The all-important Why

78 His father, who had apparently kept a lookout for him all this time, espied his son from a distance and saw how he laboriously and half starved came closer. The father felt pity for his returning son. The disappointment he had caused him, was no longer important. The father ran towards his son and embraced him. The son was overwhelmed by the love of his father and stammered his plea for forgiveness. He implored his father to employ him as a day worker. But he was so infinitely glad, so glad to have his son back that this was out of the question. He fully restored his rights as his son… We are this son in the form of a soul. We left our home and our Father. We are indeed on our way back, but we still have a long way to go. Our soul has made the same decision as the son in the parable: “I want to return to my Father and my homeland.” It is akin to the yearning of a lost child: “I want to go home.” But why isn’t this a simple thing to do? As I said before: Our soul is no longer the way it was before. It lost its purity and its innocence far away from home. Lucifer’s seductions and the separation from the homeland “darkened” it. Its beauty has gone. During its time under Lucifer’s regime, it severely burdened itself through many misdeeds, it burdened itself with guilt as it were. It was now far from being the pure love it once was in paradise. But it has to regain it in order to be allowed back into its former homeland. It would not be viable there in its present condition. It would be impossible for it to bear the “Light” there. This is naturally symbolically expressed. And how is this going to continue with us as souls? The return can in fact only be facilitated through the path of reincarnation. Ergo, through many lives here on Earth. Every human life involves joy and suffering and often also catastrophes. It gives us the opportunity to collect experiences, to improve ourselves and to progress along our paths. All the experiences that we make here help us to improve and to perfect ourselves, ergo to really discern. By making a great effort and suffering great difficulties, we get ever closer to our aim, step by step.