Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 21 - We received precious instructions, and sometimes also serious rebukes and censures, from eminent spirits so that tears often flowed from one or more participants. The revelation of the most secret thoughts of those present happened more than once, but always in a way that none of the others felt abashed. It is actually one the peculiarities of the world of spirit to express its censures and rebukes in a form that never hurts one’s feelings, but with hints in regards to the misconduct that is always expressed with words of solace, encouragement and love. They never break the kinked reed and they never snub out a glimmering wick. They treat the wounds of the hearts of those they are asked to tend to with delicate hands. Admonitions and advice on one and the same subject are not repeated all that often. If what they say is not abided by, they might draw your attention to it one or two more times. Never again after or only on the rarest occasions. But when someone tries hard to follow through on their advice or their admonition, they will return to the subject over again and help through indoctrination and caring encouragement for as long as it takes for that person to achieve their aim. Should somebody really show good will, their love and their mercy have no boundaries, even when somebody stumbles over again out of human weakness. If somebody doesn’t even try to follow through on what this messenger from God had to say and if they ask for his advice on another subject, they usually get the following answer: “Why ask me? You never do as I ask you anyway.” The appearance of the lowest of spirits does however also add to our indoctrination. I will never forget that evening when the spirits of three suicides entered the voice medium at short intervals and when we experienced the most horrid thing that people can confront in regards to suicide. When the last of the three had exited the medium and we still sat there trembling, the controlling spirit – also called “Guide” – entered the medium and directed the following words at us: “The fact that you were shown the most horrid things tonight has a deeper meaning. First of all, you should see how the feeling of ‘peace’ that many people feel after their terrestrial demise is procured. You tend to often say at the grave side that ‘He is now at peace!’ – You have seen this ‘peace’ this evening. You cannot even imagine the things these unfortunate souls have to suffer until they recognise their state of affairs and turn to God. You were not allowed to instruct the three spirits. They do not yet deserve this. They must first gain the maturity for such instructions. This would have been useless today. – But the conditions of these spirits were shown to you for another reason.” He now raised his voice with solemn seriousness and said: “One amongst you had entertained thoughts of suicide today and was already about to make preparations for this.” One of those present suddenly cried out and said: “I am the one! Oh my God, I am the one!” “Yes, it is you” he said in a soft voice. “You do believe that you can escape the heavy burden you have been carrying for many years through suicide and thereby find your peace. You have indeed seen the ‘peace’ that awaits you in such a situation. You will probably be healed from entertaining any future thoughts of suicide for ever. This evening was therefore a blessing for you.” Me specific attention was now drawn to whether what I had been told or predicted through the mediums would eventuate. Because if the things that we could test for their correctness were the truth, we had no reason to doubt that the things that were beyond verification were also true. From the numerous findings that I made in regards to the information from the spirits, I would like to cite a few that are capable of convincing the unprejudiced.