Energetic Vampirism and its effect on our daily life

- 4 - This is the reason why we are ignorant in this respect and why we are unable to feel how we can control and change our own life energy. I am not aware whether scientists also measure their own minds according to this method. • All too many of us cannot stabilise their level of energy, they cannot protect themselves from having their energy robbed either and do not know how to increase their level of energy according to demand. But many of us are prepared to rob energy automatically in order to stock up their own energy reserves. Another reason arises from the fact that we are simply different, that we hold sway over complex energies that are to be found on various levels and also show various levels of amplitude. We will always find people near us, within the family or at work, that do not feel all that energy laden so they have to use various methods to enrich themselves with our abundance of energy. • Vampirism isn’t just the theft of energy, but also a symptom of ungodliness that is gaining ever more ground these days. The attackers damage themselves in three ways: • Karma. • Spiritual development. • Physical wellbeing. Those that consciously or subconsciously tap into others energies require ever more over time, because the delicate channels of communication that supply them with cosmic energy gradually begin to close. This process cannot be easily arrested. Vampirism is initially caused by extreme egotism that expresses itself through thoughts, emotions and actions. Aggression and all types of maltreatments, vandalism, cruelty, sadism, contentiousness, an addiction to criticise, a need for pity, a need for assistance, abuse of persuasiveness and much, much more are the forms of mental-energetic vampirism.