The last trumpet

Woe! Woe! Woe to the inhabitants on Earth! A large portion of those that had turned into believers since the event could not endure the threats and the grief. Many doubted their faith and disowned Christ. The whole world succumbed to evil; the whole world is “affected by evil”. All nations have presently only one aim that they intent to but into action: The eradication of Christendom and its eternal destruction. The lord of this world seizes all power: Children denounce their parents and thereby condemned them to certain death, as the scriptures mention (Luke 21, 16: You will even be handed over by your parents, your brothers, your relatives and your friends and some of you will be put to death. Everyone will hate you because of me”.) Words fail me to describe the terrible things that happened in front of my eyes. But God revealed to us in the book of the apocalypse that “oh and woe” and a “curse” would descend on us and that the lament of the unfortunate would constantly sound: “Lord! Lord! Come and shorten these days…” (Matthew 14, 22). Thus, I conclude the description of the revelation that I received when I was in Bergen, in Norway on the 11 th of December 1952. My brothers in Christ, my friends! Do not forget what you read here and what is described here: Prepare yourself for your encounter with God so that you will not have to remain here when the Lord comes to collect his “Church”, his “bride”. Go and face the almighty today and ask him for mercy and ask him for the light through the Holy Spirit with a penitent heart! Friends, for as long as the day of this request, this “today” still lies in front of you, you will have sufficient opportunities that accept this great truth and to abide by it. Brothers, you can already receive the seal today and this with all the others that belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. Keep guard! It is the truth! The last trumpet will sound! * * * * * * *