The all-important Why

A hearty welcome! 7
The all-important Why 9
Questions that demand answers 13
The visible and the invisible 15
A boy from Wales 17
Special talents 21
News from another world 24
What I can consider to be true 28
When somebody leaves us 33
From this world into the other 36
When somebody is seemingly alone when they die 38
One calls this near-death experience 42
Some more “hereafter lore” 46
A letter from the hereafter 54
A special conversation 59
The idea of reincarnation 62
The idea of reincarnation 62
The little Burmese 65
When somebody cannot believe in anything 68
Where we come from 72
The original Fall from Grace 75
The parable of the prodigal son 77
How far does God’s almightiness reach? 81
Accompanied and protected 86
Our life’s plan 89
The law of sowing and reaping 94
Learning tolerance 97
Pausing 102
And Jesus? 106
“Outlines of the Truth” 111
About dealing with oneself 114
The value of positive words 120
Two seriously meant questions 125
Suggested books and videos 131
Epilogue: 144