Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 19 - the first time came with the salutation: “God be with us!” It then swore in God’s name that it was a good spirit and it mentioned its name. This spirit gave me a plethora of instructions and indoctrinations and all of them coincided with what I heard from the “inspiration medium” of my parish and above everything, through the medium in town. Two things caught my eye: First of all, I was able to ascertain a difference in rank between the spirit that talked through the voice medium in my parish and the spirit that utilised the medium in the neighbouring town. Because sometimes, when I asked the spirit that talked through the medium of my parish a very important question, he declined to answer with the comment: “This is not within my assignment. But ask ‘Him’!” – He bowed deeply whilst saying the word “Him”. With “Him” he meant the spirit who used the medium in town. The first time he referred to him, I asked him whether he knew this spirit. “I know him” was his short answer. He again bowed very deeply. – I initially found it somewhat incredible that the spirit that talked through my farmer’s boy would not be allowed to answer the questions just as well as the spirit that used the young man in town as a medium. One day, I asked the latter about the reason for this. He informed me that things in the world of spirit ran along similar lines as here with us. If a messenger was sent to someone with a specific assignment, he was only allowed to convey the thing he was ordered to convey. Nothing else. As a representative of God, he had the right to answer every question I put to him, if he found that the answer was necessary or useful. The spirit that spoke through the voice medium in my parish did not have such a comprehensive assignment. This is why it was his duty to refer all the questions that he was not allowed to answer to him, because “my” spirit was subordinate to him. Another difference caught my eye: Always the same spirit talked through the medium in town, whilst other spirit entities also entered the voice medium in my parish. The eminent spirit that talked through the medium did however always remain the leader. He always came with the salutation: “God be with us!” and he could be recognised by his soft voice and his idiosyncratic way of expressing himself. He was also always the first to announce himself at the meetings in my parish. I asked him one day to explain why only the one and same spirit talked through the medium in town, whilst the medium utilised by him also served as in instrument for other spirits. He gave me the following answer: “ The spirit that talks through the medium in town was allocated this particular medium for its own utilisation in order to fulfil a specific assignment. This is why other spirits didn’t have access to that medium. – The medium that I talk through has indeed been trained specifically for me, but it is God’s will that other spirits, good or evil, higher or lower, can enter the medium to express themselves. This should give you the opportunity to get to know various types of spirits. You are asked to assess, from what they say and do, the condition they find themselves in the hereafter. Above everything else, you should gain an idea of the path that the lower spirits have to journey on until they gain perfection. The personal experience of the world of spirit through their appearance through your mediums is of the greatest importance to you and it augments your knowledge within this field in a much more perfect way that oral indoctrinations could ever do. But the spirits that announce themselves through this medium cannot come and go as they please. They come under one controlling spirit and he decides which spirits can enter the medium and how long they may remain in it. • All the mediums that serve as instruments of goodness are controlled like this.