The Blue Notebooks - Volume 2: Messages from our Older Brothers

41 23 rd of May 1962 – 2 pm Remain steadfast in your desire to become PEOPLE of LIGHT. Your strong HEARTS are required as WEAPONS against the DARKNESS, against HOSTILITY. Use every minute of the day to amalgamate with the DIVINE over again, until you have become radiantly serving PEOPLE of LIGHT yourselves. My friends, we imagine you brightening up this Earth, blessing, constructing, and elevating it, we imagine you doing this until you will actually do it ! You can do it, because you come to this planet consciously aware of the end of times , this time of transition , in order to participate in a marvellous act of development. We never tire of admonishing you. Our caring thoughts circle around your globe day and night. Capture them for your higher development towards becoming COSMIC HUMAN BEINGS. With love Your OLDER BROTHERS