The all-important Why

89 We find this strange, but we are already in a position to understand the gist of it. The soul has one aim: I would like to go home. It would like to return to God, like the prodigal son and it knows: It is not the wonderful feeling of wellness that will further its progress on its path, but work, working out problems. The painful experiences, the difficulties, the struggling and the disappointments - all of these difficulties help the soul to develop, to grow and to mature. This is probably new to you, so leave it be as it is and take a little breather. The *asterisk means: Take a break and breathe deeply. * We, as souls, do therefore not simply jump into a new life on Earth with the thought: “Let’s see what develops this time!” No, one cogitates first: What is next “in line” for us as a soul? What are we going to “deal with” in this next life? Wherein do we want to have our experiences and what do we want to improve within ourself? Are we perhaps urgently trying to atone for something? * Ergo, higher entities do help us to establish a suitable life plan. In which country and into which family do we want to be born? What is our physical constitution going to be and how long should our life last? What are we going to look like outside, tall or small, good looking or rather inconspicuous, filled with vitality or rather weak and sickly? Do we choose rich or poor parents? * Even though we possess our free will day after day and even though this gives us our choices - certain things within our new terrestrial existences are predestined, but they have been part of our choices during the planning of our next life. We concurred from within our free will. You have probably never heard any of this before. This must be absolute new ground for you, but to know this is ever so helpful. Anyhow, this has been my own experience. *