Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 10 - a spirit does not have a physical mouth and physical vocal cords so that he could speak the way people do. So how did God speak to people?” My short answer was: “I don’t know”. “And how do you explain the appearance of three men in front of Abraham? He knew that they were not human beings, but messengers from God. But he gave them something to eat and he negotiated with them about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. How do you explain these happenings?” I had no reply to this. I had probably read this a hundred times and also told the children at school about it. But I had never heard anything about how the interactions between the spirits and human beings the Bible mentions took place and came about and I had actually never thought about it either. He continued with giving me an examination about these things. But I wasn’t able to give him one correct answer. “You know that you have various means of sending messages to those that are distant from you. You write letters, you telephone or send telegrams and now you even use the aether waves of radio communication. – The world of the spirit, separated from your physical world, also has its various means to get in contact with you in a manner perceptible to you. • But people do not contemplate these things these days You read about everything, but it remains dormant reading. Take the bodacious story of Moses! You find there that the ‘Angel from God’ talked from a burning bush; that God gave Moses instruction about what he had to do day after day; that the ‘Angel from God’ moved ahead of the Israelites in a pillar of cloud and talked from it; that Moses asked God questions as often as he wanted to and that God answers him. But the people could also ask God questions. It went to the tent of revelation Joshua, Moses’s servant, had to constantly attend to and therefore was not allowed to leave. – Well, think about this for a moment, why did young Joshua have to always remain in the tent? Might this have something to do with questioning God?” The answer shot with lightning speed through my mind and I hastily said: “The situation in Joshua’s case was probably the same as with this young person here. Did the world of spirit used Joshua the way you use the body of this youngster to talk to me?” He said: “You have recognised this correctly. You must however remember that God only talked on the rarest occasions when the Bible states: ‘God spoke!’ Because: • God usually talks through his spirit messengers. But you mustn’t think that the world of spirit always uses a human being when it wants to talk to you. There are many means at the disposal of spirits to making themselves understandable to you. You will also find that God talked through the ‘pillar of cloud’. The interaction between individual people and the spirits was in lots of cases facilitated through the gift of ‘clairvoyance’ and ‘clairaudience’. God talking to Adam and Eve, and to others at later times, was accomplished via the path of clairaudience. And there was another means, one the Israelites often utilised in order to question God. It was the ‘breastplate’ that was worn over the high priest’s garment, it therefore also went by the name of ‘Oracle Shield’. I will inform you in greater detail about the process taking place with this form of questioning God later on.