The all-important Why

59 unchartered territory! You are in good company. More and more people believe these days that we return to Earth over and over again. You can also read about this on the internet. The thought of reincarnation is really a relatively “popular belief”, because there have always been people that remembered a past life and talked about it. The Christian Churches reject the idea of reincarnation, but one can read on the internet that it was for instance still a part of early Christendom (As it was with the Jews during Jesus’s time) and that it was only abolished and forbidden at the Council in 553 A.D. But our soul, it has already experienced many lives on Earth (incarnations), has this knowledge always within itself, but rather on a subconscious level for us as human beings. Because why else would my neighbour say: “I will certainly choose a different job in my next life, that’s for sure.” Or why would a man say: “I must have been a sailor in last past life. You have no idea how much I am drawn to water!” Or: After a long telephone conversation with an old college friend, he said: “Do you think that we will manage to see one another again in this life? - Or: “I will probably not be able to manage this in this life,” Words like these, spoken in passing, allow us to recognise that the idea of a life before this life must slumber deep inside of us. It is that subconscious folklore. Another explanation for those that are not all that familiar with this: The word incarnation comes from Latin and means embodiment (to enter into the flesh). Reincarnation means re-embodiment. But one could also simply say “rebirth”. *