The all-important Why

93 The law of sowing and reaping One also calls this the law of cause and effect. It states: The good that we planted on Earth will one day produce a good harvest for us, if not in this life, then after in the hereafter or in another life. The bad that we planted on Earth will one day return to bite us. It is akin to a law of nature. This is irrefutable and it has to be taken seriously! Does this sound dismaying? I find that we do not have to regard it dismaying, but it is really something serious. It is plain and simple the highest justice that reigns over us. We encounter people in the news that seemingly get away with everything without ever being held accountable. The way they behave so autocratically, the way they walk over corpses to enrich themselves and do not recoil from committing any injustice, is hard to comprehend. And they seemingly get away with it! This might really seem unjust to us when it happens. “Why does God allow this?” But have no fear, life goes on, here and in the hereafter. They will have to own up to everything one day and they will have to atone for it. Sooner or later, justice catches up with everyone, in this life or in the next. But every guilt, even the severest, will one day be expiated. There is no eternal hell and no eternal damnation. But that fact that one has to pay one’s bills, that one has to balance one’s accounts, is only fair, don’t you think? * We somehow always knew that this “higher justice” exists. I imagine that there are some kinds of offices in the hereafter where “higher entities” sit to make sure that a good seed will be recompensed with a good harvest someday. And the reverse also: That the “last Penny is paid” when somebody has severely stepped out of line! If we can consider this law of sowing and reaping as true, we might find it easier to accept our own fate with all its challenges. I myself, have come to the conclusion that: If I cannot change severe challenges, I accept them without