The last trumpet

The last trumpet A revelation about the “rapture” comes to us from a servant of God from the Church of Christ. Internet: Preface When I spend a few months in Switzerland last year, a brother of our order showed me this brochure in Swedish; he had tried to disseminate it in his immediate environment because he was of the opinion that this brochure contained a message not only for God’s people but also for non-believers. A lot of people in the Scandinavians countries had been awakened through reading this script and some of them began to prepare themselves for the great day this message proclaimed. This brother – he is the treasurer of our order in Switzerland – talked to me about the possibility of a translation in the Portuguese language, something that interested me very much. Time past, but due to my heavy workload I didn’t have the time to do the translation, when I heard that another missionary, a Reverent Bertil Fransson had undertaken the translation. I wrote to this brother and he visited me personally, we then immediately made all the necessary preparations to publish this brochure in Brazil. You now hold this brochure in English in your hands and we hope that it will be disseminated amongst millions of people who speak this language. To find out that some of the people that received a copy of the translation have been so affected in their heart that they accepted Jesus as their saviour, has been a touching experience. The printer read the manuscript once it was ready and he began his task. He confessed to me a few days later that he couldn’t stop his tears from flowing whilst reading the message. The reappearance of Jesus is nigh, what will be the effect of this and how will the days after be? We can find out everything about these coming events from these few pages. As many as possible should awaken and prepare for this great day, the day of “The last trumpet”. Wish this with all your hearts. Erik Aldor Petterson, Missionary, Sao Paulo – 18 th of April 1962 The last trumpet What I am writing here happened on Thursday, the 11 th of December 1952 towards the morning at the house of one of my fellow brothers in Bergen, Norway whilst I was deeply engaged in praying. I became severely shocked, because I received a revelation. It was as clear as if I had read it in a book or in a newspaper. I wasn’t actually dealing with the subject of rapture or the like at that time, something that could have drawn my attention or my thoughts in that direction. I knew immediately, at the very moment that I saw what I saw that I should write it down; but I wasn’t immediately aware that this was a revelation from God. I rather thought that I was dealing