The Blue Notebooks - Volume 2: Messages from our Older Brothers

3 All the things that concern you, the things you try to clarify and to explain can never be explained with your vocabulary. Everything ever written in inspired scripts is mostly expressed figuratively and it represents a very weak reflection of the actual truths. It is better for you to pray for ENERGY and ENLIGHTENMENT than to discuss these things amongst you, because they can never be clarified through discussions. Preferably remain silent and suck the AETHER’S PRANA into the CENTRE of your HEARTS instead of tearing and distorting the most sacred with your unenlightened senses. GOD’S most sacred SPIRIT will only reveal itself when you sit still, because it cannot be pressed into a form, into words and imagination, it simply is there, everywhere, still and silent, all encompassing, all-loving, all-illuminating, eternally and alone. Feel him – love him and experience him! 22 nd of November 1961 – 7 am You should be archetypes and avoid all quarrels and conflicts . All human beings who live on dark planets tend to think that only their own experiences and interpretations are correct and they often want to force their experiences and views on their fellow men – well-meant and with the best intensions. But as others often do not want it or need it in this shape of form, something negative develops – ergo nothing positive. Those amongst you on the path towards the LIGHT must realise that in order to spread harmony, peace, LIGHT and UNIVERSAL-LOVE, not their own will be done – be it ever so well-meant - but solely the WILL of the HIGHEST. This is why we say to you with emphasis: Be tolerant and leave your fellow men in peace with your all too human will. Always try to understand the others even when they think and want different things than you. Open yourselves to the HIGHEST, the divine STREAM of LOVE, listen to it, hear the VOICES who speak in HIS NAME. Unlike the Pharisees, remain still and humble. Be an archetype in every respect and be exemplary in your relationship with other. Ask us for ENERGY, more and more ENERGY and work on yourselves every second of the day, realise that you do not exist individually, but with everything that exists around you! Finally learn to love your neighbours like you love yourself – not like yourself – but as yourself. You will then be able to radiantly and happily reach for the stars – but only then ! Please, take these words to heart! To control the little, vain ego and to fully trust the FATHER in YOU is so important. All of you still keep an eye on material gains, all of you still want to look after your physical bodies, you are still attached to useless knickknacks and you search for wisdom that is no wisdom at all, but only encumbers and confuses you. Go forth and forgive one another’s injustices . You will not lose anything doing this! You will only gain and advance one step forward on your path to perfection. Make an effort and don’t expect that others will do so too. Everything is up to you, you who are of good will, you who have asked your OLDER BROTHERS to advice you and help you. “You shall recognised them by their deeds.” – When you have a moment when you do not know how to act, switch everything off and go within the TEMPLE of your HEART and silently and devotedly wait for his answer. Listen to his loving VOICE and everything will be harmonious and good. Never act immediately to what your senses tell you. But you can react to your INNER VOICE immediately , it always tells you the right things – but you must listen to it!