The all-important Why

36 I already knew from the eighties that we live on after our demise. But I initially could hardly imagine how this could be. We had these cartoons: Sitting on a cloud in a night dress playing the harp, that was heaven. But this surely couldn’t be right! But then certain books came my way, one after the other. (Some of them are described in more details at the end of this script) And I started to read… My world of thoughts slowly filled with images and imaginations about what we could expect once we found ourself “on the other side” one day. This was really helpful to me, because the hereafter was no longer an empty space to me. “In my Father’s house are many mansions” (John 14:2) - these words from Jesus gained a completely new meaning. Ever since then I have this quiet confidence and certitude that everything will turn out alright. Things will also turn out just fine for those that will die in the nursing home next door. All human beings do indeed survive as souls and they will also have their place in the other world.