Future scenarios from Psycho-science and Prophecy

- 15 - As governor of California, Ronald Reagan told reporters about a UFO that he and his pilot had observed whilst on board his aircraft. Jimmy Carter, who witnessed a UFO sighting with a dozen other people and even filled out a questionnaire of the UFO research group NICAP, said in 1976: “When I become president, I will make all information about UFOs accessible.” After their accession to office and after being briefed by the CIA, all presidents refrained from giving their constituents the promised elucidations. Even though the military and the secret services like to keep the population of their respective nations excluded from their insights, a number of governments around the world have in the meantime acknowledged the existence of extraterrestrial spaceships and their visits to our planet, as an irrefutable fact. The scandal however remains, namely that the astronauts employed by NASA and the Russian cosmonauts, who had numerous friendly contacts with spaceships from other planets, are still subjected to the strict laws of nondisclosure and are not allowed to reports their moving encounters.3 A politics of openness by NASA would free all UFO discussions from all doubts in one fell swoop. Before I move onto the encounters by our astronauts, I would like to give you a short overview of the predictions of the future given by our visitors from other planets, these were either transmitted via real contacts with civilians on Earth or via telepathy. The visitors effortless mastery of our languages is obviously as superior as the propulsion system of their spaceships that seemed to disregard our known laws of physics. 3 According to one of witness; their retirement benefits would be in jeopardy! Most of them are married and have family.