Chapter 2 - The Laws Governing Spirit Communication with Material Creation

- 22 - materialization of this kind requires so much Od that no one medium is capable of supplying it; in such cases, therefore, part of the substance of the medium’s corporeal body must be dissolved as well and used for materializing the spirit. • For this reason, a medium loses quite a bit of body weight in materializations of this nature. The medium gets it all back, however, after the materialization has come to an end. I am surprised that your scholars who conduct so many experiments in this field do not discover these facts for themselves, for surely they witness phenomena enough to point them in the right direction. They see materialized hands grasping and moving objects. They hear ‘direct voices’, and simultaneously they often see the cloudlet of Od out of which these voices are heard. When they photograph some of these phenomena, they sometimes find upon the plate something that looks like a larynx, formed by the spirit by means of the materialization of Od, in order to provide it with a voice. When investigating complete materialisations, they find everything that is present in a normal human being, and yet they cannot hit upon the track of the truth. The greatest obstacle in the way of recognizing the truth is the erroneous conception of the terms, ‘spirit’ and ‘matter’. • Once the fact is recognized that the essence of spirit Creation is the same as that of material Creation, and that they differ only in the nature of their being, most of the difficulties that now prevent a proper understanding of spirit communication with the material world will disappear of their own accord. One will then recognize that created spirits possess the same organism in spirit form that terrestrial beings possess in material form, that the body has been cast over the shape of the spirit, and, hence, that nothing can be contained in the material cast that is not also present in the spirit shape. One will also understand that the Beyond resembles the Here in every way, with the sole difference that in the Here all things are material, and in the Beyond all things are spiritual. • But all life, in both the material world and in the world of spirit, is bound up with the Odic force. This is the most powerful force in Creation, and it is the force by means of which God, who is the source of this force, can overturn all things. It is the means by which He and His spirit world perform the greatest ‘miracles’, as you call them. It is the force that enables the magician to perform superhuman feats, inasmuch as his own Odic powers can be increased by the spirit world, either by the good or the evil spirit world, depending upon which of the two he enters into contact with. “In the case of the evil spirits, the demons that have severed their relations with God, this power has very definite limits, whereas God’s spirits can make use of it in immeasurable strength. • It was with this force that Christ healed the sick and raised the dead. • With this force he also cast out the evil spirits from those possessed of them. • And with the help of this same force the good spirits enabled Christ to walk on water. • This same force was used by the good spirit world under Christ’s command to bring about the miraculous multiplication of the loaves at his behest, by means of the materialization of the bread that had been brought there as Od.