Energetic Vampirism and its effect on our daily life

- 5 - 2. Classification and methodology There are various types of vampires: • Most of them try to catch our attention by being constantly affronted, in need of consolation, in need of love and unhappy. • Others assert a claim of power over our decisions and try to convince us to do this or the other for them, to buy things for them or ourselves, and they are angry or desperate if we do succumb to their charisma. • And then there are those that try to penetrate our personality in order to fill us with fear, doubts or mistrust, this might be in regards to a relationship, another person or even our own capabilities, what is of importance to them is that we listen to them. How do these vampires operate? What do they do to supply themselves with the required energy? They initially talk to us in a forceful manner, they then try to affront us, to debase us, to deride us by clamouring, bellowing, screaming at us and tormenting us and they use various means to subjugate us. • But they can only rob us of our life energy when we retreat because we are exhausted and defeated. Just how this works can best be observed with children. All mothers knows how perfectly little children can sap their energy if they make the mistake of engaging in a power play with a child. The little ones tease, annoy, wail, scream and misbehave until the mother loses her nerve and control and retaliates by creaming at them or by slapping them. The child will then be quiet for a while, because it received what it needed: Life energy. The situation get worse when two children instinctively take their turn. The mother has no chance. Every mother with two or more children knows: One of them is always crying. You now ask appalled: Are all children energy vampires? Yes, certainly! They are during a certain phase of their development! They were supplied with cosmic energies through the organism of the mother during pregnancy. So why should they do without this during their first years of their life? Through their intimate nearness with the mother whilst they are infants and whilst they are being nursed, the children are constantly supplied with cosmic energy through the mother. It now becomes clear: • Why a prematurely born child develops better if it is carried in a sling by its mother instead of being a scheduled incubator child. • Why an ailing child gets better faster if it shares the mother’s bed.