The last trumpet

they would never hinder me from going with them! But I have to remain here now, Oh Lord, show me mercy! Oh Lord, help me!” The priest shouted: “Hold your tongue, I have done my duty and even more that that!” This is how they accused one another. Some shouted in anger and dismay, others cried and called out to Jesus. But it was all in vain, the door was closed for ever. It was too late to knock and to say: “I have eaten the bread of the Lord; I have prayed and I was obedient!” All opportunities had vanished. Just how the days after the rapture actually were is difficult to describe: they were filled with terrible expectations and an unequalled suffering by all minds. Filled with constant reminders and invitations by priests to come to their Church and the refusals. Many of those that thought themselves pious understood now that the faith they represented only consisted of empty words and sentences learned parrot fashion… A lot of them had simply gone to Church to meet with friends… Some only went in order to sing in the choir or to play music or because of different interests, but without the desire the hear God’s word and to obey him. They were not “born-again” people, they did not bear the sign of promise and also not God’s kinship. They did not possess “the right of inheritance”! The Church only represented a place for socialising to them, a nice place to spend hours with friends. But these people now called out: “Lord, open the door for us!” Rumours spread after this fright and to the dismay of everybody, namely that World War III could be expected soon. Contacts between the West and the East were broken off. The governments of the Eastern Bloc countries announced that all Church meetings were strictly forbidden! They held the opinion that only the “pious” were to blame for the prevailing disorder and general confusion. The greatest dismay was caused by the proclamation of the introduction of the death sentence for all those that uttered the name of Jesus. Yes, the hour had arrived where so-called “Christendom” was declared guilty all over the world! This entailed certain death also for those that kept anything in their homes that pertained to Jesus Christ and his doctrine. The democratic countries took a little longer before they followed the example of communism. The predominant majority of non-believers in the population as well as the government demanded that these measures be taken and they tried to cause unrest amongst the population in this respect. The same law now applied everywhere on Earth: “Death to the faithful!” All one had to do is to mention the name of Jesus and one was condemned to death. The most terrible epoch in mankind’s history begins with these events! A lot of the believers continued with being faithful to their religious convictions and prayed and entreated our Lord Jesus to help them. They were arrested because of their disobedience and mercilessly condemned; they would however be released if they abided by the conditions the authorities imposed. “You will save your own life and that of your dearest if you curse and disown the name of Jesus.!” To the consternation of the authorities, millions of people solidly stuck to the convictions, they remained faithful to Jesus and did not disown him, they remained indifferent in regards to these threats. Satan now personally entered the fray in order to lend his activities on Earth emphasis!