The all-important Why

58 A special conversation We will once again immerse ourselves in the theme “Life after death”. What I described above, namely the opportunity to develop further in the hereafter, to work and to learn, can last for years or decades (according to earth years). But maybe one day one will be taken to one side for a conversation about how things might progress from there. Things do not remain like this forever. One might say to us that one is very pleased that we have made such an effort and that our understanding and our consciousness have really expanded. But that we were surely aware that further development and further ascend were waiting for us and that a lot of things had to be made amends for. We might ask: “And what do I have to do to achieve this?” “We advise you to return to Earth and once again dare to live a life of joy and suffering on Earth.” “To be born once again? All that risk involved? I will by then have forgotten all the things that I leaned here and make the same mistakes over again!” “No, you will not have forgotten everything. Your soul will carry it inside and also the memory of your time here in the world of spirit. You also have your conscience and your guardian angel and they will warn you when you’re about to stumble. And we will be with you and support you from here.” “But why, why should I return? It is much more beautiful here. And living here is also much easier!” “Because you will not progress with your development here in the long run. You do want to ascend higher. To do so you require the learning experiences Earth provides, the experience to live in a heavy, physical body and to confront all the temptations and difficulties life on Earth has to offer. This will bring growth and development to you as a soul. And with the things that you have grasped here so far, you can probably also lend assistance to other people down there. We will support you in this.” Dear reader, this might give you a bit of a scare, because we have suddenly touched upon the thought of reincarnation. Don’t be too anxious about this idea if you never heard about it! Have the heart and courage to enter this