The all-important Why

80 How far does God’s almightiness reach? Dear reader, we have now been able to understand a few more things. Our Why question has now nearly been answered. We can now better understand why we as human beings, often have arduously struggle through life. The answer would be: Because we, as souls, have detached ourselves from our beautiful life with God and our homeland. And because our way back is only possible through many lives on Earth, they are often everything else but easy. But now a completely different thought: It had always been asserted that God represents Love - and that he is also almighty into the bargain! But a lot of people cannot believe in this Love at all. They substantiate this as follows: If God was indeed Love and almighty into the bargain, how could he possible put up with what’s happening here on Earth?!!! Why doesn’t he interfere seeing all this adversity and misery, crime, wars, catastrophes (floods!) and illnesses? The abuse of children! Therefore, there is no God! And that’s the end of it! This is the disappointment people feel when they have lost their faith during the course of their life and probably after some very sad experiences, a faith they probably still had during their childhood. To believe in “dear God” and to trust in him was a lot easier then. But as you are aware yourself: A lot of things are really incredibly terrible and cruel here on this Earth! We can often hardly fathom the things that people and animals have to suffer! I myself often thought in desperation in the past: “I don’t understand this! If he really has the power! Why doesn’t he intervene?” Dear reader, what this chapter deals with is not all that easy to understand. We are actually dealing with a very serious theological question here. If it should become too difficult for you, I suggest that you put it aside for now and continue with the next chapter. A lot of people have already contemplated this question and there were famous philosophers and theologians amongst them. But they could not find satisfactory answers. They had indeed man’s free will in their sights, but not man’s long period of existence before birth - and the darkening of the soul. We can only find satisfactory answers within the highly placed messages from the world of spirit. Both are taken into the equation there, the free will and the long period of existence of the human soul before its birth.