Chapter 2 - The Laws Governing Spirit Communication with Material Creation

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- 2 - 2. 0 The Laws Governing Spirit Communication with Material Creation 2. 1 The law of “OD-Energy” (Life force) Introductory Remarks I have come to realize that everything that God has ordained is eternally valid. Nothing can be added to it and nothing taken away from it. God has arranged it thus so that we may revere Him. (Ecclesiastes 3:14) Already at my first contact with the spirit world I was promised that I would be taught about the laws governing the ways in which communication by spirits with the material world and especially with mankind takes place. The fulfillment of this promise would be for me a new and incontrovertible proof of the truth of what I had previously learned from this source. I myself knew nothing of those laws. Still less could the mediums, who were inexperienced in all branches of science, know anything about such laws; hence they were unable to impart any teachings on the subject from their own knowledge. The promise given to me was kept in a far greater measure than I had dared to hope. The instruction I received about the laws relating to communication with the spirit world exhibited a clarity and a power of conviction inherent to truth only. All my questions were answered exhaustively, down to the last detail. Never did I find the slightest contradiction in what was taught me. Everything meshed, as in the mechanism of a high-quality clock. My teacher was the same spirit that on the occasion of our second meeting had promised to initiate me into every truth, and it used the same boy as its medium as then. The fact that the boy had only an average education also gave credence to the words of the Apostle Paul: 1. Corinthians 1: 27-28: ‘God has chosen that which the world calls foolish to shame the wise; and the things the world calls lowly and contemptuous have been chosen by God to bring to nought that which looms large in the eyes of the world, for no mortal shall be able to boast of his own accomplishments before God.’ The beginning of the psychic full-trance transmission “You mortals,” so the spirit began its teachings, “seem to assume that only the world of matter is subject to laws.” That is a mistake! • For God is a God of law and order in spiritual as well as terrestrial creation. In His doings He Himself observes the laws He made, disregarding none of them. “Thus, we spirits too must observe the laws of nature ordained by God whenever we wish to communicate with the material world. This is true for the good as well as the evil spirit world. You are in the habit of calling everything a ‘miracle’ that you cannot explain with nature’s laws as you know them. For those familiar with the forces acting in the material and the spiritual world there is no such thing as a ‘miracle’, for everything happens according to the same immutable laws, not one of which supersedes or changes another.

- 3 - If you lift up a stone with your hand, the law of ‘gravitation’, as you call it, acting on the stone is not thereby set aside, but it is overcome by the greater force of your hand. If, however, a stone were lifted up by a hand invisible to you, you would consider that a ‘miracle’ because you would not see the force, and hence would think the stone was rising of its own volition. And yet in both cases a force must be present that causes the stone to be lifted. Whether you can see the force or not does not affect the process itself. In either case the force of gravitation acting on the stone is overcome by a stronger force. • Even God Himself, in consequence of the laws enacted by His Own omnipotence, cannot make a stone raise itself. He might indeed have made matter subject to different laws; but having made the laws governing all earthly events as they are, He too must, when a stone is to be lifted, implement a force that is greater than that of the gravitation acting upon the stone. The same thing is true in all fields. There is also nothing ‘miraculous’ going on when the spirit world communicates perceptibly with you mortals and speaks to you. Whenever I speak to you through this boy, I do so according to fixed laws, which I am bound to observe and which would have to be observed in the same way by any evil spirit wanting to speak through him. Consider your telephones! How many of nature’s laws must be complied with before a conversation can take place! You must have a current. Wires and other elements required for the transmission of speech must be installed. They must correspond to the laws of electricity and of acoustics. It makes no difference whether the telephone is used by a good citizen or by a criminal; both are subject to the same laws of telephone communication. In order that you may understand the things you will witness in the domain of spirit communication it is important that you learn the most important laws involved in communication between the spirit world and material creation. When you have grasped these, you will be able to understand most of what you will encounter in this field, things that so far seem so inexplicable to you mortals. Because of their different natures, spirit and matter cannot act upon each other directly. Not even your own spirit is capable by itself of activating a limb or organ of your body. Not even I, who have taken possession of the body of this boy, can make his body sit up or raise his hands or produce a sound with his organs of speech by my own efforts alone. In order to do these things, your own spirit and I as well require a power current. “In the same way, the operator of a machine requires a constant supply of power furnished by steam or electricity if his machine is to function. If that supply is lacking or is inadequate, the machine will stand still. • In our case the spirit is the machinist. The machine is the body or matter. If the matter is to be set in motion by the spirit, a power current is necessary. The learned men of old called this power current in human beings the ‘soul’, as distinguished from ‘spirit’ and ‘body’. Thus, they taught, quite correctly, that man is made up of spirit, soul and body. The Bible calls the power current or vital energy the ‘breath of life’. Genesis 2: 7 ‘... and God breathed into man’s nostrils the breath of life; thus, man became a living being.’

- 4 - Scientists of today call the power current in man the ‘Odic force’. This ‘Odic’ or life force exists in and around all things created by God. Every human being, every animal, every plant, every stone, every mineral, all water, every heavenly body, every spirit and all other existing things possess Odic force. It is nothing material, but is spiritual and always associated with a spirit. • It is the life force of the spirit, which is therefore always its conveyor. Hence, wherever there is life, there is Od, and wherever there is Od, there is spirit. Since this Odic force exists in and around all things created by God and is always associated with spirit, it follows that there is a spirit in everything created. That sounds incredible to you, yet it is the truth. Any spirit associated with a material body possesses, first of all, the Odic force required for its own existence as a spirit, and next, sufficient additional Odic force to induce life, growth and activity in the earthly body. Similarly, to make use of an inadequate earthly parable, a locomotive requires a certain amount of steam power to put itself in motion, and a certain amount of additional steam to enable it to pull the cars that are coupled onto it. The car coupled onto your spirit is your body, for which your spirit requires special additional Odic power. However, the Od set aside for the body differs from that set aside for the spirit, since anything that is to act upon matter must be assimilated and adapted to it to some extent. Hence the Od of earthly bodies is less spiritual than that of the spirits inhabiting them. • The physical Od resembles your terrestrial power currents, which are neither purely material nor purely spiritual. Their true nature is unknown to you, although you experience their effect on a daily basis. For your terrestrial power currents, you employ material conductors, designed to carry a current of the strength best suited to your needs. You have machines and equipment of all kinds, and plants whose operation requires current of a certain strength. If the current is too powerful, it will destroy your equipment. If it is too feeble, the equipment will stop running. In like manner the Odic current of all physical beings is carried by a conductor throughout the body with all of its wonderful units, which you call organs, in the required strength. If the current exerts too powerful an effect on a given organ, it will create disorder. If it is too feeble, the functions of the organ will cease. • The blood is the conductor of the Odic force. If the conductor is destroyed by loss or decomposition of the blood, the Odic current also ceases, just as your power currents cease to flow when your conducting wires are damaged by outside agencies or by corrosion. Because blood is the conductor for the Od, and hence physical life is impossible without blood, the Bible calls blood ‘the seat of life’. Deuteronomy 12: 23 ‘Blood is the seat of life.’ • The physical Od is not created by the spirit of the respective body, but is derived from the food taken into that body.

- 5 - 2. 1. 1 The nature of matter (Psychic full trance transmission) In order that you may understand what I shall have to say further about Odic energy, I must explain to you the nature of matter. “Have you ever tried to understand how the bodies of living organisms are formed? Consider your own body and its growth! Was it, by any chance, built up by adding on finished substance, as a house is built by placing one stone upon another? You know for yourself that your body was not built up in this way. • The body is nothing but Od condensed into matter This is true of all bodies, not only those of human beings, but also those of animals, plants and minerals. Their growth and their taking material form are subject to those self-same laws of Odic condensation. “The Od of individual material organisms comprises a mixture of Od of the most varied strength and kinds, produced by wonderful laws unknown to you mortals. The mixture is different in human beings than in animals, different in animals than in plants, and different in plants than in minerals. This difference in Od mixture obtains not only between the primary stages of nature, but also between individual organisms within the same stage. Thus, the Odic composition of the various human races differs: that of the Negro is not the same as that of the white man or of the Indian. Furthermore, not all members of the white race have the same Odic composition. This is true also for all the other races of mankind. Every individual has his own Odic composition. • There are, therefore, no two human beings with exactly the same Od and the same applies to animals, plants and minerals. Since, therefore, the physical structure of a living organism results from the condensation of the Odic mixture peculiar to that organism, each body has its own individual physical properties. In every living being, flesh, bones, nails, hair, and all other parts of the body have their distinctive characteristics, which are based on the Odic composition of the individual in question. In your human eyes it is one of nature’s deep secrets how Od, which exists in an ethereal form and is invisible to you, can be condensed into tangible matter. That it is possible you know from your own daily experience, for you can see that your body does not grow by the direct application to it of finished matter. You know that the acorn does not grow into an oak by having more and more bits of oak wood attached to it, but that its growth represents a process taking place within the organism. You know, furthermore, that the food you eat does not attach itself to the inner surfaces of your body and promote growth in that way, but that an unknown something flows into all parts, great and small, of your entire body, condensing into flesh, bone, nails, hair and other tissue, and by thus condensing becomes matter. • That something, which is unknown to you, is Od. Where, you may ask, does this Od, which is so necessary for the formation and support of all living beings, come from? You can find the answer yourself, if you stop to think about what the needs of your physical existence are: you require air, water and food. But not everything present in the air, water or food can be utilized by the body. Above all, it cannot be assimilated by the various parts of your body in the form in which it occurs in the air, water or food, that is to say, not in its material form. Even air is matter. Everything must first be converted into an ethereal form, and conducted in the form of Od to all parts of the body, great and small.

- 6 - • The conversion of the material nutrients into Od proceeds by way of the dissolving that takes place in your bodies during the process of digestion. The air you breathe comprises a material mixture of Od, from which your lungs extract only those parts of the Od that your bodies require, exhaling those they cannot use, in the process of breathing. The Od in the air is not used for the construction of the body as such, but rather more for the creation of various energy streams that come from the digestion of food, its dissolution in Od, the mixture of various Od types and finally its compression into physical matter. All dissolutions happen through hot and all compressions through cold streams of Od. This is why you can only exist without the Od in the air for a few moments. Because when it is lacking, all other Od effects stop of their own accord. Water also has an Odic composition of its own. The Od of water is needed most of all by the bodies of human beings, animals and plants, for these bodies are for the most part a condensation of the Od taken from water. Therefore, water-Od predominates in the foods derived from the plant and animal kingdoms, so that when you eat this food, you generally also receive the necessary quantity of waterOd. Because the Od of water plays so important a role in all bodies, they cannot go without it for any great length of time. Your professional fasters may be able to do without solid food for weeks on end, but if they were deprived of water, they would soon die. For the same reason animals and plants perish when denied the Od of water for a prolonged period. Now you also understand why the torture of thirst is the greatest torture that any living being can experience; it constitutes death in its most painful form. Now we still need the answer to the question: where does the Od found in air, water and food come from? It comes from the earth. • The earth. as a heavenly body, possesses an Odic mixture and an Odic radiation that contain every kind of Od required for the support of all living beings on it. The terrestrial Od consists of the Od peculiar to the earth as a heavenly body; in addition, the earth absorbs into its own Odic mixture the Odic radiation of all the heavenly bodies within range of the earth. Each of these heavenly bodies has a specific Od peculiar to itself, of a nature and composition not found in any other heavenly body. According to the position of those heavenly bodies with respect to the earth, their Odic radiation will have a greater or lesser effect upon it, and since the position of the heavenly bodies relative to each other changes every second, the Odic radiations sent to the earth by those bodies will vary accordingly. • The blending of the Od of your earth with that of the heavenly bodies around it is of the greatest importance to life and growth upon the earth. You must also remember that every kind of Od possesses powers peculiar to itself. • To the extent, then, that the bodily Od of an infant at the moment of its birth stands under the one-sidedly strong influence of the Od of one or more heavenly bodies, to that extent the infant’s own Odic composition will be affected.

- 7 - At the time of birth, this composition is, as it were, still fairly neutral, but at that instant it is given a fixed permanent trend by the Odic radiations and mixtures acting upon it. “If, in producing a mixture in a glass, you pour in a large amount of one substance, that reduces the amounts you can add of other substances. The whole mixture will then be characterized by that substance of which you added a large amount – in colour, smell, taste and other external features. You cannot later reduce the amount of the substance of which you added too much, nor can you dilute it by adding larger amounts of other substances, for the glass cannot be filled beyond its capacity. • The same is true of the Od mixture of a newborn infant. The total amount of Od is predetermined and cannot be increased. If, now, a particular type of Od constitutes the major component of the whole, it will determine the infant’s growth and development for all time. Since the different Od types each develop completely individual vital energies, the particular nature of the major component of the Od will give to the newborn infant – in addition to its individual physical characteristics – an individual set of character traits. • It is, therefore, neither superstition nor idle fancy to assume that one can draw conclusions about a person’s physical nature and character from the moment of his birth. The influence of the Od of the heavenly bodies upon your life on earth, upon your vital energies, your character and your temperament is much greater than you realize. You yourselves have a saying: ‘He was born under a lucky or an unlucky star’.. This refers to the effect exerted by the Odic radiation of a heavenly body on living beings at the moment of their birth. All this is so closely related to the great questions of the destiny of human beings that I could not entirely refrain from speaking of it. • All bodies of terrestrial beings are therefore condensed Od, derived from the Odic radiation of the earth and that of its surrounding heavenly bodies. An example taken from nature will illustrate to you this process of dissolution and condensation: “You know that moisture from the ground and from bodies of water evaporates under the influence of heat, although this is generally imperceptible to your eyes. At a certain height above the earth, the vapor, which was invisible at lower levels, condenses into a thin, barely perceptible veil of mist. As condensation progresses, this veil becomes distinctly visible as a cloud, which grows denser and denser under the influence of cold, until, after condensing even more, it falls to the ground as rain or snow. If the water is chilled still further, it condenses into ice and becomes a solid. Here you have the condensation, step by step, of an ethereal substance invisible to your eyes into solid matter, which you cannot only see and touch, but which also exhibits considerable resistance. Thus, the sheet of ice that covers your streams, ponds and rivers is solidified water, of the same composition and distinctive properties as the water from which it is formed and which in turn is condensed vapour.” • Thus, just as vapor rises from the earth and step by step turns into solid matter as ice, only to dissolve again into water and back into vapor, so it is with all terrestrial bodies. They are derived from the Od of the earth, invisible to you, which is condensed into matter by the process of growth and which returns to the Od of the earth after the death of the living organism. The words ‘of earth thou art, to earth shalt thou return’ therefore apply to all terrestrial beings. This is the continual cycle that will endure until all matter is finally dissolved into Od and not re-

- 8 - condensed into material bodies. Later I will have more to tell you about this. From what I have said you can deduce that in every terrestrial being there are three forms of Od: 1. The Od of the Spirit embodied in this being. 2. The somewhat more condensed Od that is still invisible to the human eye and that is the body’s life force. 3. And the Od that has become solid matter, which you call the body. The Od representing the life force of the body always remains connected with the Od of the spirit and hence with the spirit itself. It is the bodily ‘fuel’ under the control of the spirit, just as your terrestrial power current is the ‘fuel’ at the engineer’s command. If, therefore, the ‘fuel’ for the body is diminished below the point required to maintain life, the spirit departs from the body and corporeal death ensues. Similarly, the machinist abandons his machine when he can no longer keep it running for lack of power. • When terrestrial bodies die, the Odic force remains with the spirit, for earthly bodies possess no independent Odic force of their own; only the spirits that have taken possession of the bodies have such force. Nevertheless, the spirit can with its own Odic force through the exercise of its willpower strengthen the Od of its body, which may have become weakened by sickness; it can stimulate the activity of sluggish bodily organs and thereby eliminate injurious matter from the system. In these circumstances it is of course essential that the weakened body avoid eating harmful foods, and that it promote the effect of the spirit Od by means of a wholesome diet. To use another concrete metaphor, the spirit in this case works by its own Odic energy like a powerful pressure pump upon the physical Od and on the conductor of the Odic current, namely, the blood. How much strength the spirit of a person can infuse into the physical Od of its body through its own Odic force by exercising its willpower can be seen through numerous occurrences. Often paralysed persons threatened with great danger receive such strengthening of their bodily Odic force through the willpower of the spirit, which is focused on saving the individual, that their paralysis is gone and the use of their limbs is restored to them, at least temporarily. The same effect is produced by a patient’s heightened hope for healing. This is also an act of will, and, through the strength it imparts to the Odic force of the body, it leads to many sudden recoveries, which you regard as miracles. • Willpower expressed in courage, hope, faith and cheerfulness is therefore the best remedy and, incidentally, the best safeguard against contagious diseases. The Od of the body, reinforced by willpower, forms as it were a protective wall that prevents the entry of noxious germs. The greater the willpower, the stronger this invisible armour. • A spirit’s lack of willpower, despondency, fear and timidity have the opposite effect. They act like a suction pump that draws the physical Od, together with the blood, inward out of the body and its organs, thus weakening the system and paving the way for infection. Just as the spirit is able to lend strength to its body’s physical Od when this has become weakened by sickness, so the Odic force of healthy persons may be transmitted to, and invigorate, the sick.

- 9 - Odic transmissions of this sort are what you call ‘magnetisation’. • Od can be transmitted by any living being to another, not only from human to human, but also from humans to animals, plants and minerals. By transmitting your own personal Od to plants you can promote their growth. You can magnetize water, oil and similar substances, infusing them, as it were, with your own Od and thereby hasten the recovery of the sick who drink of that water or who are anointed with that oil. Man can also use the Od of plants, beasts and minerals for his own healing. • It is upon this reciprocal transfer of Od that the laws of healing power within God’s Creation are based. Thus, the skin of many living animals radiates a particular Od that has healing powers. The healing power of many plants is widely known, although unfortunately the people of today are not as familiar with the curative properties of specific plants for the various diseases as were the people of ancient times. The same is true of the minerals. Most people think it superstition to believe that every precious stone has an Odic power of its own, and yet it is precisely the Od of precious stones that possesses unusual purity and strength and invigorates the persons wearing them. It is, of course, essential for the wearer to select the stone that is best suited to his personal Od and one that does not contain Odic forces that conflict with the individual’s own Odic radiations. You have books that will instruct you further as to which precious stone is best suited for which individual, depending on the wearer’s date of birth. A very important factor in all healing is the transmission of Od from one person to another. A sick child soon feels better when its healthy mother snuggles it against her body, for by so doing she transmits her own healthy Od to the sick child and strengthens the latter’s Od, which has become enfeebled by sickness. • A healthy person who sleeps with sick or old people imparts a share of his Odic force to them. His sick or old bedfellows are invigorated thereby, while the healthy person grows steadily weaker by the continued expenditure of his Od. That is the reason why healthy persons who sleep with old or sick people for any great length of time take on a sickly appearance, which is a consequence of the weakening of their own Odic force. For this reason, children should not be allowed to sleep in the same bed with old folks. • Od flows through all parts of terrestrial bodies and radiates even a bit beyond them. This radiation that surrounds terrestrial bodies has been called ‘aura’ by your scientists. Everything in Creation has such an Odic aura, even the great heavenly bodies. • What you call the gravity of the earth is its power of Odic radiation, whose range bears a specific relation to the size of the globe. This is also true of all other cosmic bodies. There is not a point anywhere in the universe that is unaffected by the Odic radiation of some heavenly body. The Odic aura surrounds the material body at an equal distance from every point. Consequently the ‘aura’ has the shape of the body to which it belongs and which it encompasses. For this reason, one

- 10 - speaks of the ‘Odic body’, or the ‘astral body’, or the ‘fluid body’, of material beings, as distinguished from their material bodies. It is what the Bible calls the ‘spiritual body’.. It is not visible to your corporeal eyes, but so-called ‘clairvoyants’ endowed with the gift of spiritual sight can see these Odic radiations or ‘Odic bodies’. • The spirit is the source of life, but the scope and the activity of your lives are determined by the Odic force connected with the spirit and hence called the life force. This force manifests itself in vibrations of the Od. Every expression of intellectual life, every expression of life about you in nature, all natural forces are Odic vibrations.. All thought and all volition are expressed in the corresponding Odic vibrations, set in motion by the spirit, as the bearer of the Od. Every physical sensation, every mental emotion is caused by Odic vibrations. All tones, colours, Odours, tastes and tactile sensations are produced by specific Odic vibrations. In the spiritual world these are vibrations of the pure ethereal Od. In material creation, they are vibrations of Od in its more or less condensed form. “Everything that you see on earth, all growth, blossoming and ripening, all power currents and radiation, electricity, radio, ether waves, light, darkness, all the nuances of tone, colour, Odour, taste and touch, all power currents in the universe, the force of gravity exercised by the heavenly bodies and their motion in space – everything rests upon these Odic vibrations. A sage of ancient times observed: ‘Everything is in a state of flux.’ He should have said: ‘Everything is in a state of vibration.’ The great divine secret of numbers is based on the vibrations of the Odic force flowing through the entire universe and permeating its tiniest particle. You little humans will never fathom this secret. You seek the unity number in world events, but you will not find it. It is true that you have discovered many facts connected with this secret of numbers. You know the number of vibrations that produce the notes familiar to you, and you are trying to discover the number of Odic vibrations on which the colours are based, but what does all that represent in the vast ocean of truth inaccessible to you? You cannot break the seven seals of God’s Creation; you can only bow your heads in wonder and reverence before the Almighty’s wisdom and omnipotence. From what little I have told you about Odic vibrations, let us now draw a few conclusions that are important for our purposes. You will find that it stands to reason that harmony in Odic vibrations stands for beauty, health, happiness, peace and good fortune, whereas disharmony in these vibrations must be the cause of ugliness, sickness, suffering and unhappiness. Just as disharmonious tones and colours offend your esthetical sense and, as it were, actually cause you mental pain, so it is on the spiritual plane when a created spirit loses its harmony with its Creator. The disharmony is reflected in corresponding vibrations of the spiritual Od. It produces spiritual ugliness, sickness, discontent and unhappiness, in short, spiritual suffering, which grows in the same measure as the spirit’s disharmony with God increases. The extreme of disharmony, where the created spirit and its Maker are total opposites, thus also means the greatest measure of spiritual anguish and misery – it is what you call hell. And since the greatest disharmony in Odic vibrations also represents the greatest contrast to beauty and light, which presuppose the most perfect harmony, so hell must be a condition of the utmost ugliness of

- 11 - the Odic body and of the most profound darkness. These conclusions are based on eternal laws. It is not God who throws you into hell, but your disharmony with everything good and beautiful, with everything that is spiritually wholesome and pure, with light and life. That is why hell is spiritual death, into which a person plunges whose spiritual nature is in greatest contrast with the Divine nature. Disharmonious Odic vibrations of the spirit are the diving rudder of spirit flight, whereas harmony is the elevating rudder. • The most important task of every living being is to banish this disharmony out of its spiritual life. However, the Odic vibrations of living beings are influenced not only by the thoughts and moods of their own spirits, but also by those of other beings whose Odic vibrations they take in. If, therefore, clairsentient people come into close enough contact with the Odic vibrations of others, they will take in their feelings also. This law is the basis for the ability to ‘feel one’s way’ into the sensations, character, way of thinking and fate of another person. All Odic vibrations in a living being leave behind in their own Odic bodies impressions similar to those made by the vibrations of the notes of a song on a phonograph record, allowing that song to be rendered audible again and again afterwards, and not simply as far as the notes are concerned, but with the same expression of feeling the singer gave to the song while singing it. This is also the basis of the power of memory: the deeper the impressions made on this Odic plate, the more easily they can be recalled. The same process that takes place in material form in the case of a phonographic record goes on spiritually in the case of the sensations impressed on the consciousness of clairsentients as soon as they come into close enough contact with the spiritual Odic record of another person. This contact produces in their own Od the same vibrations, and consequently the same sensations, as those present on the records of the other person. From what you have learned you know that specific vibrations of Odic force produce not only a specific tone, but also a specific colour, smell, taste and tactile sensation. The sensations of cold and heat are likewise based on such Odic vibrations. • There are clairsentients who can see a tone as a colour and who can even tell colours by the sense of touch, being able to detect differences in colour from differences in the radiation of heat or cold given off by the various hues. Others can discern the emotions of love or hatred, of good or ill will, of courage or fear, of faithfulness or unfaithfulness in their fellowmen not only through their own sensations, but in the corresponding coloured pictures, and so are able to portray the concepts of love, faithfulness, sorrow, joy, hatred or envy in a coloured picture. All this rests on the Odic vibrations that accompany their sensations. • Od is therefore also the conveyor of our physical sensations. Hence, if the Od is forced out of a limb of your body, that limb also loses all feeling. The Od may be forced out of the entire body or out of parts of the body in a great many ways. It may be expelled by strokes or by internal ruptures that interfere with the operation of the blood as the Od carrier. • Physicians habitually expel the Od by means of anaesthetics.

- 12 - Alcohol consumed in excess will also cause the expulsion of Od and thereby bring on partial or complete insensibility. The sense of feeling returns as soon as the body has gotten rid of those foreign substances. Contrariwise, feeling persists even after a corporeal limb has been separated from its body, for the Odic body of a terrestrial being remains intact, even after a limb of the corporeal body has been removed. • A person who has lost a leg, therefore, still has the Odic leg, and since Od is the conveyor of feeling, the person often feels as though he had not lost the corporeal limb at all, even after it is gone. He feels pains in the knee, the calf, the heel or the toes of a leg that is no longer part of his body. Anyone who has undergone amputation will bear out this statement. • Because the Od remains with the spirit when the latter leaves the body at corporeal death and is the conveyor of physical sensations, it is possible for the disembodied spirit to experience the same sensations as a spirit still inhabiting the material body. For this reason, the spirits of the departed are able to feel pain as acutely as they could during their earthly life. Spirits of those deceased who because of the lives they led have been committed to a lower (inferior) sphere believe that they still inhabit the earth as human beings. This is because: first, they still have the same sensations they had as living human beings; second, they look upon their Odic bodies as bodies of flesh and blood, because the Odic body has exactly the same shape and appearance as the material one; and finally, they have lost all recollection of their corporeal death. • The Od of each living being has a distinctive Odour. Since Od is spiritual in its nature, its Odour is perceived through spiritual powers of perception and not through the physical sense of smell. The Odour of the Od of each living being differs from that of any other. Just as there are no two individuals with the same physique and the same features, so no two human beings have the same Od and the same Odic Odour. As every spirit, even a disembodied one, possesses an Odic body, so, likewise, disembodied spirits have their own characteristic Od smell, which is the more unpleasant, the lower the spirit. That is why the old books, when reporting of the appearance of the Devil, speak of his arriving with a vile stench. Due to the fact that the Od extends beyond the body in the shape of the aura, it can be perceived by others from its smell. Something of the Odic scent of a living being adheres to every object that its Odic radiations touch. • It is by the Odic scent that a dog can tell its master’s belongings and tracks. The Odic scent leads police dogs onto the trails of criminals. Only when the original trail has been obscured by later ones whose Odic scent is fresh does it become difficult or impossible to follow the old trail. • The Odic radiation of a living organism with its characteristic scent adheres not only to coarsegrained matter with which it came into contact, but also to such fine-grained substances as the ether through which the organism passed.

- 13 - Thus, everything in Creation leaves behind an Odic trace of its presence that links the day of its coming into being with the last day of its life. I can best explain this by a material example. If a wagon laden with a finely ground substance [e.g., flour] is driven along a road, and a constant stream of this substance runs through a crack in the bottom of the wagon to the ground, the course travelled by the wagon can be traced by following the trail of the substance, which is like a band connecting the point of departure of the wagon with that of its destination. • Such a band is formed by the emitted Od of every creature on its way through life. It is the trail by which migratory birds find their way back to their homelands and the swallow finds the same roof under which it had once built its nest. The Odic sensitivity of these creatures is extremely well developed. You call it animal ‘instinct’. But this instinct is active only so long as they are in good health. Sick animals, because of the weakening of their Odic powers, lose their Odic sensitivity for following their own or another creature’s trail. For this reason, migratory birds that are in poor health cannot find their way home, and a sick dog cannot follow its master’s trail or its own. There are also human beings whose Odic sensitivity is so great that they can perceive the Odic scent of another individual at some distance and find it pleasant (they find the person likeable) or repulsive (they dislike the person), even if they have never met or otherwise come to know the individual in question. • Mutual attraction or repulsion ‘at first sight’ is merely the reaction to Odic sensitivity. Hence the popular expression: ‘They can’t stand each other.’ (in German: Sie können sich nicht riechen. ‘They cannot (bear the) smell (of) each other.’) Od is among the most wonderful things in God’s Creation. The Odic band not only keeps you in touch with everything with which you came into contact in life, but it also reflects your entire life: every experience, every act, every utterance, every thought of yours is reproduced by it as in a film. • It is the ‘Book of Life’, in which everything is recorded. It is a photographic record that retains and reproduces everything. It is a film that does not lie, and whose revelations cannot be denied. It is the evidence by which you will one day be judged by your Creator. For every terrestrial being its predestined fate is imprinted in its Od from the outset and can be seen both in the Odic body as a whole as well as in every particle of the Od. The fate of a being can therefore also be read in the Odic particles adhering as emissions to everything with which that being has come into contact. Not all that you do or suffer in life is predestined. Most of it results from the self-determination of your own free will. Only the general path of your lives, together with certain turning points along that path, is predestined. What you do while traveling that path and how you act at those turning points is for you to decide. That is your responsibility. • Your life has one purpose only: to raise your spirit to a higher level on the road that has been mapped out for you, to bring it nearer to God. Your path through life is one of tests. Its nature and length are fixed in advance; these you cannot change. The turning points on that path are intermediate exams, and corporeal death is the end of the path. Whether you do your duty as you go along the predestined path or not depends on your free will. Whoever passes the final examination, his spirit will continue to progress in the Beyond until it reaches its final goal: union with God.

- 14 - • Whoever fails must take the tests over again until he can pass them. Passing or failing are not predestined, but depend on your own merit or shortcomings. The Christian religions do not recognise this truth. They do not know that the Creator works like an architect who first draws the plans according to which a building is to be constructed. These plans do not give all the details of the interior construction of the building or of the materials to be used for that purpose, but only the outer contours. In a like way, God has laid out the major lines for the life structure of every individual, according to which life is fixed in outline, leaving each person free to decide upon the interior details. There are many references in the Bible to the fact that man’s fate is predestined. Ecclesiastes 9: 12: ‘Man does not even know the hour that has been set for him.’ Psalm 139: 16: ‘All the days of my life were set down in Thy book ere they ever took shape.’ And in the Book of Ecclesiastes, you read furthermore: Ecclesiastes 6: 10-12: ‘Everything that happens has been determined long ago, and from the beginning it is set what a person will experience, and no one can demand an explanation from Him Who is stronger than he. The subject is much talked about, but that is useless, for who knows what is good for a person in life?’ Psalm 31: 16: ‘My fate lies in Thy hands.’ The prophet Jeremiah utters the words: Jeremiah 10: 23: ‘Oh Lord, I know that man’s fate lies not in his own hands and that a person going through life may not direct his own steps.’ Deuteronomy 32: 35: Their doom is rushing upon them.’ Birth and death and the span of life that lies between them are predestined and beyond man’s control. No one, not even a physician, can therefore save a person’s life. Every person dies at the appointed moment. Ecclesiastes 8: 8: ‘No one has power over his day of death.’ Christ confirms this truth with the words: Matthew 6: 27: ‘Who is there among you with all his worries who can prolong his allotted time of life by a single span?’ The Lord said to Moses: Deuteronomy 31:14: ‘See, the time is near when you must die.’

- 15 - Just as a human architect can make alterations to his original construction plans, so it is within the realm of possibility for God, by way of exception, to permit changes in anyone’s destiny. Only He can lengthen or shorten the time of a person’s life. As the Bible also tells you, God sometimes prolongs the life of one of His servants who has proved faithful and shown himself to be a trustworthy helper in God’s Plan of Salvation for winning back those who have fallen away from Him. Thus, to Hezekiah He sends the message: II Kings 20: 6: ‘I will add fifteen years to your life.’ He shortens the foreordained life span of others because they not only fail to perform the life work allotted to them but try to dissuade their fellowmen from fulfilling their duty to God. Psalm 55: 24: ‘These bloodthirsty liars will not live out half their days.’ By “bloodthirsty liars” the Bible does not mean those guilty of actual bloodshed on earth, but of killing the souls of their fellowmen by enticing them away from God. Proverbs 10: 27: ‘The fear of the Lord prolongs days, but the days of the wicked shall be shortened.’ God inspires the prophet Jeremiah to announce to Hananiah: Jeremiah 28: 16: ‘This very year you will die, because you instigated people to disobedience towards the Lord.’ Ezekiel 22: 4: ‘By the blood you have shed (by inducing people to separation from God) you have become guilty, and through the idols you have made you have defiled yourself and caused the Days of Judgment to draw near and you have come to the end of your years.’ • The destiny of the various nations is also foreordained. You do not understand these matters because you have no true conception of the causes and ends of the great events of the world. Above all, you are ignorant of the purpose underlying the material Creation and do not know what relationship exists between the incarnated spirit and God’s Creation. “Of these things I shall tell you more hereafter. I have inserted my remarks relating to destiny because they were necessary in connection with my explanation of the Odic force, since otherwise you would not be able to understand what I am about to say about ‘clairvoyance’ in its relation to Od. • Clairvoyants’ are living beings, humans or animals, whose spirit is able to detach itself from the body to such an extent that its power of vision is similar to that of the spirits of the Beyond, which have left their terrestrial bodies altogether. A well-trained clairvoyant is able under certain circumstances to read the destiny of another person imprinted upon that person’s Od. He can read the whole past of a person whose Od he sees, and not only the part that was predestined, but also those events that have already occurred as a result of the exercise of the individual’s free will.

- 16 - • Of the future, however, he can read only what is foreordained, but not that which depends on the person’s free will. The manner of a person’s death can be foreseen by a clairvoyant only when this also is predestined, for it is not a part of every person’s destiny. As a matter of fact, what is foreordained in some cases is left for the individual to determine in others. It is only the hour of death that is predestined for everyone. In order for ‘clairvoyance’ in this area to be possible, the ‘clairvoyant’ must in some way establish contact with the Od of the person whose destiny is at issue. He must either have that person before him in the flesh so that the Odic emissions can reach him, or else he must touch some object that has been in that person’s possession and to which, consequently, some of his Odic radiation clings. The ability of a clairvoyant to read sealed letters or to recognize objects he cannot see with his corporeal eyes is also based on this Odic radiation. • The more powerful the Odic radiation emanating from the object, the more distinct the clairvoyant’s vision. If a clairvoyant’s spirit is able to detach itself completely from his body and actually to leave it, then it is in a position to follow the Odic trail of another person and to ascertain his whereabouts at the moment. Not all clairvoyance, however, comes about through Odic radiation. Many events that happen at a great distance from the clairvoyant are seen by him at the instant of their occurrence due to the fact that his spirit, having left the body, is present at the scene of the event, or else, even though the spirit remains with the body, because the news is imparted to him by the spirit world through ‘clairaudience’ or shown to him in a picture through ‘clairvoyance’. The future of individuals with whose Odic radiations the clairvoyant has not come into contact, as well as the future of countries, peoples, cities and other communities can be seen by a clairvoyant only when it is shown to him by the spirit world by means of pictures. Producing such pictures, which may depict the coming events either with faithful accuracy or by means of ‘symbols’, is not difficult for the spirits charged with that task. Od is the material employed by them for pictures of this kind. The future of nations and other coming events were generally revealed to the prophets of the Old Testament by means of symbolic pictures. Od also possesses colour. This, too, varies for each creature, ranging from the deepest black through trillions of shades to the most resplendent white. You mortals cannot conceive of the diversity of these colours. On some autumn day, study the yellow of the leaves. Among all the leaves that have turned yellow you will not find two that have exactly the same shade of yellow. A similar diversity is to be found in all the colours. I have repeatedly indicated to you where the reason for the great differences in the scent and colour of Od lies, namely in the spirits of living creatures. • The lower the thinking and desires of a spirit in relation to God, the uglier it is as a spirit. Spirits, too, have shape.

- 17 - Your human spirits have the shape of your human body, or, to put it more correctly, your human bodies have the shape of your spirits. So also, the bodies of animals are shaped like their spirits, for the physical body has the same shape as the Odic one, and the Odic body is shaped to conform completely to the spirit. • With the help of the Od the spirit builds up the physical body to correspond with its own image and its own shape. Your so-called scientists will of course ridicule you if you tell them that the incarnated spirits have the shape of the bodies that they inhabit. They cannot conceive of a spirit that has a shape. They believe that only what is material, limited by time and space, can have shape. They are sorely mistaken! Spirits are not shapeless, as indeed there is nothing in all creation that has no shape. Spirits have form and shape, and yet they are not bound by either time or space, as are material bodies. How, unless each of us has its shape, could we spirits recognize one another? The Angel Michael is different from Gabriel, and Gabriel from Raphael and other spirits, to mention only these Biblical characters. • The fact of the matter is, then, that all spirits have shape, beginning with God and His high spirits, all the way down to the most hideously misshapen figures of the depths and to the spirit world incarnated in matter. Beauty is harmony and ugliness is disharmony. That is a law that applies to all Creation. The most beautiful face in a portrait can be made utterly hideous by a disharmonious stroke of the brush. In the same way the spirit becomes the uglier in form, and especially in the features of its face, the more disharmonious its attitude toward the Creator, in whose image and likeness it was originally created. • Just as the Od surrounding the spirit takes on the latter’s shape, so too it shares in the beauty or ugliness of the spirit’s colour and scent. For this reason, you witness, in the materialization of spirits as it takes place nowadays, that the Odic radiations of a good spirit give off a beautiful light and, as the condensation of the Od progresses, emit a sweet scent, whereas the Od of low spirits is shrouded in darkness and always causes an offensive smell. It is true that mortals cannot always perceive this scent, as it can be detected by your physical sense of smell only in rare instances. These are facts which your scholars have had ample opportunity to confirm. The harmony or the discord of the spirit is also transmitted through the Odic body to the physical body. For this reason, a person’s character is expressed in the lines of his body, particularly in the features of his face, and even in the shape of his limbs. • Those who are familiar with this law can therefore read the character of the spirit from the lines and shape of the various parts of the body. Also, the body’s posture, its way of walking, and its gestures are expressions of the spirit. For this reason, also a person’s character can be judged from his handwriting. That is why the messages communicated through a human medium by the spirit of someone who has died will be written in