The all-important Why

94 complaining. I might be getting rid of a guilt that I am presently not aware of. This attitude seems to serve me best. Has this all-important Why question been answered in the meantime? What I have written here is my contribution. It has turned into a bundle of answers: ➢ That the essential is our soul and that it continues to live in the form of a spirit person. That death only concerns our physical body. ➢ That we are born anew over again and that we have been in transit here on Earth often and this for a long time. ➢ That we have an eternal homeland and that we are bearing down on it through many incarnations (reincarnations). ➢ That God does not intervene in our fate in spite of all his almightiness and love, that he accords us our freedom, because he doesn’t infringe upon our free will. ➢ That we, as souls, consented to our present life within a life plan that often includes difficulties for us. And the law of seed and harvest. “… what you sow you shall reap.” (Gal. 6,7) We now also know that we will no longer have to be born on this planet someday in the future once we have learned and experienced what we can learn and experience here on Earth. When we have learned to serve. And when we have atoned for everything that we have missed and neglected to do. We, as souls, will once again be pure, beautiful and full of love, the way we were once in the eternal homeland! * To be able to love unconditionally is our most important task of learning as far as I am concerned. We tend to do so by thinking: “Yes, I could really like these people, if they wouldn’t talk so much, it they were not so vain, if they were not so lazy, arrogant and dishonest. I could probably show them all my sympathy.” Did you notice that we set conditions in regards to loving and liking people? It is not hard to love those that are the way we imagine they should be.