Greetings from GILBERT

- 14 - We Messengers of Light wish you a lot of success! * * * 11th Letter 25th of April 1993 About good and evil We, God’s Messengers of Light are presently confronted with an almost unsolvable task, namely to bring peace on Earth at the last moment. This undertaking brings us many disappointments and our horror about the human behaviourism crushes us. We want to contribute in God’s name, at least achieve something: Namely that mankind does not mutually eradicates itself. The wars taking place have at least not a nuclear aspect. Our greatest endeavour is focused on preventing this at any rate. We observe the development of mankind more or less stunned and we would completely despair if we didn’t have our trust in God’s will. God’s plan includes all evil that has to be surmounted before the path to God is opened up. Surmounting evil within you my dear friends is what this is all about! Your actions, even if it isn’t exactly “war” must be cleansed from evil, only then can goodness, that is to say, positive energies find their way in. Wouldn’t you rather be “good” than “evil”? What is “good” and what is “evil”? These concepts are still culture dependent on your planet. There is only one assessment criterion of “good” and “evil” from a cosmic point of view and that is the level of love that determines one’s actions. The more love, the more “good”, the less love, the more room for “evil”. Nothing else applies, only this is the eternal truth: Love. “Good” and “evil” cannot be eternal truths and this is easily recognisable during every war on your planet. What is good for one side, that is to say, highly moral, represents the epitome of evil for the other side. Dear people, do not allow yourselves to be influenced by religions, by forms of governments or some other ideology. “Good” and “evil are subject to their perspectives that measure of “good” and “evil” according to their own aims and not on the love for people, creatures or nature. This cannot be according to the one organizing power that stands above everything. A power that created and sustains the universe, sustains it with love. Only love is universal, only love is our assessment criterion. Let’s forget power in every form and let’s treat every creature and nature and our fellow men with love, a paradisical state of peace and harmony can then be established on Earth. This is to be, this should happen and if not within the framework of a development process, than through God’s just sword. How the future transition on your planet will look like is in your hands: Is it going to be a soft process or a destructive fire from whence the Phoenix will radiantly rise after billions of people here and creatures on other planets had to experience infinite suffering? We honour God and we remember that his wisdom and kindness are infinite. May God be with you. * * *