Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 42 - record in my possession so that, when the time comes, this account will be proof that all the details were precisely foretold. Personally, I feel that the discovery of the tombs under consideration will furnish modern science with the most powerful proof of the truth of the contents of this book. Not even those scientists who are most hostile towards a belief in the Beyond will be able to dismiss such evidence, but will be forced to acknowledge its genuine value. That, however, is purely my personal opinion. I was given no further information as to the significance of finding the Egyptian tombs, but I received confirmation of the Egyptian matter also through the medium in the city, who gave the additional information: • That the prince who called himself “Arras” had also borne the name of “Hario”. If one calmly thinks over the examples recorded above, which constitute only a small part of my experiences in this field, it will be clear to anyone that they cannot in any way be explained by appealing, as is customary, to “natural” processes. These phenomena cannot be traced to “suggestion”, “thought transmission”, or to “the subconscious”, for neither the mediums as human beings nor other humans knew these things. Things that were never in a person’s consciousness cannot become part of his subconscious, any more than I can transmit to another thoughts and words that I do not possess myself. The words “suggestion”, “subconscious”, and “thought transmission” are generally, in this connection, mere words, used in the belief that they express deep scholarly meaning, and, as a rule, making an impression on people not accustomed to thinking for themselves. In reality, however, they are words without applicable concepts. “When concepts are lacking, their place is often taken by a convenient word.” As for thought transmission, I have often done my level best, both before mediums had entered a trance and while they were in that state, to transmit my thoughts to them, but in not one instance did their subsequent communication contain a single word of the thoughts I had tried to convey in this manner. Similarly, I have also induced others to try to influence a medium’s utterances through suggestion, by joining me in concentrating their thoughts upon a subject agreed upon among us, but none of these attempts was in the least successful. What I was told by the mediums, who were uneducated and completely inexperienced in all branches of learning, surpasses all human knowledge of the subjects in question. There is only one satisfactory explanation, namely: There are such things as extraterrestrial spirit beings that make use of these mediums as their instruments to convince us of the existence of a Beyond, of a God and of a spirit world, and to guide us to the path leading to God. The teachings about “the laws governing communication with spirits” and “the great questions of the Here and the Hereafter” that are reproduced in the following chapters will furnish an abundance of additional evidence for these matters.