Chapter 1 - Personal experiences in the field of spiritual apparitions

- 9 - 1.2 The decision I have chosen to be obedient; I have paid attention to your judgment. Psalms 119; 30 After a rather restless night I tried to get rid of my tormenting thoughts by strenuously working at the office of the relief society the following day. That evening, just before 7.30 pm, I was once again at the residence where the meeting had taken place the day before. To my great surprise I found that the young man was already there. He told me that his employer had approached him at 4 pm to inform him that he had changed his mind and that the work he had intended to finish by working overtime today, could be completed the next morning. I was alone with the youngster. When the clock chimed 7.30 pm, he fell into the same, to me inexplicable state as the day before, greeted me with the salutation of “Good day!” and shaking my hand said: “I am pleased that you decided to stay here, because I have a lot of things to tell you. But I will have to deal with the last point of last night’s lecture to begin with. I told you then that I was going to talk about it when the two of us were alone.” He now started to paint a picture of the moral conduct of a large section of the clergy. I listened in a devasted and emotionally moved state. He then said to me with great friendliness: “You can talk to me completely openly and confidingly, because I know that things have been higgledy-piggledy inside of you since yesterday and I know that you have lost your way.” With a voice shaking with emotions, I replied: “You are right. My thoughts are in chaos. I don’t know what to make of all of this. I beg of you teach me everything and above everything else, please tell me who you are and how it is possible that you can talk through this young man.” “You are correct when you ask me who I am. Because you should always test the spirit that talk to you to see whether they come from God, so that you do not fall prey to evil spirits that can physically and mentally ruin you, because they do tell you lies instead of the truth thereby leading your life’s journey towards an abyss. • I swear to you in the name of God that I am one of God’s good spirits and one of His higher ones at that. But keep my name to yourself!” He now mentioned his name. “I was the one that led you here. I will teach you as my commission from God and you in turn, will teach your fellow men!” I didn’t know I felt and what was happening to me. He continued: “I will now begin to teach you about what is happening here. – You probably think that what you perceive here is something completely new and unheard of. But this is as old as mankind. The world of the spirit has entertained contact with human beings from the first days of their creation to the present. The positive world of spirits as well as the negative world of spirits. You have often enough read the old documents that you call the Old Testament to know that God talked to people. God spoke to Adam, to Cain, Abraham, Isaac, Moses and many more. How do you imagine this? God is a spirit after all. But