The all-important Why

83 Thus far with the lecture given by the theologian Günther Schwarz. As you can see, it is indeed a very difficult subject. This theologian admits that he wrote a lot of things that didn’t develop from thin air, but was received from “the other side”, ergo through inspiration from the world of spirit. “God didn’t want robots, he wanted children”. This is such a wonderful saying. The word “the other side” also falls into this category. “God does not want underlings, he wants co-workers.” Dear reader, do you have an inkling of what this means: No subordinates, no robots, but beloved children and mature co-workers! Isn’t this just wonderful? This changes our image of God and also our own. Co-workers? Can we little people on Earth actually be God’s and the angels’ co-workers? To put it very simply, isn’t it always a case of amplifying good on our planet Earth and avoid evil? We make a contribution with every good word, every loving deed, no matter how insignificant they are. There is a huge difference between whether people love or hate, whether they assist another human being or an animal or whether they harm or exploit others. We decide the direction we want to develop every day. We can in fact be God’s coworkers!