Introduction | Communicating with God’s World of Spirit – its laws and its purpose

Greber now increasingly devoted his time to his aid organisation. In the meantime he also continued with holding his psychic meetings. He was still a Catholic priest, one without a parish but not yet relegated to being a layman. Like for every other Catholic, the spiritism-interdiction from 1917 still continued to apply in his case. He would therefore not have been spared renewed difficulties with the Catholic Church in the long run. • This is why the spirit entities advised him to migrate to the United States in North America. This happened in 1929, but initially only on visits. Greber settled in New York to begin with where he lived with a German family called Niemann (1, P. 50). This family was religious. Greber did however tell them about his visits and experiences at spiritistic gatherings and church services he attended in New York. Most of these communities in America and also England adopted the appellation of “Church”. Mr Niemann thought that events there were bogus and money-spinners. Curiosity did however drive him one evening to accompany Greber to one of these meetings. Like all the others present at that “Church”, he was also given a psychic message. Even though Niemann was completely unknown to the medium there, all that he was told happened to be true. Beyond that he was told that he also possessed a great psychic ability, one that he should cultivate further. The Niemann family in conjunction with Johannes Greber now organised daily church services at the Niemann residence where the schooling of Mr Niemann as a medium was performed the way Greber had experienced it in Kell with the brothers Gasper. Niemann initially turned into a writing medium; he did however write whilst in a full trance. He developed into a talking medium later. Mrs Niemann also started to display psychic characteristics and she turned into an inspiration medium, one that wrote things down whilst in a semi-trance. Pastor Greber reported about this development (1, P. 52): “The schooling of these two mediums continued week after week. He then began his schooling as a ‘speaking medium’ displaying all the side-effects I observed with a speaking medium in my previous parish. The spirit that talked through him always started with the salutation: ‘May God’s peace be with you!’” Next to observing the psychic training of the Niemann family, Greber also studied other mediums in the USA and he reported about this (1, P. 49): “Spiritism is spread far and wide here under the name of ‘spiritualism’. ‘Spiritualistic Churches’ exist everywhere. I utilised the opportunity to get to know the machinations of ‘spiritualism’ at these Churches to begin with. I therefore visited a number of spiritualistic church services for this purpose. Something I was told over again through mediums in Germany was unfortunately verified here, namely that good spirits tend to stay away whenever the participants are more interested in mundane things instead in their inner progress on their path to God. • Where material points of view dominate, the lower world of spirit makes an appearance. Any control over these spirits is then lacking. Such meeting then turn into fairgrounds for those spirits that reside in the lower spheres without actually belonging to the extremely evil spirits. Most of them were deceased relatives, friends or acquaintances of the participants at these meetings and this is why the mundane things in the lives of those they left behind are more important to them than their spiritual progress. Such meetings were therefore no longer church services, but rather more information gathering in regards to purely terrestrial questions and concerns and were, in a rather apprehensive way, more akin to what takes place at heathenish idolatry. Because the attraction of heathenish idolatry actually consists in that people hope to gain information about their terrestrial advancement and terrestrial future from the mediums that are actively involved in this type of idolatry.