The all-important Why?

The all-important Why? Thoughts in regards to suffering and the meaning of our existence E r d m u t e T a n n h ä u s e r L ü b b e c k e 2 0 2 1

2 The all-important Why? Thoughts in regards to suffering and the meaning of our existence Erdmute Tannhäuser - Lübbecke

3 Content: An old school teacher writes and draws for her fellow men. She would like to make a contribution in regards to confidence, faith, courage and trust in times like these. Starting with the question “Why does God allow all of this?” she gently spreads her spiritual knowledge in front of the reader. At the same time, she confesses to what gives her, her own inner strength: Everything has a deeper meaning. God has not turned his back on mankind. But as human beings, we have to pause and to strive to recognise the major coherences: Where do we, as souls, come from and where do we go? This takes time and effort. But we can gradually build our understanding and our inner attitude so that we can wander through life more relaxed and with more confidence, also better deal with the greater and lesser catastrophes our personal life brings with it. And over time, we will gain a certitude that will help us look calmly towards our own demise. Because it is the beginning of a new period in our life. The author: Born in 1940 in Silesia. Formative impressions during childhood and youth from flight, expulsion and the poverty of refugees. Disposition towards the Protestant Church and intensive piousness, enthusiasm for music and musical instruments. Primary school teacher teaching the major subject of music. Married with two daughters. Sudden death of husband in 1978 and the beginning of her spiritual quest. Member of a spiritual circle between 1982 and 2007 with drastic, lifechanging consequences. Active in various care facilities since 2004 in an honorary capacity, emphasis on teaching music, giving spiritual support and individual care. Writes for her fellow men with an urgent desire to contribute towards more faith, consolation and confidence.

4 Dedication This book is dedicated to my fellow human beings that were born disabled or ill. To parents that have lost a child or whose child has taken its own life. To people who visit their relatives in clinics, nursing homes or hospices and go home filled with despair and hopelessness. Those amongst my fellow men who received the news that they only have half a year to live. Those that have burdened themselves through severe misdemeanours and whose feelings of guilt will not allow them to find peace. All of my fellow men who feel depressed and despondent due to their present situation. And those that are afraid of dying, illnesses, death and calamities within their family. And above else, those that say that they cannot believe in anything. Those that have burdened themselves through severe misdemeanours and whose feelings of guilt will not allow them to find peace. All of my fellow men who feel depressed and despondent due to their present situation. And those that are afraid of dying, illnesses, death and calamities within their family. And above else, those that say that they cannot believe in anything.

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7 A hearty welcome! At this very moment you are entering the private abode of an old teacher and she is happy to let you in. This is where you will gradually find out what takes place inside of her and her inner thoughts. You will read here the things she does not talk about. She doesn’t talk about it because her thoughts are too different from what is talked and believed within Church and religious communities. She would not like to affront anybody and the things she has to say cannot be just brushed aside with a few words. The story of her life led to a situation at some stage where she could no longer be content with the customary. And this is where she “deviated” and started to write down all the things that she has made her own during decades of searching, questioning and research. She is aware that this could not only trigger a shaking of heads, but also protests and the old teacher might get into trouble. But she holds the opinion that she can deal with that and that it is far more important for her to not mince words for once and honestly write about the things that move her and about what makes her what she is. She thinks that it might answers pressing questions for the one or the other who reads this and helps them to go through life with confidence in these troubles times. *- We live at a time where fears and uncertainty gain ground. We become more reflective. What holds the future for our planet Earth and for us, its inhabitants? And this is my spiritual contribution to our situation. Please do not feel aggrieved about anything when you now read what I have to say. And particularly do not feel talked into anything, just take what you can presently utilise from it. Leave all the rest aside. Deal with this in a most relaxed way and also realise that you might not be able to absorb all of it in one fell swoop. Some of it might be rather unfamiliar - as you will see.

8 I have drawn a little bit, very modestly with a pencil in order to illustrate some of the themes in a simple fashion. Some of the drawings are simply decorative and playful to loosen things up. Because what I am writing about here is in places somewhat alien and not easily digestible - as I said - unfamiliar. Lübeck, late summer 2021 Erdmute Tannhäuser

9 The all-important Why We sat once again around the kitchen table. My friend had complained again about her hardship, illness, fears and insecurities. “There must be a reason why this is happening to me” she wailed. “What could I have possibly done wrong?” She really tried to do everything correctly according to her own belief system. But she talked about guilt and punishment in spite of this. How often have I tried to talk her out of this idea of guilt and punishment and also this constant selfaccusation? And I tried once again to give her my views about the meaning of life and our suffering. She asked her questions and she must have been in agreement of what I presented to her. When I had finished, she ask: “Could you not put everything that you just told me to paper?” “That would be a lot of work” I answered. “And you don’t like to read anyway.” I do know that my good old friend often lacked the concentration to read longer coherences due to an illness. “If you write it down, I will certainly read it” she promised me. Oh well, so I promised her that I would write it down. “But I will add a few more things to it” I said to her. “You must however give me time to do this, because it will take some time.” She agreed and promised to be patient. I now have a promise to fulfil. I will write in such a way that my friend will find it easy to understand. I also take my other fellow human beings into consideration, because they might also find that my writing could help them one day. Because great perplexity reigns in regards to diseases, suffering and dying. It always has and does particularly so these days. It is the all-important Why. * How did it happen that I, as an old woman, often act as a “comforter” in the nursing home next door and other places? It simply developed from my way of life. It is based on the fact that there have been times during my life where I

10 was in desperate need of consolation myself. Times when I did not receive any myself. Let me start at the beginning. I was 38 years old at that time and the year was 1978. I still remember clearly how good it feels to be young. We were so energetic, optimistic and unaware. We were healthy, our children and ourselves. We were building and we established a large garden. It was simply wonderful and everything seemed to be so self-evident: Family, job, property, success, joy… Yes, and then came the moment, out of the blue, when I stood next to a coffin. My most beloved was lying in this coffin. No power in the world could wake him up and make him breathe again. He was simply dead, conclusively dead. What a shock! I no longer understood the world… * A place was now irrevocably empty! But life had to go on. And it did go on. But there was a deep wound inside of me and perplexity. Why was all of this like that? How could a young life come to such an abrupt end? I was naturally aware that such things happened to others, but only from a distance. But this here? I now found myself in the middle of suffering and disconsolation. But whilst I “functioned” in my daily life, the great questioning and search began. It doggedly stirred inside of me, over and over and this for many years. It was the question about the meaning of our life, it was also “The all-important Why?” What was it all in aide of I thought: This being born and then to die? And what we call “life” lies in between. But what kind of life is it? A small section of mankind have a more or less good life, but most people by far live in hardship and poverty, with diseases and exploitation. Other questions were added later: Why is it that children are born already ill and handicapped? Why must some people walk around with an ugly face all their life? Why must this mother die before her little children?

11 A family man 1939 - 1978

12 And these days: Why do swarms of locusts eat the whole harvest of people in Africa? Why renewed earthquakes and no roofs over the heads of these poor people? And it usually afflicts those that are poor in the first place. Why all these terrible diseases? And now this virus into the bargain. Nobody knows how this will pan out. And then these terrible wars! The inundations! Burning forests and villages! Calamities all over the world, wherever one looks! But it is written somewhere that there is a God who represents love. But who can actually believe this? If he was really almighty and love personified he would allow this or? How could he just observe this?

13 Questions that demand answers These were my questions. My Church couldn’t give me an answer and also no real comfort. But something nagged me inside and it wouldn’t let go. I had been eminently pious before and even an enthusiastic co-worker. I was well versed with the Bible and I knew whole chapters by heart. But I stood here now with empty hands. Anyway, this is how I felt. You can believe me when I say that the answers to my questions were not easy to find. Oh, it was a long journey! These were not the times of the Internet when one can find books and other information at the click of a button. I spend decades searching, but it was not in vain. I experienced wonderous things, too many things to report about. But I didn’t relax and invested a lot of time and effort in this, even money. The fruits of my labour show up now that I am older. I feel fulfilled and consoled, calm and as if delivered through what I have found. And this is what I want to share with everyone that wants to listen to me. It is my personal, mental, ergo spiritual knowledge that gradually found its way to me. But please! - nobody should be affronted when I deal with and express things that are alien and unfamiliar. Remain completely calm! Everyone has the freedom to think and to believe - or not believe - what resonates with them. Something that is good and helpful to me must not necessarily be good and helpful to you by a long shot. Therefore: Please look upon my writing as my offer. My request for more understanding. You can simply add your own existing religious understanding that you are presently comfortable with. To know more about life and death and the survival after death means to be less fearful. Anyway, that has been my experience. I do indeed live in peace and with composure and people sometimes envy me because of it. It is important for me to say to you once again: Take from my lines the things that you can use at this point in time and leave the rest aside! It might appeal to you five or ten years from now. I consciously turn to those amongst you that say of themselves: “But I can hardly believe it and I don’t know whether I really want to.” I am pretty sure that you will find something when you read this, that you comprehend and that is applicable to you. But please be patient with me, because what I have to say

14 cannot with the best of intentions be said with a few, succinct words. We must take our time when answering the all-important Why. Now when you read my lines I suggest that you pause now and then to contemplate and to take time to process the unfamiliar. It is best to read it a number of times! As I said before: It also took me a long time before I could understand more about it. And please give me a call!

15 The visible and the invisible I feel that we should direct our attention to what’s ”visible and invisible” to begin with, because everything is built upon it. Most of us have no idea that the invisible actually exists. That next to the here and now, there is also a hereafter. That next to the body there is also a soul. When I talk about the soul here and furthermore, I do not mean what is generally called the “psyche”. But I mean something that outlasts “death”, that cannot die, that is invisible to each of us and that one can call life itself. I would like to emphasise this with a small observation: I was called to the nursing home next door to see a 93 year old man. His wife had just died and as a volunteer I was asked to sit with him for a while. He was nearly blind. We talked quite often over the next months. I was able to encourage the old choir singer to sing and this was good for him. He even learned to passably play the harmonica later on. This made him very happy and, rightly so, even a little proud. One day when I was with him he sat on his bed and played the harmonica. I accompanied him with my guitar and he enjoyed himself. He suddenly stopped and with a grin on his face he said: “I wonder what my wife thinks as she looks down from above to see that I can play the harmonica?” I sat up and took notice. What did he say? Did he believe that his deceased wife could see him? Who would have told him something like this? This must simply have been his imagination. One could call this “folklore”. And this folklore that he expressed here implied: “There is another world “up there” next to our world and it is invisible. This is where one goes after one’s demise. And the deceased can see what their relatives do down here. Everyone goes to this other world one day.” This is folklore and it has actually little to do with Christendom. This folklore can simply be within the consciousness of people, rather unconsciously.

16 There are also people out there who imagine that the deceased can protect their relatives on Earth. My grandfather seemed to believe this, because he expressed this in a letter that survived to this day, a letter he wrote immediately after the war. He held the opinion that my deceased grandmother accompanied and protected my mother and us four children during all the confusion, the misery and expulsion. This was also folklore. Ergo, this folklore existed and still exists - independent of religions - that says that this hereafter, this other world exists, one that we neither see nor hear under normal circumstances. How can I express what I would like to say more succinctly? I will tell you about the young man from Wales. Wales is a peninsula that can be found on a map on the left hand side of England. It is known for its wonderful scenery, its glorious choirs and lots of free-roaming sheep.

17 A young man from Wales He was born in 1959 in a small town in mountainous Wales. With his example I am able to convey to you how the visible and the invisible world touch one another. This young man is not an exception, because people with “second sight” have always and still do exist. They are able to see the invisible. I selected to this Paul Meek, because I was able to get to know him relatively well. I read his four books and I was able to look at a whole series of videos about him on the internet. He gave me the impression of being modest and above-board. If you were to encounter him in the street, now that he is in his early sixties, you would not see anything special about him: He is small and somewhat “stockily build” as he himself would say and he has an alert, round face. He looks completely inconspicuous, but he is one of those that really has “second sight”. In his first book “Heaven is only one step away” he reports amongst other things about his childhood and youth. It was quite natural for him to see the beautiful colours (and sometimes less beautiful) around people, their aura, from early childhood onwards. Maybe you don’t know what an aura is? The soul inside people emanates something. One could call it delicate energies. That is the aura. We cannot see it, but someone like Paul Meek could see it since childhood. When his father was ill, Paul saw his aura had suddenly turned colourless and the boy could ascertain from this just how bad the situation with his father was. Paul loved the atmosphere in the Church ever since he was a child. He perceived the singing and the sound of the organ as lovely colours. He then also saw angelic beings. He was naïve enough to think that all of this was a part of it and that all the others could also see what he saw. He only later gradually recognised that he was “different” in this respect. He was clairvoyant. Paul Meek writes that apart from this, his childhood and youth was far from being rosy. He was the oldest of six children. He father was a miner, like almost all the men in Wales at that time. They lived in their own house, but money was always tight. When his father became ill and lost his job due to pneumoconiosis (dust in his lungs), money became even tighter. The mother did what she could, but life was at time very difficult. As the oldest, little Paul

18 had to diligently help. And as overly sensible as he was, he sensed the thoughts and worries of his parents and he found this difficult to deal with. He was often so depressed that he didn’t know which way to turn. This is when he sensed at times that he was not alone and abandoned. He abruptly saw a woman dressed in white next him, she seemed very familiar to him, and she talked to him, gave him courage and comforted him. It was apparently his deceased great-grandmother. He saw her and he heard her talk. He was therefore not just clairvoyant, but also “clairaudient”. Dear reader, did you know that something like this exists? After such an experience, something he kept to himself, the youngster once again had the energy to live his life that he perceived as been very hard. But he always felt a great longing inside. All he wanted was: Music. He lived with and from music, the songs, that he could learn. This was the way he was. He was a good singer and the little singer was soon discovered and called to do solo performances because of his beautiful voice. This made him glow with zeal and joy. He was also allowed to sing in the choir and this livened him up. But that wasn’t all: Paul would dearly like to learn to play the piano. This was his most secret and dearest wish. But he was well aware that he could not burden his poor parents with this also. How could they possibly buy a piano and also pay for lessons? He knew that this was not possible. Secret tears flowed now and again. But he also received his clandestine visits that nobody apart from him could see. He was consoled and also assured that he would surely receive his own piano one day. He was asked to calmly wait and see. During one winter - Paul doesn’t write what age he was - he fell ill with a terrible headache. The doctor thought it was influenza and refuse to visit him a second time. Days went by before another doctor came and talked about meningitis and indicated that it was probably too late. The youngster was transported as an emergency case to a far distant hospital and when he finally arrived there, he was hovering between life and death.

19 Immediately after his arrival he experienced something strange: He saw how he separated from his body and how he hovered under the ceiling from whence he could see his crying parents, the doctors and the nurses. He then proceeded through a tunnel into a bright and radiant world where he was approached by friendly, loving faces from all sides. He felt very happy for a short time and he felt that he was in heaven. But he was then told that he could not remain and that he had to return to his body. “There are still tasks waiting for you there.” He was not aware at that time that he had just had a “near-death experience”. All he knew was that he had been “to heaven”. I will write more about this later. In this clinic, he was isolated in a small room for many, many weeks (we would say these days that he was in strict quarantine) and he slept a lot. Everybody there was very nice to him, but in spite of all the care: He just didn’t get better. He thought over again that to return to his body must have been a mistake. It was much more beautiful in “heaven”. What was he doing on Earth? There were only problems, adversity and pain here. But he also experienced something exhilarating during his time of isolation: Was he dreaming or was it his clairvoyance? Children from all over the world were often in his room and they played and danced. This gave him something to laugh about. And an American Indian came to him almost every day, he was a glorious sight in his magnificent feather headdress, he stayed and held his hands over the body of the little boy. Was he healing him? None of the other could see him. But Paul lacked a genuine will to live. This lasted until his parents told him one day during a visit: “Your grandmother was able to buy a used piano for a good price. It is already set up in our home!” Life returned to the youngster and it didn’t take long after that that he could go home.

20 Caption Paul, don’t take it so to heart. You must be patient. You will get your own a piano one day … It is a deceased relative he sees clairvoyantly And who consoles him and gives him courage.

21 Special talents Life went on and it was filled with school, choir singing, visits to the Church, helping his mother and now also practising on the piano. Singing lessons were added and he earned the money to pay for them with babysitting. His clairvoyance was talked about. Many people in Wales believed in such a gift, in “second sight” in those days. Adults sometimes came to see him to ask him in all seriousness whether he had a “message” for them. And he simply voiced the things that “came through” in images, words and feelings. Dear reader, you might have noticed: This was more than “clairvoyance”. This young boy wasn’t just clairvoyant, but also “psychic”, because he was able to receive and pass on messages on the side. He was a channel between the hereafter and the here and now. And he accepted this. He didn’t give it much thought, because he had already noticed that he was “different”. He was rather pleased to be able to do people a favour. When he turned 14, he got to know a different Church, the “Spiritualist Church”. It didn’t look much different from a shed on the outside. But he met people here that were like him: Clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and psychic. He immediately felt at home there, well looked after and above everything, understood. The “Spiritualist Church” is a Church that was established and is recognised in England, but it must be financed and maintained by its members. Young Paul found himself attracted to this Church to an ever higher degree. One immediately recognised his eminent psychic gift there and they carefully and lovingly encouraged him. I only want to touch upon the following briefly. Paul received a grant and he was able to study singing and playing the piano in London, something he had so dearly wished for. At the same time, he trained to become a “medium” according to English traditions. He gradually turned into a channel between the here and now and the hereafter and was able to help people. These were very emotional and educational years. England seems to have more people that are drawn towards the “supernatural” than Germany. More people seemed to be open to the things there that we here only acknowledge with great scepsis; namely that a connection between

22 the here and now and the hereafter is possible and that is can be beneficial. Paul turned his special gift into a career later. But he utilised his singing voice to earn money and to hold his head above water. He sang for years, amongst other places, in the opera choir at the Bayreuth Festival and he soon took up residence in Munich (From 1992), where he was in turn also made welcome with his psychic abilities. It was and it is his special gift to establish “contact with the hereafter”. According to English examples, he held so-called “sittings”, ergo meeting with grieving relatives of the deceased. He was for instance able to say: “I see a man behind you who puts his hand on your shoulder and who is lovingly looking at you. I receive the thought that it could be your husband. I recognise that he died in November from lung cancer. His birthday was in May. He was an ardent angler. He would like to say something to you…” These few words alone allowed the widow to recognise that it was indeed her husband that Paul saw. She recognised on hand of this that her husband lived on and this in itself was a comfort and a reassurance for her. One has apparently better understood in England that a lot of suffering and desperation can be avoided when the mourning relatives can recognise and experience that the deceased do actually continue to live, but as a soul in an otherworldly body in this otherworldly world. One also holds opinion there that it can be extremely beneficial if one can ask for forgiveness and receive forgiveness after the separation through death, ergo when something unexpressed can still be uttered so that peace can reign on both sides. Paul Meek was seen on German speaking television for many years. If you are connected to the internet, you can enter “paulmeek youtube” into your search engine. You can then become acquainted with this friendly Welshman and see how he verifies his clairvoyance and his psychic abilities to a group of people and this in a way that has been demonstrated in England for a long time. * I believe that it is Paul Meek’s genuine wish to take the fear of dying and death from people. And he certainly makes a contribution in this respect. His

23 television appearances reached a lot of people in Germany and the echo was overwhelming. His books were also bestsellers (See the last chapter “Suggested books and videos”). I do not strive to make contact with the deceased myself, even if I knew of a talented and reputable medium nearby. I do not see a necessity for it. I am quite happy to make mental contact with my mother or my husband for instance and to send them a greeting or a thank-you or a blessing that way. But I can accept the things this man from Wales does. Particularly tragic cases do eventuate at times. I know a woman who completely lost her grip on reality after the suicide of her young son and for a long time could not find peace. She spent half the nights at the cemetery. I found what she told me devastating. This lasted until an opportunity presented itself where she could experience the things that I have just been talking about in regards to Paul Meek. She could experience, and this a number of times, that her son lived on and that he could live a meaningful life “over there”. She told me that this had decidedly helped her to find her way back to a normal life. I believe that the things Paul Meek and other psychically gifted people can do and offer in this respect can be a blessing in a case like this. To experience something like this can help us free ourselves from our purely materialistic mental habits. There seem to be a greater number of people in other countries, like for instance England, that are open in regards to the supernatural. As Paul Meek writes, people there seemed to be able to deal with death somewhat “easier”. Are you shocked by the things that you have just read here? It is what I meant when I said “alien and unfamiliar” at the beginning. Stop reading for a while! Allow yourself a break, because you will be confronted with more alien and unfamiliar things. You can also give me a call!

24 News from another world Something Paul Meek probably did to a lesser degree was “channelling”. What is channelling? The medium, ergo a psychically gifted person, brings its own thoughts to a standstill and even falls at times into a so-called “psychic sleep” (a special gift) thereby offering itself as a “channel” for messages that come from the other world to people here. Often long lectures occur in this way, so for instance about Jesus, about the spiritual, otherworldly world, about the meaning of life and about passages from the Bible that seem incomprehensible to us. Paul Meek maintains that the origin of all religions is found in mediumship. Prophets, seers and wise or so-called “saints” have always been the “mouthpieces” for messages from heavenly beings. And this not just during biblical times. I was personally able to experience such psychic proclamations in a group and this for years. These were impressive experiences and they gave me the certainty that an invisible world actually exists, that we are never alone and that we are lovingly observed and accompanied. I also gradually recognised where my former religious understanding had not always been correct. I would certainly not entertain the thought of mentioning this in a Christian group, because it would be labelled as “Spiritism” and simply seen as something godless or even dangerous. This is probably due to the fact that a lot of mischief has taken place with contacts with the hereafter. As far as I know, the Christian Churches in Germany and elsewhere categorically reject the idea of contact with the hereafter, at least up to now. Their most important book, the Bible, is however full of such things! Are you a little familiar with the Bible? Whenever it states: “And the Lord talked to…”, it must have been dealing with a message “from the other side”, don’t you think? “And the angel talked to Zacharias…” - this couldn’t have come from this World! If you are interested you should read Chapter 14 in the First Letter to the Corinthians in the New Testament. Whenever Paul uses the word “prophetic speech” he means what we call “psychic proclamations” these days. And he beseechingly admonished the community in Corinth: “Strive for prophetic

25 speech!” Meaning: Endeavour to find good mediums. (With “Speaking in strange tongues”, something he mentions a number of times, he meant a spirit talking in a strange language that none of those present can understand, whilst the medium is in a trance. This was regarded as particularly conclusive in the old days. But Paul admonished the members of the community, because they were so keen on it, even though it did not bring them any spiritual progress.) It is important to also mention a sentence in John: “Dear people, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they come from God. Because a lot of false prophets have entered the world.” To know this is imperative: Not everything that comes from “the other side of the veil” is automatically positive and true. Because there are also dark spirit entities. Dear reader, I imagine that you have never heard something like this. But this theme, “News from another world” is important to us if we want to answer the question of the all-important Why. We should simply know more about it. A lot of things have happened in this respect in our time, I mean the last 150 years to today. A lot of circles have gained renown, circles through which spiritual messages filled with wisdom reached people and still reach people today. As I told you, I experienced this first hand for years myself. This happened and is still happening, as far as I can know, not only in America, but more intensively in England and Brazil, but also in Germany, Switzerland, Japan and surely in lots of other countries that I have no reports about. Such messages from the hereafter are mostly recoded on tape these days and then transcribed later. How our knowledge about the world of the hereafter and about life after death has expanded through this is simply overwhelming. Seeking and questioning people have unimagined opportunities to gain more insights these days, also through the internet. I am presently reading, for the second time, a thick book by the Swiss psychologist Beat Imhof titled “Wie auf Erden so im Himmel”. The amount of knowledge, citations and documentation this man collected in regards to the theme “Life after death” is hard to believe. The knowledge about the hereafter becomes ever more comprehensible these days through such books.

26 Christian theology has, as far as I able to assess this, stood still by sticking to its old statements: Rest until Judgment Day, resurrection of the dead, Last Judgment, eternal damnation, heaven and hell, purgatory etc. “May God give him or her eternal peace!” or “We hope for the resurrection on Judgment Day”, is quoted at funerals. What kind of peace is this supposed to be for those that lie in a grave to gradually decay? And then the “resurrection” after an undetermined length of time? This is something that I could never really believe. I am convinced these days that we continue to live immediately after our demise. And a lot of people also believe this in the meantime. More about this later. I knew nothing about life after death when my husband suddenly died. I only had a completely blurred inkling about it. In my grief and my search for comfort I avidly acknowledged, tested and contemplated the new insights that I gained from psychic proclamations, when the time was right. A lot of it was plausible and comprehensible to me. It warmed my heart and invigorated me like I never experienced before. And the was nothing there that could have scared me, on the contrary. My world of thought and my view of the world gradually changed. I could never again think the way I did in the past. But what was the result of my search? I am completely aware that it might not be obvious to some readers right away. But I dare to report what I found in spite of this and I will carefully turn one page after another.

27 The two of you are more than flesh and blood. You are more than skin and bones and organs. You are immortal life! Did you actually know this? You are spirit and soul! You are immortal! In your core you are eternity!


29 What I can consider to be true As I am writing this chapter, I specifically think about those amongst my fellow men that say about themselves that they find it very hard to believe in anything. I can understand this completely and this is why I do not want to be too intrusive when I write about what I can consider to be true. Therefore: After all that I ever heard and read about otherworldly messages; I can only come to the conclusion that this higher power actually exists. This is being confirmed by the hereafter over again. Some people have this knowledge instinctively from early childhood. In Christendom we call this higher power “God”, “Lord” or “Father”. God is invisible and unimaginable to us. But what we can see of God are his enormous works. The immeasurable universe on the one hand and the miracles under the microscope on the other hand. And lots and lots of other things in between, too numerous to recount. This is one thing. One can contemplate this. But something that is equally difficult for most of us to understand: There is invisible “life” all around us. And I also believe that this is true. Spirit entities exist that manage without a physical body. They are everywhere, invisible to us and they can also be very close by. This is a little harder to comprehend. We human children are completely relying on our sense of vision. And to imagine that somebody is next to us that we cannot see, takes some getting used to, because we are not clairvoyant like Paul Meek. I have come to the conviction that something like angels, guardian angels and heaven beings do actually exist. This is not a fairy-tale story to me. The wings depicted in pictures are only loving symbols of their manoeuvrability. Because they can move with ease to everywhere they have a task to fulfil. This is also confirmed by Paul Meek. In the meantime, I also hold as true that they can go through closed doors and through walls, being spirit entities, nothing can hinder them.

30 We can also expect that there are “hosts” of them, an infinite number, and that is it a part of their assignment to squire us human beings on Earth and this includes animals and nature. I myself have been convinced for numerous years that I am never alone and that somebody is always with me. There is also an infinite number of other “spirit entities”, bright ones and dark ones, good ones and not so good ones and even downright malicious ones. We can also imagine the souls of the deceased as spirit entities, a spirit people. They can be invisibly around us. A lot of “completely normal” people have experienced this, naturally also in the past. A lot has already been written about this. Why do we find it so difficult to deal with the invisible? We are actually constantly dealing with it! You might ask: “How do we deal with it?” Dear reader, we deal with it when we turn our radio on! Radio waves are everywhere. Nobody has ever seen them, but they do have an immense effect. We could not listen to the radio if these invisible radio waves did not exist. The same applies to the reception of information via our modern telecommunication channels, like for instance “smartphones”. Or: Nobody really knows what electricity is. Or can you explain electricity? Electricity is also invisible, but it works. We can see its effect when we stick a connector into a power point. Invisible energies are at work everywhere. Radio waves, mobile phone waves, microwaves, x-rays and radioactivity - they are all invisible. Therefore: Why should my guardian angel not be standing or floating next to me and look after me? He does not require a physical body like me and he can be very powerful in spite of this. I find this easy to believe. Have you ever heard of Kirlian photography? It was invented during the last century. One can photograph parts of the human aura with it, ergo make it visible and lots of other things too. Because all living beings emanate something, even stones or homeopathic drops emanate something. I myself have seen how such photos were produced. One can therefore make a lot of things visible these days that are normally invisible. Independent of this: We human beings are simply more than flesh and blood! We are more than just skin and bones and organs! This is an assertion that you dear

31 reader can surely comprehend. You can actually feel that you are full of thoughts, sensations, feelings, knowledge, inner visions and memories. - And all of us emanate something invisible. After all that I have written so far you can come to the conclusion that the survival after our demise is quite a normal thought to me. The things that happened around Paul Meek do therefore not surprise me at all. It is a matter of course to me that human beings continue to live as souls, as spirit entities after their demise, exactly the way we do but without this physical body. We as souls do not experience death. We continue to live, on and on. It has also become gradually clear me that: My soul, my life as it were, something that is also called “spirit spark” or “divine spark”, is actually my “real me”. Only my body can be dead. It does indeed decay after its demise. To understand this and to have this attitude towards life is a great step in our human existence. I mean that those that have adopted this simple truth live differently, more knowingly. * On another subject: I do find that we can easily use the term “heaven”, because according to all the reports that I have read, this glorious, bright and wellordered world “up there” does really exist. All of them say and write the same. We do find it difficult to imagine it at first, but it has become something natural to me in the meantime. Yes, and what about this so-called hell? We heard this word now and again since early childhood, even if it was only in a Punch and Judy show. What I found out bit by bit was that very dark, cold, boggy and disgusting regions do actually exist on the lowest levels of the otherworldly world. One doesn’t wish this on anyone, namely that they end up there. Souls that were really abnormally evil during their time on Earth live there amongst snakes and monsters, souls that prefer to remain unteachable, cruel and detached from God. They remain there until they change their mind and are prepared to receive help.

32 All alone during a storm? Mistake! You just don’t see their invisible companionship…

33 Something that absolutely does not exist is “eternal damnation” and “eternal agonies in hell”, something the Christian Churches mistakenly still preach. I find it irresponsible and really bad that Churches that call themselves Christian Churches, still instil fear in people’s hearts with this. The simple facts are: Everyone that is still in possession of a tiny spark of good will, will be helped to gain more light. What I have described so far does naturally not suffice to answer the why question by a long shot. I must ask you to have patience. I must write about a few other fundamentals before I can deal with this question. The following chapter belongs to these “fundamentals”. *

34 When somebody leaves us It is first and foremost important to me that you can even better understand the coherence between the body and the soul. This does not necessarily have anything to do with “faith”. Simply accept it as a law of nature, a biological fact: A body cannot function and be vital without this inherent energy, the soul. To be correct I would probably have to write “spirit soul”. But I will simplify things by calling the thing that resides in every human being, “soul”. We can easily recognise what it means to have a soul live inside of us, when someone dies. He or she were breathing a minute ago, but suddenly: No more breath! The face turns gradually grey and a strange atmosphere enters the room. “Life” has left the body. What happens during the dying process? The soul that gave the body its vitality for years or decades, leaves the terrestrial shell, the body. “He breathed out his soul” was a common phrase in the past. One often says these days and rightly so, “He passed away”. We know inside, and we can also perceive and sense that something decisive has taken place: The body is now “empty”. An illness, old age or an accident was the trigger for the soul being no longer able to remain in the body. But it is quite often the case that the allocate time for that person had simply run out. * The first time this became somewhat more clearly to me was in 1982 (four years after my husband’s death), when I read the booklet “The Ministry of Angels” by the English nurse Joy Snell. This woman, she was clairvoyant and psychically gifted, made the following observation during her night vigils 100 years ago: Whenever the end for a patient was near, she almost always saw two figures standing near the dying. It looked as if they were waiting. Joy Snell thought that they were angels, but sometimes probably also deceased relatives of friends. Somewhere along the line, the breathing came to a stop and the heart beat its last beat. The strangers seemed to have waited for this to happen. They helped the soul to free itself and they took this “soul body” into their arms and floated away with it. Joy Snell writes that this often looked so beautiful that she could only rejoice at the sight of this.

35 I could imagine this very well and this image impressed me. It was a comfort to me and it made me feel completely calm and confident when I sat with dying people later in life. I always thought: Something natural is taking place here: the soul disengages itself from this used up body. How pleased and relieved will the soul feel when it realises that it has managed to arrive “on the other side”! Death is no longer a full stop to me; it is rather a colon and we know that there is more to come after a colon. But how do things progress after? What can the soul expect on the other side? Does a genuine life after death really exist? And what would it look like? We have only been able to assume it up to now. But as I said before, starting 150 years ago we got to hear more and more about what we can expect when we as a soul have leave our body. It has virtually turned into a science, but unfortunately not (yet) an officially recognised science and not taught at any university. A lot of statements by the deceased (from the hereafter) have been collected, sorted and evaluated. And building upon these results one can dare to make a number of valid statements about life after death. This has also really nothing to do with religion or belief systems. It is simply implemented according to a law of nature. *

36 “Now stop crying! To die when one is old is quite normal” “But you shouldn’t die!” “Just don’t think that I am dying! Simply imagine that I am going on a journey to another country. I will then be still here. It doesn’t mean that I am therefore wiped out.” “Well, but we will not be able to talk to…” “This is true. But we can talk to one another in our thoughts. Grant me this so that I will have this soon behind me! I will feel better after in the other world.”

37 From this world into the other To begin with: What does the soul look like after it has left the dying body? It looks almost the same as the human body it was in. Maybe somewhat more beautiful and more delicate. It might be weak and exhausted to start off with after it has separated from its ill and dying body. But it still represents a person. But one with an “ethereal” body and no longer with a “gross” one. And this is why it retains many of its capabilities like: Hearing, seeing, thinking, moving, remembering, etc. As before, it has its consciousness, its ego. A clairvoyant person would recognise it in its “disembodied” state without any problem. After the separation from its physical body, the soul is brought to the world of the hereafter where it is supposed to recuperate and to regain its energy. This spirit entity, this soul is however not an angel as some people assume: “Grandma is now an angel.” This is not correct because: Grandma now continues to lives as a spirit entity. The soul takes its own attributes, its character, its essence with it, and also all its good and bad experiences, memories, knowledge and its insights. This will probably seem strange to you and something that you have to get used to. But a lot of people are nowadays aware of this. And maybe every second person on Earth will know this in the not too distant future, because these important insights cannot be stopped from spreading in the age of the internet. Some actually take a long time before they realise that they have died. Why? Because they never expected to survive after death. And because they still feel so very lively after they have died, they do not comprehend that they have actually died! Something they now find strange is: When they return to their families - nobody can see them and nobody can hear them! And something that really amazes them: They simply reach through people, animals and objects, because they are in spirit now. Some souls are drawn back to their relatives, their homes

38 and possessions in spite of this and this for a long time. Clairvoyant people can sometimes see them. These are called “earthbound” souls. I already knew from the eighties that we live on after our demise. But I initially could hardly imagine how this could be. We had these cartoons: Sitting on a cloud in a night dress playing the harp, that was heaven. But this surely couldn’t be right! But then certain books came my way, one after the other. (Some of them are described in more details at the end of this script) And I started to read… My world of thoughts slowly filled with images and imaginations about what we could expect once we found ourself “on the other side” one day. This was really helpful to me, because the hereafter was no longer an empty space to me. “In my Father’s house are many mansions” (John 14:2) - these words from Jesus gained a completely new meaning. Ever since then I have this quiet confidence and certitude that everything will turn out alright. Things will also turn out just fine for those that will die in the nursing home next door. All human beings do indeed survive as souls and they will also have their place in the other world.