Greetings from GILBERT

- 2 - inner “dialogue” with the silent GILBERT, from whom I had assumed in the meantime, that he was my direct guardian angel, patron saint or doorkeeper. I got closer to him and in the process, and this might sound strange, I also got closer to God and his World of Light. I often lost my way on this gradually more intensive search, wore out my shoes and lost my clothes as it were. I stood there naked and exposed until I arduously wove some new clothes for myself. I still had not found GILBERT, but the certainty that he was there was irrefutable. My inner journey ran parallel to an active life. I am a successful businesswoman from Frasdorf, near the Chiemsee, almost 50 years old with two grownup sons, I am active, in good shape, mentally alert, not tied to a religion, contact friendly and all in all (my opinion) a nice, confident woman. This woman did however lose her way on her search for GILBERT so totally that she needed guidance. The pendulum remained silent, Tarot cards were too vague, her intuition failed and nobody trustworthy could help. But just at that time, when things went rather badly for me, I came in contact with a spiritual working group that quietly pursued its light work in a very objective manner. A male, full-trance medium made the communication between the working groups in the here and now and the hereafter possible and they make a concerted effort to have a healing effect on a lot of people. I was allowed to participate in one of their workshops. Even though I was somewhat more familiar with “ghost stories” and was able to classify the various phenomena into learned and recognised, my throat and my stomach were tied in knots. The circle leader from the realm of spirit eventually talked to me via the medium and I was allowed to ask my questions. What an overwhelming moment, I forgot about the tingling sensation in my stomach and asked for information about GILBERT. I will never forget that moment: I found out that GILBERT exists and that he is my spirit teacher – GILBERT was found! Astonished and moved, I found out that I was psychically gifted and that a co-operation between myself and GILBERT was provided for in the PLAN wherein I was going to work as a writing medium. I was speechless and hardly able to absorb the rest of the probably important course of the evening. I was over the moon about the existence of GILBERT, but everything else rather confused me. I was advised to be patient and to trust in the future. My external life continued. Changes, new people, success, joy, a lot of work in a field filled with challenges and confirmations and good friends. My search for GILBERT had come to an end – but waiting for him has now started. My internal journey continued, but I walked this path without human guidance, I was filled with confidence and attentiveness and full of longing! One evening, whilst I was reading, I had this feeling: I may now use the pendulum! I sat at the table and the pendulum that had been quiet for such a long time came to life and rotated, as if it was joyful. It then started, without being asked, to indicate letters. The following sentence eventuated: GILBERT: The time has come. I was pleased, I was excited, I almost screamed: “Are you GILBERT?” GILBERT: Yes, the time to really write has come. Now was the time! GILBERT wanted to write with me! It had started! Incredible! I ran and I rejoiced, I went and fetched the large sheet of paper that I had prepared for this purpose and I talked to GILBERT the whole time. As I sat with pen in hand in front of the piece of paper and expected that GILBERT would now use my arm as an instrument in order to write down all the things that I had asked before, to answer me, nothing at all happened. Only my arm went to sleep and I became impatient. I finally asked whether I did something wrong? GILBERT answered through the pendulum: GILBERT: GILBERT is only allowed to write freely.