Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 20 - This also applies to all the meetings where contact with spirits takes place the way God wants it. You will not experience beautiful and good things where this control is lacking. This is because the good and eminent spirits are not there. They only make an appearance where everything runs according to God’s determined order and one of God’s spirits keeps order. This control is lacking with most spiritistic circles these days and they are therefore a playground for the base world of spirit. At each beginning I will inform you a priory about which spirits enter the medium and how you have to behave towards them. You will be able to distinguish them later on and you will know what you should do in each individual case.” And so it happened. The number of spirits that utilised the “voice medium” of my parish was comprehensive. Eminent spirits came to give us important teachings with words of commendation and praise for God to then leave by blessing us in God’s name. Seriously suffering spirits announced themselves and they often pleaded with harrowing words for help and asked us to pray with them. They sometimes talked in a foreign language that we didn’t understand and they were rather unhappy about the fact that they couldn’t make themselves understood. And then came base spirits that cursed themselves and their fate, shamefully insulted us and sneered at everything eminent and sacred. When we invited them to pray to God with us, they refused by expressing their derision or hatred. When we insisted that they should say God’s name out loud, they immediately exited the medium. The number of spirit entities that were not aware at all that death had separated them from their physical body were very numerous. They still believed that they were here on Earth and they continued with performing the tasks they had as living human beings. These were the so-called “earthbound spirits”. The most gruesome things that we experienced were the appearances of the spirits of criminals. They consistently found themselves at the scene of their crime and relived the scenes that played out during their crimes over again. It was like a movie that repeated itself over again. – The spirit of a murderer was constantly engaged in the preparation and commitment of the committed murder in all its details, expressing thoughts and perceptions of those terrible hours in words that made us shudder; it saw its victim in front of it and, constantly looking at it, it was driving it to despair with its looks. The spirits of usures and other evildoers, who at one time had brought suffering and calamities to their fellow men, experienced similar things. The figures of their victims stood around wherever they turned to. The spirits of those that committed suicide were constantly wallowing in the emotions, outbursts of desperations and events that brought about their suicide. No stage actor could portray a role in such a literal way as these spirits portrayed the experience of the darkest hours of their terrestrial existence through the body a completely inexperienced, ignorant and harmless medium. We often shivered all over whilst seeing and listening to what took place in front of our eyes. So-called “hoaxing spirits” came once in a while and they tried to amuse us with their jokes and lies. But because we rejected their presence, they had to leave as fast as they had appeared. The appearance of the most various spirits, and the things that happened in the process, had its deeper meaning.