Energetic Vampirism and its effect on our daily life

- 3 - • How can one deal with bullying at work? • What can one do in regards to sexual as well as mental maltreatment? Do you find it impossible to believe that energy vampirism has turned into a grave characteristic of our modern, computerised society? Let’s get to the bottom of this. Let’s take a simple example: Assume that you are psychically gifted and that you observe how two people argue with one another, something you probably observed quite often before. You see the auras of the two quarrellers and other fields of energy also. The argument reaches its apogee and you see how the two auras flow into one another and how the interfaces change to the colours of orange to a fiery red. Depending on temperament, spatial distance and the severity of the argument, you can even observe fiery bolts of lightning that are flung hither and tither. When one of the two people has won the argument and when the other, the vanquished no longer argues but retreats, you will see how the two auras separate from one another. • The aura of the winner is almost double the size of what it originally was and it has gained a considerable increase of its radiant power. • The aura of the vanquished on the other hand seems to have shrunk and lost some of its radiant power. One could assume that the winner of the argument must feel brilliant because he could argue better. The truth is that he only finds himself in an energetic state of inebriation, like a drug addict. The vanquished on the other hand feels drained and weak, because he has lost a good portion of his life force through this vampirical encroachment. • The notorious bloodsuckers in the movies have real inheritors. They do not refresh themselves with the blood of their victims – that would be contemporary – but with the life force of the others! This deprivation of energy doesn’t always happen as severely as in a normal argument, it is a lot more subtle, meaner and perfidious in beautiful, spacious offices of companies. Guided and supported by a head-vampire, numerous energy vampires let loose on one singular person until this person is mentally so exhausted and completely despaired that it will tend its resignation. – The mob will then look for another victim and if they haven’t died they are still alive today… Why does something like this exist? How does energetic vampirism develop? How can one protect oneself from it? There are various reasons why life energies are tapped into at our place of work as well as in our environment. One reason is that our materialistic world moulds us by denying us the opportunity for an evenly matched mental and moral development and this from early childhood. • Only what can be measured with instruments is accepted as real, as existent.