Introduction | Communicating with God’s World of Spirit – its laws and its purpose

Even though I yearned for something EMINENT and AUGUST, I never encountered it at any of these Churches. Most of the things that I experienced were rather more inclined to damage the cause of spiritism than to be of benefit to it. I also got the impression that the visitors only participated at these meetings because of the messages they hoped to receive in regards to their mundane concerns. The question of money also didn’t seem to play a subordinate role. A set entrance fee was asked for and it was seldom under half a Dollar, so that visits by the more impecunious was made impossible. All of this confirmed the truth of what I had been beseechingly told in Germany about present day spiritism, even if it is conducted under extreme religious forms. I became convinced that this type of spiritism will not bring mankind much closer to their God. We are not dealing with the spiritism of the early Christians. But I was also going to experience the EMINENT side of contact with spirits in America and therein found confirmation of what I had personally experienced in the past.”