Energetic Vampirism and its effect on our daily life

- 8 - 4. How can one protect oneself from being robbed of energy? The question inevitably arises: “Might energy also be drawn from me without me knowing it?” and “How can I protect myself from this?” • Particularly endangered are people whose psychic shield of protection, or put more succinctly, whose mental immune system is incomplete, respectively damaged for various reasons. Areas exist within our aura now and then that are shaded, where the delicate energy of the body cannot circulate freely. These dark areas can indicate events from the far distant past, mostly traumatic experiences during our childhood, things that have been pushed aside over again, ergo thing that have not been correctly processed. A painful separation, a shocking experience, whether by accident or mistreatment, can damage our energy field, so that this damage through other, invisible threads, can be instinctively recognised by other people from a distance. We then attract energy vampires. • This explains why we constantly make the same mistakes, that we are duped by the same kind of people, that we find ourself over again in the same situations, situations that make us angry. I read an interesting article in a medical journal: A psychologist conducted a test series within the framework of “Rehabilitation of sex criminals”. Violent sex criminals were asked to look at photos of 100 women. They were asked to select the women from the photos that they were most likely to rape. To the astonishment of the researchers, the prisoners always selected the same women. The experts didn’t expect this and they couldn’t explain it either. The situation is however clear to us: These women experienced sexual coercion during their childhood, in their marriage or had been raped and for whatever reason couldn’t defend or themselves or strike back. This information was within the energetic field of these women and it was energetically – the appropriate word would be instinctively – registered from the photos by the sex criminals and they acted accordingly. When we are near energy vampires, we must be prepared to deal with terrible robbery attacks on our psyche. What can happen is that we suddenly have feelings of guilt, anxiety, of worthlessness, hopeless inferiority, helplessness, anger and sadness, great inner turmoil and have panic attacks when we are near them. Particularly endangered are: • Spiritually orientated people who can spiritually open up. • Also, people from the medical professions who are confronted with the problems and psychic litter of other people on a daily basis. Healers and psychotherapists urgently require effective protection technology because the profession predestines them to have to open up to the problems of others in order to be able to effectively help them. • One has to expect that a lot of the clients are unknowingly potential energy vampires that can utilise the cooperativeness of the therapists to rob energy via the open spiritual fields of the therapists.