Greetings from GILBERT

- 3 - “Just like that?” GILBERT: Yes. “What are we going to write about?” GILBERT: Intuition. “About the forest?” GILBERT: Take the pencil. I picked up the pencil and GILBERT, my spirit teacher, wrote for the first time the following text through me, but I can unfortunately not say how: GILBERT : The forest in its love is a part of the whole. I love the forest in its magnitude and its dark green. Those that walk through the forest hear the birds twitter and they feel the springy ground under their feet. For as long as there are forests, the Earth will exist, because the forest is an inexhaustible reservoir of visible and invisible forces, that want to serve mankind with their love. Those that recognise the purpose of the forest and love it, also love their fellow men. I come from a long way. I am Karen’s friend and I love you both. Did you now understand? This small text virtually flowed at great speed through my pencil. These were somehow my words, but it was not my text. Yes, I had happened, GILBERT “talked” to me, a communication between one level of existence and another had developed and I had no idea whatsoever how this functioned and why it specifically worked with me. I was naturally thrilled, I was naturally grateful and delighted, but – I understood nothing at all! A long process of questions and answers began and it continued. For many reasons, our relationship became very involved and over the course of time, our common work goal became apparent, one part of it are the 11 Letters that GILBERT wrote to mankind through me. I am somewhat at a loss, but still fascinated and full of love and gratitude. This is how it was and is and I cannot change it. GILBERT writes this 16th of January 1993 GLIBERT : Karen and me are connected to one another through countless incarnations. We have lived together over again and often as a couple. Our love also unified us in the spirt lives in between, something that happens only seldom and we thank God for this grace. I was often Karen’s spirit guide and she was occasionally mine when we lived through an incarnation without one another. The deep relationship, grown over a long time, is the channel that makes our communication possible. We are tuned into one another and the vibrations are on an aligned frequency to such a degree, that Karen can catch, respectively write down my thoughts without actually hearing them directly. She is a good medium and my transmissions are received with great reliability. We are grateful that she was allowed to develop her talent. Our love is a bridge between the worlds where we build up our service for the divine beingness. We thank God and we honour him. Karen says this: GILBERT wrote these letters through me over a period of a number of weeks in succession. As I also have quite an accurate idea how something has to be, we “discussed” various comments made by me at the end. GILBERT has basically not allowed himself to be influenced too much; the style should be in such a way,