The all-important Why

63 “incarnated” again in the meantime, meaning that it has started a new life as a newborn in one family or another, or maybe even with the self-same family, because another girl was born soon after. When little children die, they are naturally also collected and taken to beautiful children’s homes in the hereafter. One can read about this also. They are lovingly nurtured with great care and educated until their time to return to Earth has come. This might initially sound a little like a fairy-tale to us. But I found in the meantime that I can imagine this very well. And I find that this could also be a blessing for parents who have lost a child. They might be able to recognise: Yes indeed, we miss our child and we are terribly sad, but we can at least have the certainty that its life has not been extinguished altogether. They will have the certainty that it is well and lovingly taken care of. This must be of some comfort to them. And it will return to earth one day! You might want to take the time to quietly think about this. I read that one third of the population of Finland believes in reincarnation. Strange, I would never have thought that. Because they are not Buddhists, the majority are Lutherans as far as I know. I have to admit that it took a long time before this became a part of my normal way of thinking, namely: “I have been on the road for a long time, through many lives. I have such an infinite lot of experiences behind me. How often have I died? How often maybe starved, drowned, beaten to death, died in a cod etc. And every human being that I deal with has all of this behind them also. It’s just that we don’t have any conscious memory of it.” If you are connected to the internet you can enter “reincarnation you-tube” into your search engine and you can look at videos on this subject. *