Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 16 - Predictions and warnings received during physical UFO encounters Wherever contacts with extraterrestrial visitors took place anywhere in the world and however differently they individually proceeded, the tenor of their messages were basically always the same and they can be summed up as follows: “You are not alone in the universe. We come from other planets and we are human beings like you. Our intensions are peaceful and we have come here, because your planet is facing critical times and we want to stand by you. We do however respect your free will and we will not force ourselves upon you. We never use force against anybody. We are ahead of you in regards to technology and spirituality by thousands of years and we would like to share our knowledge with you, our “younger relatives”, the moment we can be sure that you will not abuse it. We observe your life style with trepidation, because it is based on false concepts and it will lead you towards global catastrophes. According to the LAW of cosmic evolution, a New Age will start at around the year 2000. The DOCTRINE of an EMISSARY of GOD wanted to prepare you for this 2000 years ago so that a gentle transformation to a higher level of being would be made possible. But you have not turned to spiritual things, but rather more to material things instead and you have recklessly exploited the Earth, the basis of your existence. We acknowledge a UNIVERSAL SPIRIT that you call FATHER or GOD and we see ourselves as HIS servants. It is not within the divine PLAN that the Earth should perish. But it will cleanse itself from the results of your actions during its transition. This is why enormous geographical changes, as well as upheavals within the economy, politics and religion, can be expected. When the Earth has reached a critical point where your survival is no longer possible, we will rush to help those that trustfully turn to us, in a cosmic rescue operation.