The all-important Why

61 The idea of reincarnation Dear reader, with this theme we are getting a little closer to answering our Why question. Be happy, because it will get easier once you have internalised these coherences. Therefore: The doctrine of reincarnation implies that the soul enters the world of spirit after its life on Earth, ergo enters the hereafter, and that it returns to Earth as a little child after a reasonable period of time in order to lead a new life as a human being. It is therefore a coming and going. But why? What sense does this make? The answer: Every soul strives towards perfection. (I will write about this later) And one singular human life would never suffice to achieve this goal. This makes sense when we observe ourself dealing with our fellow men - with our manifold weaknesses and shortcomings, with our lovelessness and wickedness. When we include the idea of reincarnation in our view of the world, we are able to understand more and more. So, for instance: Why do some many children die before they have actually started their life? What sense would it make if everything was over and done with for a singular soul? The idea of rebirth helps us understand. We can then imagine: This soul will return again, as a little child, and it might then experience a long and fulfilled life on Earth. When we accept this idea within us, we will become calmer over time. We will be able to look upon all the fates and all that dying here on this planet with a little more understanding. I know that it isn’t easy to comprehend all of this. But if we try to see the larger picture, ergo the coherences, the wide periods of time, we will become somewhat more composed when confronted with all that other misery here on Earth. We will understand: One human life is just one small chapter within a long existence! I find genuine comfort in this. The dead little child that I held in my arms all these years ago, her soul does indeed have so many lives in front of it. I was naturally not aware of this in those days. The soul of this little girl has probably already