Chapter 2 - The Laws Governing Spirit Communication with Material Creation

- 31 - the form of golden statues and was also embroidered on the curtains and carpets. “Inasmuch as the od was collected above the cover of the Ark and was used for God’s spirit to speak, the od had to be prepared in the immediate vicinity of the Ark. • For the source of od must always be in close proximity to the spirit that needs it. Hence the altars and the tables on which the various offerings were made ready were close to the curtain behind which the Ark of the Covenant stood. The collection, holding together and condensation of the od was facilitated by the fact that the Ark was in a space enclosed by carpets and a curtain. You, too, when you desire to collect od in quantity and to achieve a high degree of condensation, make use of a so-called ‘cabinet’5, within which or at whose entrance the medium, who is the source of the od, sits. The laws governing spirit communication with mankind are the same everywhere. The fact that the wings of the two cherubs at both ends of the Ark of the Covenant were extended like a roof further contributed to holding the cloud of od together above the Ark. The great strictness of the injunctions for keeping any impure od well away from the Tabernacle also served another purpose: if the pure and very powerful odic currents produced in the Tabernacle by the spirits of God were allowed to come into contact with impure currents, the bearer of the impure od would be killed by the high-voltage currents, just as surely as anyone who comes into contact with terrestrial high-voltage electric current without proper insulation will die. For this reason, Aaron was not allowed to enter the sanctuary whenever he pleased, but only after the condensation of the od above the Ark was completed and the high-voltage currents employed for the purpose had been turned off. He was told when he could enter. Had he not heeded the instructions, he too would have been killed, as were his two sons when they violated the laws for keeping the preparation of the od pure during the burning of the ingredients. After what you have just learned, the laws concerning sacrificial offerings and the outfitting of the Tabernacle will appear to you in a far different light than heretofore. * * * * * * * 5 A cabinet is introduced for materialisation sessions.