The all-important Why

88 Our life’s plan Isn’t it terrible how we have gotten used to all these terrible news items? So many people die of starvation and this includes children. A lot of refugees have once again died in the Mediterranean Sea! Wars annihilate whole families, villages and cities and districts! One refrains from showing corpses during the news. And we sit on our couches and remain quite calm when faced with all that misery. There is nothing we can do. I myself can only cope with this because I know that no soul is ever annihilated, not one single soul! People die, that much is true. But only their physical body is dead and it is then no longer of any concern. But they will naturally survive as souls. Everything inside a human being that is not physical continues to live within the personality. And this is a lot. It is the actual, the essence of a human being. * Dear reader, we have already discussed a number of themes and there was a lot amongst it that takes some getting used to, am I right? But I now have to familiarise you with this last point. It so to speak represents the icing on the cake, the thing still missing in regards to answering our major question: Why does God allow all of this? Ergo, there are many voices that say: Something like a life plan exists for every human life. And if you like, you can also include the idea of a “life plan” into your view of the world. When the soul is still in the hereafter and before it incarnates back on Earth, it approximately knows what it can expect in its new life. It roughly knows how it will be: The living conditions and its life’s tasks. And it will have agreed to it! It will have consented to experiencing this new life. During its time in the other world, it will actually have learned more and understood more and it will have designed its life plan for its future incarnation with the co-operation of higher entities. It is also aware that there is probably also suffering and difficulties involved. Our soul has given consent, because it has something different in mind than simply well-being and happiness.