The Blue Notebooks - Volume 2: Messages from our Older Brothers

2 They in turn receive their ENERGY from the RAYS of mega-suns and the RAYS that oscillate within the cosmos; they suck them in, transform them and eject them again to their children, the stars. Behave like suns, radiant, lovingly hot. Shine and illuminate your environment! 11 pm If one imagines everything removed from you, clothes and bodies, no sad tranfunzel (dimly lit light) should remain, but LITTLE SUNS instead. All physical matter is transient, but not your souls and it is your assignment to make them shine. – Think about this! 18 th of November 1961 – 7:30 am Why do you constantly write about approaching catastrophes and calamities? Why do you expect all of this filled with a craving for sensations? Why do you imagine all of this so vividly? When you constantly nurture this in your minds and read about it every day, it must eventuate - the way you imagined it! 19 th of November 1961 (Sunday) Dear friends, even though a lot of people ridicule the Holy Scriptures, be aware that they either do not comprehend their content or they haven’t read them in the first place . You can gain the highest COSMIC TRUTHS from these inspired scripts, if you are in a position to interpret and comprehend their meaning . You have to know what can be literally and what can be figuratively accepted. When you open your HEARTS to the DIVINE LIGHT, the meaning of these Holy Scriptures will be revealed automatically. You will then know the things that are hidden behind the words and the parables and you will see the global, DIVINE TRUTHS and INSTRUCTIONS they contain. You don’t need the explanations of unenlightened people, they are false and misleading. Your MASTER JESUS, who is reachable for every one of you because of his glowing love for your planet, offers to explain everything to you. Why do your HEARTS not ask him for advice and help with a child-like trust? – “Call upon me in your hour of need and I will save you.” This is meant as it is written and every confused looking problem can be solved by calling him in any alleged stressful situation. He, the MASTER of LOVE, JESUS from NAZARETH, will give you the answer and he will give them to you according to your present level of vibration. But only your absolute trust and knowledge in regards to this available help can get you further. Read your gospels full of trust and devotion and with a completely open mind and “lights” will go on in your heads once you understand what these simple words mean, once you heed and live by them, you will be perfect, as perfect as you can get on this planet. I advise you today to read the short, but clear Gospel of James . James recognised JESUS’S doctrine so clearly that we hope that you will also be able to discern it. 21 st of November 1961 Why do you always want to fathom the latest things when you have not yet comprehended who and what you are, what life is all about and why, what for and for what reason you live? – Know that cosmic knowledge and divine wisdom are only revealed to souls that eternally, humbly strive to endeavour to gain their independence from the dominion of their physical senses. Only souls that eternally endeavour to cleanse and to make the ORGANS of their SOULS glow, can discover and comprehend DIVINE LAWS and LEGALITIES.