood between them, to ugly confrontations, but nothing improves. The husband does indeed promise to take care of things later, sometime in the future but it goes in one ear and out the other. This woman thinks that her husband suffers from laziness and that he must urgently change, because living with him would become increasingly unbearable. But the more she endeavour to change her husband, the more his attitude stiffens and the more ill, unhappy and exhausted the wife feels after having such quarrels. As the wife is physically really ill whilst her husband enjoys flourishing health in spite of the quarrels and his unhealthy life style, we must naturally assume that there is an energy problem in the background. Because I doubt whether any medical treatment would bring results for her. Her husband is either consciously or unconsciously an energy vampire who increasingly needs regular quarrels with his wife to tap into her energy. What can be done? This woman could possibly achieve something with positive thoughts and affirmations, but this takes time, because she doesn’t have the necessary mental strength to produce enough energy for any affirmation so that the hoped for result can be realised as quickly as possible. The time would also be a problem in regards to aura protection techniques, because this also takes time. In order to clearly recognise the situation, this woman must acknowledge the laws of energy vampirism and act accordingly. The fact is that she has a problem and not her husband as she maintains! She is the victim, and what’s more, she has probably got herself into this situation over time. Her husband is not interested in changing the situation. He lives and flourishes from this and only gains from it. She must be prepared to turn off the tap to her energy by forcing him through her attitude to change his behaviour towards her. Even more: She must start with herself first and she must mentally prepare herself for the fact that her husband might not be prepared to accept her rebellion. My advice: Calmly explain to her husband: “I can’t deal with this anymore. Unless this situation I have been exposed to for some time changes, I will become ill. I feel exploited, hurt and used. The only sensible

- 10 - solution that could invigorate our relationship would, as far as I’m concerned, be for you to help me run the household, thereby spending at least some of your time with me and dealing with some of my own needs. I would be very pleased if you could accept this.” If this conversation doesn’t bear fruit, she must immediately summon a handyman that can deal with all the required repairs in the house and in the garden. The bill goes to him! The wife should ignore his outburst of anger without making any comments. Very important: Do not quarrel! What if the husband refuses to pay the bill? Not a problem, because the next reminder will soon turn up. Once again: D o n o t b e i n t i m i d a t e d a n d d o n o t q u a r r e l . If worst come to worst, she should pay the bill herself, stop buying beer and leave the empty bottle where they are. Important again: D o n o t q u a r r e l ! She should not lose her nerve if the husband complaints, screams at her or even throws boor bottles after her. Important: She should not clear away the shards. Should the situation turn as dramatic as described above, she should inform the husband in a calm voice, or if the atmosphere turns very volatile, in writing, that due to his impossible behaviour, she is no longer prepared to do the shopping and cooking for him. All chores like vacuuming, washing, tidying up and cleaning should only be done within her own personal domain. If he is still not prepared to change his behaviour, she will be forced to leave him. Again, very important: D o n o t q u a r r e l , d o n o t t o l o s e y o u r n e r v e a n d d o n o t r e a c t e m o t i o n a l l y ! Another example: A secretary finds it increasingly unbearable that her boss screams at her when asking for a cup of coffee. When she started her job 15 years ago, she didn’t dare to complain out of inexperience and also because she was afraid of losing her job. The situation is now stuck in a rut and she is close to a nervous breakdown. What is there to do? First of all, realise that it is not going to be the end of the world, if she decidedly speaks her mind. Her job is certainly not on the line if she regains her self-respect. Concretely: If her boss should shout at her as he usually does and demands his cup of coffee, she should tell him in a nice and friendly voice that she had to listen to this clamour for years, that she is no longer prepared to be treated like this and that she would appreciate if Mr. X. would talk to her in a normal voice and “ask” for his cup of coffee.

- 11 - The secretary must be prepared to be shouted at and humiliated by the boss. He has been used to receiving his portion of refreshing life energy for years and this every morning at his coffee break. So why should he suddenly do without it? This can become disagreeable or even painful under certain circumstances. He will be lacking something. This can lead to a situation where he will be in a bad mood for days and this until his body has come to terms with the new situation. Important is: The secretary must remain nice, friendly and self-assured, she must smile at him and assure him that no matter how loud he screams at her, she will only bring him his coffee if he ask for it in a friendly manner. One more example: A young mother with a three years old child and an eight months old baby gets very anxious because her mother-in-law is about to stay with them for a few days. The old lady wasn’t too pleased with the choice of her son. Whenever she visits, she expects a “Wishing-Table” (Brothers Grimm), perfect cleanliness, perfect housekeeping and also that her daughter-in-law takes ample time to talk to her, most of the time about her badly affected health. The children are not allowed to make a peep or demand the attention of their mother, they would otherwise be seen as spoiled and badly brought up. The old lady would certainly frown if she should discover that a bed had not been made or that the vacuuming had not been done correctly and at the right time. When she eats, she stabs at the food and gives good advice about how the young mother could have done things better. Once in a while a sigh escapes her and the words, if only he had listened to her as her son did have a better option, escape her lips,. The young woman becomes more nervous by the minute and makes more and more mistakes. The children become restless and cry, something they usually do not do. The young woman finally reaches her wits end and begins to cry once in a while, something that gives her mother-in-law the impression that she has weak nerves and that she reacts hysterically to trifles. What can be done here? First of all, she must keep her nerve and think the situation through: The mother-in-law comes around because she feels lonely, unwanted, ignored or unloved, particularly by her son who put an unsympathetic daughter-in-law in front of her nose. He probably should not have married at all and if he had to, he could have chosen one that would spoil him the way his mother spoiled him. As the situation stands, she tries to shoot her poisonous arrows against her rival. My advice: Not to clean excessively and even leave a basket full of washed clothes that need ironing standing there. Realise that the mother-in-law would like to be loved and that she would like to feel needed. Also open the door by displaying great joy and immediately thank her for her willingness to help. Explain the day’s routine over a cup of coffee be saying that it would be arranged best if dear granny

- 12 - would lend a hand. Whether she would like to do the washing up whilst she will arrange for the children to have their afternoon nap, or whether she would prefer to do the ironing (saying she would dearly like to learn how men’s shirts are correctly ironed) or whether she would consider cooking her son’s favourite meal (once again saying that she would like to see how it was correctly cooked)… Ergo: Include the old lady in the housekeeping and always express gratitude for her help and her experience in such matters. Would the young mother enjoy an hour’s rest? Send granny for a walk with the bawling child in a pram. Doesn’t she have lots of experience with children? Even mention a cupboard that is in dire need of being re-organised, something she would like to do with the perfect mother-in-law, as she surely knows how things are best sorted. Always mention how indispensable her visit actually is. The mother-in-law will then depart tired and in need of a rest, but with the good feeling of having been useful and loved. Her opinion of her daughter-in-law will then have fundamentally changed, the dear child, ever ready to learn and so assiduous. If she gets the impression that keeping house with little children is too arduous at her age, she will probably depart earlier the next time around. There is another type of mother-in-law, one that likes to start intrigues. The young couple must in that case be prepared to find out that the all their relations found to their horror that the dear motherin-law’s readiness to help was terribly and recklessly abused. Only a telephone conversation will help in this case, one that tells dear mother-in-law the boundaries: Not like this! Not with us! The emphasis is on us! If dear mother-in-law is not prepared to stop the intrigue in it tracks or reverse its course, the young couple might be forced to do without her endeavours to help in the future in order to avoid such evil gossip. The relations are naturally informed in writing about why they had to take such measures. Please remember: • Energy vampires needs a lot of love, affection and understanding to help them change their behaviour. Give them as much as possible of this without feeling deflated after. It is important that you stick with your new position and that you do not give in. The inexhaustible variety of these conflicts make it difficult for me to deal with numerous everyday situations. But I am certain that many amongst you will look at your own daily situations from a new angle. To ask a psychologist or a therapist you trust for advice has its advantages, it helps to shine a light on your own patterns of behaviour thereby helping you to understand yourself and also others. • To be able to establish and maintain our personal connection to God and his life sustaining cosmic energies is a wonderful thing, it secures our access on a spiritual level where life sustaining energies are at our disposal at inexhaustible amounts. For us to endeavour to establish energetic, harmonious relationships is essential so that our energy levels and that of all other involved parties can constantly grow through this relationship. * * * * * * *