Introduction | Communicating with God’s World of Spirit – its laws and its purpose

4. Schooling the mediums Johannes Greber’s eminent indoctrination SPRIT gave him comprehensive instructions in regards to schooling mediums (1, P. 123) and they are of great pertinence even now. The SPIRIT told him: “The fastest way to train a medium is at so-called ‘spiritualistic meetings’. Due to the great importance of this psychic training I would like to delineate how these ‘meetings’ should be conducted. I will simultaneously give you the reasons for the details that should be observed. I will also give you an explanation about the processes that become obvious in regards to the training of the mediums. When a group of TRUTH and GOD seeking people decide to concertedly gain good contact with the WORLD of SPIRIT, they have to initially decide the place they want to meet on a regular basis. • A room has to be chosen that is free from all disturbances. You do not want to be disturbed during your important terrestrial undertaking. This applies even more so when it comes to tying a pure spiritual BAND, because it is influenced by terrestrial disturbances to a much higher degree than any other mundane work. • The best time for these meetings are the evening hours after 8pm. The day’s work with its mundane problems and thoughts is over and one can calmly devote one’s time to inner reflections. • These meetings should generally not take place more than twice a week. • The room should be well ventilated before the start of the meeting and it should be free of dust, cigarette smoke and stale air. This is because the Od-energy of the participants is severely impaired by putrid air and the Od-emanations that are so vital for the world of spirit are obstructed. • In order to maintain the freshness of the air, one should place a large bowl of fresh water inside the room. It partially sucks up the used air that is accumulated during the meeting. One should provide all the participants assembled around the table with a few sheets of paper and a soft pencil. • Those present there should no longer talk about material things before the meeting starts, they should rather gather their thoughts and exclude purely terrestrial things from their mind. What they are about to start is actually a CHURCH SERVICE! • The seat at the table one initially selects must remain the same at later meetings, because the Odstream, different for individual people, must be gradually brought to a certain balance. • Those present should, for the same reason, be seated according to gender so that a male person sits next to a female person etc. Because the male Od-energy is mainly positive whilst the female is negative. They complement one another perfectly. This seating arrangement is not absolutely necessary, but it does help with converting these Od-energies into one effective Od-stream. • A change to the seating arrangement should only then be carried out when a message from the world of spirit, received through a trained or a tutored medium, orders it. • If a musical instrument (piano or harmonium) is in the room, it is best to begin with a religious song accompanied by the available musical instrument. Playing a gramophone record with religious hymns or other serious songs can be used to stand in for a musical instrument. Singing and playing a beautiful song adds harmony and devotion to the hearts of the participants and guides their thoughts towards HIGHER THINGS. It also represents a powerful repellent against influences from the evil world of spirit that try to intrude into the proceedings in a hindering and interfering manner. Evil is disharmony and it doesn’t feel comfortable where the harmony of good thoughts and