Greetings from GILBERT

PSYCHO-SCIENTIFIC FRONTIERS Selected publications from a variety of subjects of psycho-scientific research. Internet: 11 Letters from the World of Light Greetings from GILBERT “Greetings from Gilbert” is a small documentation about the genesis of a cosmic relationship and about the transcript of 11 letters. The 11 letters from GILBERT from the Spheres of Light are a passionate appeal to mankind to turn to Love and Peace. Introduction Karen writes When Anna came to visit me one evening, she brought a pendulum and a disc with letters on it. She had “learned” to use the pendulum and for a bit of fun, we wanted to find out whether it also worked without her teacher being present. Both of us had read all sorts of things in this regards, but we were not all that informed that we could feel all that comfortable about it. Exited anticipation and an oppressive feeling went through me as the candle burned and Anna said a protective prayer. We couldn’t believe it: The pendulum in her hand moved immediately and rotated in wide circles in her absolutely steady hand. It was clear to me; Anna certainly didn’t move the pendulum. The disk with letters and a specific yes-no system can make a comprehensible communication with invisible entities possible. And a conversation with a for us invisible plane of existence that was part of Anna’s life, did indeed develop in this way. This contact was instantly absolutely believable for Anna and myself and we didn’t question anything, there were no speculations in regards to “projections of the subconsciousness”, “split of part of Anna’s personality” and similar things that one often hears as explanations from the sciences. It was for us exactly the way it presented itself: A conscious, intelligent entity “talked” to us and moved the pendulum. The fun part had come to an end, it had turned rather serious. I was fascinated and was called by my name in a friendly fashion. As I asked the question, only one sentence developed for me and it was gradually formed one letter at a time: GILBERT WILL FIND SOMETHING IN THE FUTURE I was astonished. The name GILBERT was not a part of my own name repertoire, I never had any association with any GILBERT, I didn’t know this GILBERT who wanted to find something for me. The pendulum remained “silent” to any further questions. I spend the next days somewhat at a loss, but with growing joy, and every time my thoughts touched upon “GILBERT”, a wave of joy welled up inside of me. This started my search for GILBERT. The whole thing happened a number of years ago. I was on my way, on this inner journey, like in a fairy tale. I learned, I read, I started to meditate, I lived more aware, became more open to vibrations and – I started an

- 2 - inner “dialogue” with the silent GILBERT, from whom I had assumed in the meantime, that he was my direct guardian angel, patron saint or doorkeeper. I got closer to him and in the process, and this might sound strange, I also got closer to God and his World of Light. I often lost my way on this gradually more intensive search, wore out my shoes and lost my clothes as it were. I stood there naked and exposed until I arduously wove some new clothes for myself. I still had not found GILBERT, but the certainty that he was there was irrefutable. My inner journey ran parallel to an active life. I am a successful businesswoman from Frasdorf, near the Chiemsee, almost 50 years old with two grownup sons, I am active, in good shape, mentally alert, not tied to a religion, contact friendly and all in all (my opinion) a nice, confident woman. This woman did however lose her way on her search for GILBERT so totally that she needed guidance. The pendulum remained silent, Tarot cards were too vague, her intuition failed and nobody trustworthy could help. But just at that time, when things went rather badly for me, I came in contact with a spiritual working group that quietly pursued its light work in a very objective manner. A male, full-trance medium made the communication between the working groups in the here and now and the hereafter possible and they make a concerted effort to have a healing effect on a lot of people. I was allowed to participate in one of their workshops. Even though I was somewhat more familiar with “ghost stories” and was able to classify the various phenomena into learned and recognised, my throat and my stomach were tied in knots. The circle leader from the realm of spirit eventually talked to me via the medium and I was allowed to ask my questions. What an overwhelming moment, I forgot about the tingling sensation in my stomach and asked for information about GILBERT. I will never forget that moment: I found out that GILBERT exists and that he is my spirit teacher – GILBERT was found! Astonished and moved, I found out that I was psychically gifted and that a co-operation between myself and GILBERT was provided for in the PLAN wherein I was going to work as a writing medium. I was speechless and hardly able to absorb the rest of the probably important course of the evening. I was over the moon about the existence of GILBERT, but everything else rather confused me. I was advised to be patient and to trust in the future. My external life continued. Changes, new people, success, joy, a lot of work in a field filled with challenges and confirmations and good friends. My search for GILBERT had come to an end – but waiting for him has now started. My internal journey continued, but I walked this path without human guidance, I was filled with confidence and attentiveness and full of longing! One evening, whilst I was reading, I had this feeling: I may now use the pendulum! I sat at the table and the pendulum that had been quiet for such a long time came to life and rotated, as if it was joyful. It then started, without being asked, to indicate letters. The following sentence eventuated: GILBERT: The time has come. I was pleased, I was excited, I almost screamed: “Are you GILBERT?” GILBERT: Yes, the time to really write has come. Now was the time! GILBERT wanted to write with me! It had started! Incredible! I ran and I rejoiced, I went and fetched the large sheet of paper that I had prepared for this purpose and I talked to GILBERT the whole time. As I sat with pen in hand in front of the piece of paper and expected that GILBERT would now use my arm as an instrument in order to write down all the things that I had asked before, to answer me, nothing at all happened. Only my arm went to sleep and I became impatient. I finally asked whether I did something wrong? GILBERT answered through the pendulum: GILBERT: GILBERT is only allowed to write freely.

- 3 - “Just like that?” GILBERT: Yes. “What are we going to write about?” GILBERT: Intuition. “About the forest?” GILBERT: Take the pencil. I picked up the pencil and GILBERT, my spirit teacher, wrote for the first time the following text through me, but I can unfortunately not say how: GILBERT : The forest in its love is a part of the whole. I love the forest in its magnitude and its dark green. Those that walk through the forest hear the birds twitter and they feel the springy ground under their feet. For as long as there are forests, the Earth will exist, because the forest is an inexhaustible reservoir of visible and invisible forces, that want to serve mankind with their love. Those that recognise the purpose of the forest and love it, also love their fellow men. I come from a long way. I am Karen’s friend and I love you both. Did you now understand? This small text virtually flowed at great speed through my pencil. These were somehow my words, but it was not my text. Yes, I had happened, GILBERT “talked” to me, a communication between one level of existence and another had developed and I had no idea whatsoever how this functioned and why it specifically worked with me. I was naturally thrilled, I was naturally grateful and delighted, but – I understood nothing at all! A long process of questions and answers began and it continued. For many reasons, our relationship became very involved and over the course of time, our common work goal became apparent, one part of it are the 11 Letters that GILBERT wrote to mankind through me. I am somewhat at a loss, but still fascinated and full of love and gratitude. This is how it was and is and I cannot change it. GILBERT writes this 16th of January 1993 GLIBERT : Karen and me are connected to one another through countless incarnations. We have lived together over again and often as a couple. Our love also unified us in the spirt lives in between, something that happens only seldom and we thank God for this grace. I was often Karen’s spirit guide and she was occasionally mine when we lived through an incarnation without one another. The deep relationship, grown over a long time, is the channel that makes our communication possible. We are tuned into one another and the vibrations are on an aligned frequency to such a degree, that Karen can catch, respectively write down my thoughts without actually hearing them directly. She is a good medium and my transmissions are received with great reliability. We are grateful that she was allowed to develop her talent. Our love is a bridge between the worlds where we build up our service for the divine beingness. We thank God and we honour him. Karen says this: GILBERT wrote these letters through me over a period of a number of weeks in succession. As I also have quite an accurate idea how something has to be, we “discussed” various comments made by me at the end. GILBERT has basically not allowed himself to be influenced too much; the style should be in such a way,

- 4 - that it is generally understood, its content beseechingly and, in spite of the unfamiliar thoughts, logically understandable, the mood serious and caring. I find that he succeeded and what remains for me to do is to fulfill his wish, namely to make these letters accessible to the broadest possible public. I have probably turned into a veritable “Noah”, the difference being that I don’t go from door to door to raise my voice admonishing. I will have to take GILBERT’S warning to people in a different way. Maybe you who read this could be our multiplicators? Hand the text onto others and this will make a start. How will it all pan out? – I have no idea, one thing I know for sure, I can sympathise with the content of GILBERT’S letters and I will therefore follow his recommendations. Letters from the World of Light 1st Letter 7th of February 1993 The danger Dear people, I write to you from the high spheres of the heavenly cosmos. I am one of God’s Messengers of Light. My name is GILBERT. As a Messenger of Light, I have the task of watching over your planet and to support everything that is within the terms of our eminent Lord. Understanding the existence and the assignments of Messengers of Light comes closest to your notions of angels. Many of you believe in the existence of angels or the existence of similar, positive but nameless figures. Associations like light, love, protection, trust or God’s messengers and similar notions are connected to them. My message has the aim of warning you about the threatening danger of the annihilation of the population on Earth. Besides, I also want to tell you what creates this danger and what you can do to avert this terrible situation, as individuals, with others and with us. You might become more strongly aware that the planet Earth is subjected to a permanently growing negative flow of energy. Its origin is to be found in the behaviour of mankind and its associated intransigence, well actually blindness. Hatred, discord, greed, envy, fear and egocentricity (ego) and the push for power create negative energy fields that become constantly more powerful. If this development is not arrested, planet Earth and all the people on it will move towards a final end. A chaos through war, destruction and desperation of unimaginable proportions will bring an end to the Earth. The danger that this will happen is very real. But we, the Messengers of Light, still see a chance of averting this end and we require your help to do so. If you employ all your power and love on behalf of yourself, all the others that you love and all human beings, on behalf of God’s universe, we still see a possibility to initiate a different development and thereby opposing this threat. At this point in time, it is our task to put an end to this negative development. In co-operation with many positive forces, we try to activate the vibrations of love in the hearts of people. Many signs indicate that a growing number open up to our endeavours and consciously try to lead a positive life. But a counter current is also gaining momentum and it promotes human chaos, fears and hatred. More and more people can unfortunately not parry these influences.

- 5 - It has already been established that the planet has to expect a God willed transformation, if the receptiveness for negative energies continues. Mankind may not neglect to see itself as a common forcefield and accordingly bear the responsibility. If the re-polarisation of this forcefield fails and the positive vibrations are not achieved, the divine, final transformation will inevitably eventuate. We, God’s servants, endeavour with all our might to utilise this tiny chance and to convince you that your fate lies in your hands. Let’s hope that together, we can cancel the finality of this decision. We however share the view of our eminent Lord, that with a lack of understanding, this decision will be necessary. The whole cosmos contains an infinite number of universes, the system of your sun Sol is only a small part of the whole. Almost all universes are populated and to a large degree filled with a high level of consciousness that has a similar lifestyle to yours, but often on a higher level of development. Every planet, every universe stands within an energy field that is primarily created by itself. The type and intensity of the energy field is determined, amongst other things, by the manner the population of these systems acts. As energy generally spreads in waves, the energy fields of every planet pulsates into space, they encounter and influence one another and therefore influence life on other heavenly bodies. You are probably not aware that the hate induced vibrations that spread in concentric circles from the Earth into space, represent enormous disrupting factors within the harmonious overall vibrations. It is regrettable – but the Earth, with its negative emanations, stands at the very top within the universe. If the huge potential for hatred is reduced, a fundamental change in the Earth’s aura will become apparent. But we cannot achieve this without your constructive assistance, please be open to our endeavours and recognise the attempts of other groups that want to help you on behalf of their cosmic friendship. One of these groups are the Santiner and they try, through the creation of crop circles, to give your planet the impetus to think in new directions in order to make a beneficial contact possible. The results, apart from a few spectacular incidents, were unfortunately not particularly successful. A new attempt to shakeup or even expand people’s consciousness is planned for the end of this millennia. The rescue crews of the Santiner will materialise at various points on planet Earth, that is to say, these human beings of a higher level of development will be visible to everybody. With their presence on Earth, they want to document that the end of the Earth is nigh unless insight and transformation takes a hold on people. These materialisation are related to great pain and dangers for the Santiner, something they will voluntarily expose themselves to in order to help. If these demonstrations should not produce a lasting, changing effect in people’s hearts, the beginning of the catastrophe can be expected. It can be expected during the course of the next decades. To determine the exact time for “Day X” is up to God. It has already been determined that this point in time can no longer be cancelled once the point in time has passed where the hearts and heads of people had to show a positive change. If it should come to this, we, the Messengers of Light, have to discontinue our activities and withdraw from planet Earth. The bulwark against an evil flood of hatred, discord, greed, envy, fear and egocentricity (ego) will be abandoned and a wave of chaos will flood over mankind. We must then observe with a heavy heart how mankind mutually destroys itself and how nature collaborates in order to finally free itself from its rapists. The laws of our eminent Lord are eternal and final. * * *

- 6 - 2nd Letter 21st of February 1993 The rescue measures of the Santiner As one of God’s Messengers of Light, I have taken on the assignment to give you information about the rescue mission of the Santiner. It was established long ago that a multitude of incarnated people on your planet will leave before the collapse if our combined rescue efforts should be unsuccessful. An evacuation of huge proportions will then be initiated, made possible through the provision of innumerable spaceships by the Santiner. As we already know from our extrapolations, this evacuation will only concern about 37 million people on your planet, a vanishingly low portion of the Earth’s population. The question now arises: What happens to the large, remaining rest? The unfortunate fact is that a predominant part of mankind is characterised by negative factors and accordingly developed their own vibrations. These people will, if they do not turn towards the positive, not be able to adapt vibrationally in such a way that they will be able to enter the rescue spaceships of the Santiner without risks. This means that the people left behind will be exposed to the chaos with no ifs and buts, something they mostly bear of the responsibility themselves. At countless points on the planet, every human being and every nation was and is examined and observed to determine the level of the spiritual development. On hand of these meticulous, lengthy observations, a potential number has been determined that concern a small percentage of mankind, but that certainly corresponds with the facts. The thus selected people have reached a level of maturity through their behaviourism in past lives and their present life that allows them access to somewhat higher planes of vibration that makes it possible to synchronise their rate of frequency to that of the evacuation ships of the Santiner. It is important to mention that the people that are developed to such a degree will prove through their maturity that they are worthy of being rescued, that they are virtually chosen through this. They are certainly not “God’s chosen ones” or something similar, we are dealing with completely normal people that did not allow their life to be dominated by hatred, avarice, power, envy and greed. The Santiner’s rescue ships will probably, should “ Day X” become a reality, materialise everywhere on Earth during the first decades of the next millennia and be visible and recognisable to all and sundry. We are dealing with shining, pulsating blue spheres with a girth of 10m to 12m. Their capacity is a maximum of 8 people, animals can unfortunately not be taken. The people that are prepared to approach such a sphere will be of a higher vibration and this will strengthen their courage and preparedness. They will be able to enter the alien energy field through the opening in the wall without being in danger and they will thus be rescued. Once a sphere is “occupied” another one will make itself available next to it. But if a person wants to enter a sphere impelled by his or her negative energy and that person is not prepared due to its life’s documentation, the energy field of the spaceship will reject it. It will unfortunately not be able to enter, even if it should come to its senses later against all expectations. It must remain on Earth and suffer its fate. You can imagine the difficult conflict situations and tragic separations that will take place on “Day X”. The appearance of the rescue spheres will surely bring back the memory of the materialisations of the Santiner at the turn of the century and one will once again become conscious of the admonishing words and appeals, like for instance also these letters from the Spheres of Light. A terrible panic will ensue whose end can only be ultimate chaos.

- 7 - They will probably equate “Day X” with “Judgment Day”. The authors of the Bible have incorrectly interpreted the information about “Day X”. Their “Judgment Day” represents a final decision whose judgments can no longer be changed and they represent an eternal finality. From within God’s singular kindness, “Day X” represents a station of their soul’s development for all involved, the rescued or those left behind. The chance of insight and its associated further development remains for all, only the path to there are blatantly different. It is a harmonious continuing progress on their path to the Light for some, whilst it is a painful, thorny path out of the darkness for others. We, God’s servants, will confront this “Day X” with “tied” hands and with desperation, because this action will relieve us from our actual task, namely being helpers of mankind on your planet. If it should come to this, we will have to watch how planet Earth is crushed by the oppressive, negative energy concentration from the front line. We will then no longer be able to help. God’s ways are wonderful and just. * * * 3rd Letter 28th of February 1993 The tasks of Messengers of Light What tasks remain for us, the eminent Lord’s Messengers of Light, when we are relieved of our actual tasks? The Messengers of Light that are connected to Earth will continue to work for your planet, but in a different way. We will welcome and look after the souls that were promoted to a higher sphere. Preparations are presently made in order to be prepared for the eventuality and to be fair to those that deserve such a rescue due to their love. These rescued souls, those that were allowed to escape the catastrophe, the collapsing Earth, will be lovingly provided for. These souls basically experience beforehand what will actually happen to them after they leave their body, ergo after their death as they say, but without having to leave the body permanently. They have the opportunity of participating in various training sessions and even learn the divine legalities in a virtual fast track procedure, they will also experience an expansion of their consciousness that will stay with them when they return to the cleansed Earth. They will be imbued with love and peace. The bodies of the rescued people will be placed in a kind of deep sleep and as it were “refurbished”. Through prudent treatment, they will be brought to a better, more harmonious state. But as the rescue operation only means “death-like” and certainly not “death”, the rescued souls must return to Earth in order to fulfil their life’s fate. After absolving the training program, they return to Earth in their original, healthy embodiment and a new earth community will eventuate. In order to make this actually happen, the planet will welcome these new people in a pure state, created by its own natural forces. After the terrible end that decontaminated and cleansed the Earth, a new, healthy atmosphere will develop on your planet, the astral belt will have changed, a new beginning is imminent. Peace and harmony are the highest priority in regards to all behaviour, after all that training, people hold sway over heightened psychic powers and they will feel as a part of the overall vibrations that include minerals, plants and the animal kingdom. A world will finally develop on Earth wherein all life has its right, where all life is accepted and respected and where it lives according to its existential task. A humane, ecologically balanced environment will provide optimal space for all life forms, nobody is excluded, all is one and one is all.

- 8 - Glory to God on high! These planned cleansing process and its associated training and development measures for people make an improvement of the Earth’s overall vibrations possible and it will have a soothing effect on the whole cosmos. The new human beings will be happy and the community on Earth will live without wars, violence, hatred, greed and vileness. God’s stars in the sky will shine over this gift. * * * 4th Letter 7th of March 1993 The fate of those left behind We from the higher regions take an intimate interest in everything that takes place on Earth. Our assignment is varied and full of responsibilities and our love for people is great. Those that have to remain on Earth and are doomed to perish without our protection and without our guidance will experience a “Day X”. Those souls, or rather: The people that are refused entry to the rescuing ships of the Santiner because they lack the required level of vibration, will consciously experience the demise of human civilisation and feel as if they were on a sinking ship. This terrible feeling of loneliness and helplessness combined with all sorts of terrible experiences will define their life to the bitter end. They will vanish in desperation and mother nature will breathe a sigh of relief once the last of the “old” human beings leave their bodies behind. Suffering nature and creatures and all associated beings will then be able to lift their head in freedom and look for ways of recovery. Glory to God on high! – He finds no pleasure in his people! God’s grief over these, his people, these not turned out well cells of his holy existence, is great, is infinite – the thus freed planet brings new harmonious vibrations for all worlds. The task of our Messengers from the higher spheres will now continue. The souls, the “abandoned” ones, that will end their life in this final, dramatic fashion, will be welcomed by us. Out of God’s singular kindness, they will be once again offered the chance to be instructed, to learn from their own mistakes and to gain insights. After some intensive schooling, they have the opportunity to once again, purified, to incarnate on the happy planet Earth in order to walk the path towards the Light. A harmonious community of nations, inhabiting the Earth according to God’s laws, will accept and integrate these incarnating souls. Souls that oppose schooling or simply do not have the capacity to accept indoctrinations, will be forced to incarnate on planets that correspond to their very low vibration. This is not a retrograde step, rather a standstill from whence the souls have to arduously develop from. But there are also souls that do not find their way to the luminous levels after they have left their body after its demise. They virtually get stuck in intermediate worlds or are being arrested there on purpose. Rescue actions for them are already planned and they are connected to a very high level of energy expenditure, they are necessary in order to bring the whole terrestrial sphere into a pure atmosphere. The new community on Earth will get a good chance for developing in peace and love in this way. Peace and love for all of God’s world is the catchphrase. This is what we, God’s Messengers of Light, God’s servants are working on.

- 9 - 5th Letter 14th of March 1993 God’s reality and the warning of the deluge Dear people, it is customary for you to engage in intellectual speculations about God and the world. It is good form to introduce esoteric knowledge into a discussion or to talk about one’s own, deep seated, but vague religious feelings. But there is something that one doesn’t take into account and that is the fact that God in his almightiness is a tangible reality. He is sometimes forced to take measures like a “Day X”. This is how he averts damage, secures the harmony within the cosmos and makes further development possible. This infinite God is never a punishing Lord, but in his goodness forever and ever. The measures that are being talked about are not punishing or revenge actions in accordance with God’s image in the Old Testament, they are a required reaction after taking the overall vibrations and harmony into account. The cleansing measures on Earth, your planet, is therefore not a punishment, but a necessary step towards renewal. A wound can only close once the pus has flown and the cleansing has been accomplished. The end of the “old world” stands as an alternative path in the divine plan and can happen, if the development towards an inferno progresses further. Raise your hands and pray for mercy, it is necessary! In your holy scriptures, the Bible, you read about Noah who warned his fellow men about a catastrophe that would flood the people on the planet under water if the constant intransigence continued. We all know what happened. The flood came and all life was destroyed. Noah carried the seed of renewal on his boat. This comprehensible image, this story recounts a situation that the Earth and its inhabitant found themselves in once before. It warns you now, in the 20th century, from becoming repeat offenders. Do not repeat your scepticism, ignorance, narrow-mindedness and misconceptions! Open up to the positive, luminous vibrations! Open up to your spiritual helpers! The deluge born from hatred, might, destruction, greed, desperation, misery and annihilation might still be arrested. We Beings of Light, God’s servants with a special connection to Earth and with you, pray constantly for your personal reversal and change. Do not have us pray in vain, hear our sound with your hearts, experience our love and – do not forget about your happiness: Think of yourself, your family and of those that will follow. Help to avert the catastrophe! We, the Messengers of Light, ask for your help. God’s eyes, ears and heart is everywhere, - He will hear you! * * * 6th Letter 21st of March 1993 Help for Earth We Beings of Light who stand in the service of the overall vibrations and who make our contribution so that the necessary harmony is not disturbed, respectively maintained, have been endeavouring for millennia to establish an equilibrium between planet Earth’s energetic body and the overall vibrations. The responsible forces have repeatedly tried with great effort to effect a fundamental change through a particularly powerful energy influx. The infinite assignment of our eminent Lord Jesus Christ, who penetrates God’s worlds with his power of love, is for instance apparent through the example of the so-called “outpouring of the Holy Spirit”. This was an earthmoving event that was connected to an immense influx of energy into the Earth’s energy field. Another attempt to heighten the Earth’s vibrations through a blast of energy took place on the 11th of January

- 10 - 1992. A special day for Earth that was perceived by various groups, but whose pertinence was only caught by a few. On the 11th of January 1992, the Earth’s energy field received an enormous stream of positive energy, or we could also say: Light and love flowed to an unimaginable degree over the planet. This action required an enormous organisation within the heavenly spheres, but no effort was too great for us to achieve a change of consciousness within mankind. This measure had indeed the required effect, namely that the overall vibrational frequency was elevated through this extreme intervention. This extreme energy influx “from above”, ergo from the heavenly spheres, already possessed a heightened vibration and it propelled the whole energy garment of the Earth into a more exacting frequency. People’s own vibrations cannot achieve this sudden increase immediately. It is however possible for mankind to maintain this frequency of vibration through a life characterised by love. But this vibration is unfortunately beginning to wane, because it is not maintained from within the hearts of people, that is to say, it cannot be maintained on this heighten rate of frequency. This deplorable fact triggers an alarm with us and it amplifies our endeavours. These endeavours can however only succeed if you, my revered readers, open up to these positive energies. What does this mean: To open up to positive energies? We Messengers of Light assume that these days, a high percentage of you believe in the existence of “angels” or some similar positive, but nameless entities. Associations like light, love, protection, trust, God’s messengers and similar notions are tied to the concept of “angels”. When you allow these concepts as action to flow into your life or when you connect to your personal angel by simply saying: “You are my angel, I am open to your guidance”, you will have opened up to positive energies and together, we will have made an important step forward. Be assured that each human being and this includes you, has such a personal angel that would dearly like to stand by you with advice and action. The angel can do this particularly effective if you open up to its guidance and help. The close relationship between you and your what you might call: Guardian Angel or Patron Saint, could be the basis for a fundamental change of the general vibration. The more often you connect with your angel, the easier it is for the frequency of vibration to amplify thereby also affecting the overall vibration. Simply try to do something positive with your consciousness because this is what we do in God’s luminous worlds: Every human beings would rather do something good than something bad. This conviction is our chance to build our actions upon. * * * 7th Letter 28th of March 1993 Human beings do not live alone in the Cosmos We from the heavenly spheres sense how the smallest change of vibration on Earth has an effect on the whole cosmos. It is however unfortunate that these are usually negative vibrations, waves of hatred and violence, dark, bundled energy that are flung out into the cosmos and spread there like a poison. This is extremely unpleasant or even damaging for the population of other planets. Without knowing the reason, they suddenly feel unwell or the temperature of creatures living in water increases for instance. As already mentioned, there are innumerable, inhabited planets in God’s universe and some of the entities there have a high level of consciousness. God’s creation urges for optimum form and it is therefore logical that the populations on inhabited planets manifested themselves in a form that guarantees an optimal assimilation to external living conditions. There are for instance intelligent, ethically highly developed creatures in a form of existence that allows them to experience a maximal quality of life in a medium that is close to what we call water here on Earth. There are God’s humanoid creatures on another planet that, similar to the animals of the steppes here on Earth, live in large groups on the flat, unwooded plains of their continents

- 11 - and therefore developed their legs to their optimal capacity. These are peace-loving and very social beings, they heavily depend on the rhythm of their planets nature and they are therefore very sensitive in regards to any changes within their atmosphere. I am sure that none of you has ever thought about such consequences. Not only that you cause harm to yourself to a high degree through egotism, through your egocentric behaviour, through your material orientation and through your lovelessness, not only that you contribute towards damaging the atmosphere of your planet, all of that is not enough for you: You also poison God’s innocent children in other worlds. We simply cannot imagine that you would consciously burden yourself with this. It is surely a case where each living thing is internally striving to live in harmony with its environment, also in the broadest sense, and does not want to be responsible for such catastrophic consequences. With your thoughtless behaviour you throw a seemingly small stone into the water that causes a relatively small wave. This small wave joins all the others and it develops into a mighty, destructive swell. With its rotten water, it flows over all shores and brings misery and horror. This mighty wave is indeed powerful because it can influence a lot of things. Like a false note has the power to blemish the beauty and perfection of a whole symphony, this mighty, dark wave has the power to have a disrupting effect in God’s cosmos. But this power is without a deeper strength, only God power has real strength. It might therefore be understandable that his almightiness cannot allow that such a false note will constantly interfere with his sacred existence. The swelling of this false note amplifies the universal discomfort and causes mischief in many regions of the universe. God’s kindness is infinite. His decisions are just. We, the Messengers of Light. can only raise our voice and warn you and appeal to your insight. Do not ignore our words, take them to heart and turn back before it is too late. Listen to us or you will remain abandoned back on the planet with likeminded people that also didn’t want to listen and that have nothing to oppose evil, because the power of light has abandoned them. Listen within, remember your positive energies, your good, friendly feelings, friendliness and love. Allow these to vibrate through you and try to experience these feelings often: Peace, harmony, security and light. If you allow this to happen and if you can experience this, the grimy discord might still change and echo as a harmonious sound through space to honour God. Glory to God in heaven. * * * 8th Letter 4th of April 1993 Everyone can find their way back to God The Christian Church says that the Lord in Heaven is a strict, but just Lord, that in his kindness accepts all of his children, even the sinners if they regret what they have done. But dear people, there soon will be no longer an opportunity for regrets, but only just a simple yes or no to a positive, people-affirming basic attitude. Those that fail to do so will, as “regretting sinners”, require a long, long time, it would be better to walk to path to God as an “understanding being open to the light”. The fact is that the Lord of all of us, our eminent Lord Jesus Christ accepts all those that approach him with love and it matters not what level of development they occupy. To approach “with love” means that one opens up to God’s love energy, that one accepts it with devotion and allow it to flow back again. But this is

- 12 - presently not everyone’s thing, not all of you have already found the way back to God. But everyone can make a U-turn even without this devotion. To turn away from striving for power, from egocentricity, to turn away from greed, envy and infamy and to decisively turn away from hatred. God, in the name of God, does not have to play a role at this point. To act decent, feel socially obliged, nurturing creatures and nature and protectively include them in one’s life must not necessarily happen in God’s name. It can simply be a natural, sensitive behaviour that in its final analysis represents a ministry within one’s sacred existence, ergo a service for all of us and also a service for God. We don’t demand a lot, we don’t expect the impossible, all we ask is what everyone expects from their fellow men: To be treated good and fairly, to be cared for when suffering, to find help in distress, to have one’s thirst and hunger satiated, to be sheltered when illness befalls us and a lot more. If we do the things that we wish for ourself from others, our life and thereby the vibrations here on Earth will very quickly experience a change. This would be a great joy for us who protect the Earth and guide its inhabitant in God’s name and a defeat for the forces that work against our positive approaches. If you dear people want to prevent the demise of your Earth, we beseech you: Turn towards the light forces and open yourselves up to the light. We are active everywhere and those that want to see, will see. * * * 9th Letter 11st of April 1993 The Light of Love is there for everyone This radiant garment that I have already discussed with you is of great importance for the universe and the adjacent worlds. It is of such importance because it has an effect on the coronas of other planets and stars and it disturbs their harmony. This is the reason why it is high time to restore the original, pure radiation of your wonderful planet. This is easy to say and also easy to do. All that is required is opening up to these our words, written down in 11 letters. If you allow these words to sink in, a hardly noticeable change in your thought processes can take place and with it a change of your actions. We, God’s Messengers of Light would like to support you in this with all of our might, but we can only do so, if you take the first step towards us. It surely is not that difficult to think: Maybe what I read here is true, or? Isn’t it so that I can actually observe the negative effects of a heightened hate potential that take place all over the planet? Do I not see the terrible fratricidal wars, do I not shudder when faced with murder, terror and rapes, do I not have a front row seat in the horror that television makes accessible for me? Do I not turn away from events that have their roots in dogmatism and fanaticism? Am I not surprised about the accumulation of a similarly constructed series of accidents, I am not astonished about all the numerous natural catastrophes everywhere on Earth? Do I not actually know that everything that I read in these letters can be true? Do I need more evidence? Even more hatred, more horror and more environmental pollution, more chaos? What more has to happen before I believe? Before I believe that a just hand must stop this misery, cleanse it and construct a new community on Earth? You people, you do know in your secret chamber of your heart, that it will soon be time. Make a decision, decide now at this very moment. Turn around and say: I open myself to the Light of Love. If you succeed in permanently keeping the door to your heart open because you have decided to do so, together we might be

- 13 - able to brighten the Earth’s radiant garment. God will recognise this radiance. But even if all of us together do not succeed in effecting this miracle, you will have done your best. This is what we wish for you: A radiant garment for the Earth, s sparkling jewel, not just on the outside, but also inside. Glory to God on high, may peace be with you. * * * 10th Letter 18th of April 1993 Love in everyday life Ladies and gentlemen, this day on your planet is a day like all the others. You have probably woken up from a comfortable warmth, refreshed yourself, had a good breakfast and then went to work in a more or less lusty manner. You have eaten, loved and later went to bed. You have not given God and his infinite love one thought the whole day. You were so occupied with the events of the day that there was probably no room for such thoughts. But – you were probably friendly and ready to help, but were you in a position to forego something to benefit somebody else? You shared the anguish of your colleague who feels desperate because of the illness of his wife, you cared for your neighbour who needed help and you did not think about God all this time? Was this really the case with you today? Well, I can assure you that God was with you the whole day, because through your humane actions you open up to him without being conscious of it. To be simply human, this is what it is about, nothing more. To open yourself to the vibrations of others, to perceive your fellow men and not to shut yourself off from the misery of your brothers and sisters on Earth. To give unspectacular assistance, nobody is expected to become an Albert Schweitzer or a Mother Theresa, but to allow a little of what these eminent citizens of the world do to flow into your everyday life suffices to help the totality. To be “human” can in the meantime unfortunately connote a threatening statement if one looks at the events taking place everywhere on your planet. To be “human” means: Killing, torturing, raping, tormenting and destroying. But if we look at the original terminus of its meaning, we find that to act like an animal means being in harmony with nature, in harmony with oneself and the environment. Human – animal, two concepts that have, under close scrutiny, been subjected to a transformation in recent times. To behave like “animals” seems to be good advice for many people on Earth. It is however a part of the human existence to develop further, to distance oneself a long way from the egotism of one’s actions. We whish that you will succeed through a small, positive act so that you can overcome egotism within all its aspects, so that it can flow into your daily actions or you might even plan it in the morning. Help your fellow men and you will also be helped, is something one hears over again. This means, in the final analysis, that through giving help that comes from the heart, a channel opens through which helping energies can penetrate to you. Just how helpful this can be is up to you to experience, a description of it will not get you anywhere. The time has really come where you should to take a closer look at your daily events in order to look for that small, positive act. The result aught to determine your attitude in regards to the next, the following day in front of you. One thing is certain: Without a good deed, nothing will happen in the long run and who wants “nothing”?

- 14 - We Messengers of Light wish you a lot of success! * * * 11th Letter 25th of April 1993 About good and evil We, God’s Messengers of Light are presently confronted with an almost unsolvable task, namely to bring peace on Earth at the last moment. This undertaking brings us many disappointments and our horror about the human behaviourism crushes us. We want to contribute in God’s name, at least achieve something: Namely that mankind does not mutually eradicates itself. The wars taking place have at least not a nuclear aspect. Our greatest endeavour is focused on preventing this at any rate. We observe the development of mankind more or less stunned and we would completely despair if we didn’t have our trust in God’s will. God’s plan includes all evil that has to be surmounted before the path to God is opened up. Surmounting evil within you my dear friends is what this is all about! Your actions, even if it isn’t exactly “war” must be cleansed from evil, only then can goodness, that is to say, positive energies find their way in. Wouldn’t you rather be “good” than “evil”? What is “good” and what is “evil”? These concepts are still culture dependent on your planet. There is only one assessment criterion of “good” and “evil” from a cosmic point of view and that is the level of love that determines one’s actions. The more love, the more “good”, the less love, the more room for “evil”. Nothing else applies, only this is the eternal truth: Love. “Good” and “evil” cannot be eternal truths and this is easily recognisable during every war on your planet. What is good for one side, that is to say, highly moral, represents the epitome of evil for the other side. Dear people, do not allow yourselves to be influenced by religions, by forms of governments or some other ideology. “Good” and “evil are subject to their perspectives that measure of “good” and “evil” according to their own aims and not on the love for people, creatures or nature. This cannot be according to the one organizing power that stands above everything. A power that created and sustains the universe, sustains it with love. Only love is universal, only love is our assessment criterion. Let’s forget power in every form and let’s treat every creature and nature and our fellow men with love, a paradisical state of peace and harmony can then be established on Earth. This is to be, this should happen and if not within the framework of a development process, than through God’s just sword. How the future transition on your planet will look like is in your hands: Is it going to be a soft process or a destructive fire from whence the Phoenix will radiantly rise after billions of people here and creatures on other planets had to experience infinite suffering? We honour God and we remember that his wisdom and kindness are infinite. May God be with you. * * *